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Everyone loves Melissa! At least, that’s the word on the street! (And I’ve got SERIOUS street cred!) Tagg2

Multi book author, this girl is storming the scene! And, some really good news? One of her books is FREE RIGHT NOW!!!!

Link is in the pic! Grab it while you can!!!

You can check out her site and see what she has coming up, take a look at the awesome non-profit she works for, and…just maybe you’ll see some cute little kid pics of her… Head on over HERE and check it out!

Shall we?

First of all, could we look any more ridiculous? Secondly, nothing is safe when I hunt for face-off pics. Thirdly, at least you look better than me so shut up.


The rules are simple: I ask Melissa some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

Itโ€™s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What’s the worst last name you could imagine having?

Melissa – HAHA this is so a conversation my siblings and I have had. We once spent a two-hour car-ride coming up with horrible first and last names. I think Crevice, Moist and Pussface were all mentioned. Which makes us sound ridiculously weird, but then we never really claimed to NOT be weird, so there you go…

Charity – AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER, EVER SAY THAT WORD AGAIN! The “M” word shall never be said in my presence. *shudder* SO. Gross.

If I can get back to civilized company, I would have to go with Butts. The reason I say it would be the worst is because I would end up be estranged from my children because there is no way I could let that opportunity slide by. They would be named Harry and Ima, respectively. No other option.

— I am taking it because you said the “M” word. *kicks you in the shins*

Charity 1 / Melissa 0

2. Have you ever hit a deer, or another animal while in the car? How about seeing someone else do it?

Melissa – I have never hit a deer! But…one time I was driving down Main Avenue in the small town I used to live in. And up ahead I could see this squirrel writhing in the middle of the road. It was the saddest thing ever and it’s like my whole world slowed down and all I could think was, “Should I purposely hit it and kill it and put it out of its misery? SHOULD I MERCY-KILL THE SQUIRREL??”

In the end, I just couldn’t make myself do it. But in my rearview mirror, I saw a semi roll over it. Yeah, that story was just not destined for a happy ending.

Charity – ew.

Ima bout to get another point…

One morning, my hubby’s car was in the shop. So, the whole family took him to work at the butt-crack of dawn (like 5:00am). Anyway, as we get to the end of our street, a dog runs across it. A HUGE dog. White and fluffy. He decided to run back again and the entire family sat there and watch a car come FLYING BY and pulverize it.

Not how I wanted to spend my morning…

— Dog or Squirrel? Dog.

Charity 2 / Melissa 0

3. If you could be a rapper or in a southern gospel quartet, which would you do?

Melissa – Haha, rapper, for sure. I mean, what I’d REALLY want is to be in a southern rock band and not just any band but the band of my heart, the band I will love until the day I die, the band I am convinced is just best ever — NEEDTOBREATHE. But if my only two options are rapper or gospel quartet, I’m going to go with rapper for these three reasons:

(1.) Dude, why share the spotlight with three other people?

(2.) Rappers get to have the weirdest style ever and no one complains.

(3.) I already talk fast, so I’ve got a head start.

Charity – Oh My Gosh. hahahaha I am ashamed to say that I can’t top that. Nope. No way.

BTW, you never did tell me the name of the band. You just started hyperventilating and then you stopped breathing. Freaky ๐Ÿ˜›

— Melissa gets it for all the thought she put into it. Great points, especially the first.

Charity 2 / Melissa 1

4. What do you think is really in a hot dog?

Melissa – I DON’T KNOW AND I DON’T WANT TO KNOW AND YES, I’M WRITING IN ALL CAPS. But seriously…though I’m not a big hot dog person, I do have great appreciation for a bonfire-roasted hot dog now and then. So I prefer to assume they’re healthy and natural and all good.

Charity – ew.

— You can have that one.

Charity 2 / Melissa 2

5. Do you have shoes that you absolutely love, but they are so ratty, they really need to go?

Melissa – YES! I have this vintage pair of red Nikes some friends gave me in college. So, like, ten years ago. And they’ve been all over the place with me — they got me around London and Scotland and Spain and France. I am seriously attached, but the sole is falling off one of them and they look like they’ve survived a hundred dunkings in a muddy river.

Charity – Wow! hmm.

Do these count? They look pretty nast to me. 10492072_10154193709335018_6721666889926031179_nThere’s some serious toe outline going on there.


— Nikes that have seen the world take the cake though.

Charity 2 / Melissa 3

6. Have you ever been given a horrible gift, like jewelry, and then your family member/friend that gave it to you asks why you never wear it?

Melissa – Nope and you want to know why? Because I’m TOO NICE. I will totally wear something I don’t like in order to make the person who gave it to me feel good. It’s the Iowan in me or something. I can’t the thought of making someone feel badly. What this means is that I once wore a vest with sequins on it. I cringed while I put it on, but I did it.

Charity – Ok, you win.

BTW, what’s your address because I have a few “gifts” for you…

— A vest with sequins? Seriously? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Charity 2 / Melissa 4

7. Would you rather live in the city or country? Why?

Melissa – The Iowan in me tells me to say country; the side of me that likes great restaurants says city. But the truth is that I love small towns that are located super close to big towns. The best of both worlds.

Charity – Drop me in Chicago and leave me there.

One Word: Target

If there is no Target, there is no Charity.

— Tie

Charity 2 / Melissa 4

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Melissa – You know, I think simply by following His lead. It can be sooo easy to slip into this “OH MY GOODNESS, I need to come up with some great plan or identify some massive calling so I can be the amazing person God wants me to be” mindset. But really, I think we give Him glory when we are kind to the people we encounter each day. When we go out of our way to encourage others. When we make a point to identify people around us who are hurting or oppressed in some way and do what we can to lift them out of that. When we walk through the open doors he puts it in front of us. I think we bring Him glory when we use and do our absolute best with our specific gifts — in my case. I believe that’s writing.

Charity – Love it. I agree. When we start worrying if we are “in God’s plan”, we are focusing on ourselves and not Him. Just love Him and listen for Him.

— God Wins.

Charity 2 / Melissa 4

9. Would you ever want to live in an RV full time? Why, or why not?

Melissa – Haha nope! I mean, I think I could handle it for awhile. I could especially handle it if my purpose for being in an RV full time had to do with following my favorite band around the country like the fangirl I am. But long-term…I’m pretty sure I’d get twitchy.

Then again, I’ve seen some RVs that are bigger than my current living space AND i do kinda like the idea of being able to pick up and travel whenever I want, sooo…

Charity – Ew. Emptying my own sewage might kill me.

— We are not made for that life.

Charity 2 / Melissa 4

10. Do you scrapbook?

Melissa – NO!!! Do you like how vehemently I answered that? I’m not a scrapbook girl. Crafts in general sorta freak me out. And I’m pretty sure the people in my life are thankful I avoid them. Me with a hot glue gun or sharp scissors is just not a good thing…I’m pretty sure I could even do damage with a stray pipe cleaner.

So, no, I don’t scrapbook. But thankfully, I’ve got things like Instagram in my life that help me capture and preserve happy moments.

Charity – HAHA! I am right there with ya, girlfriend. I. Hate. Scrapbooking. HATE. IT.

And, those pesky pipe-cleaners…You just never know…

— tie


Charity 2 / Melissa 4

i_lost_the_game_by_angelstar100-d31fwo0 I don’t really understand this picture. What’s going on here? The guy that lost looks scarily happy. Scarily happy. Scarily happy… That sounds weird.

Thank you SO MUCH, Melissa!! This was a blast!!!Balloons-for-Birthday-Party And now….for the good stuff? You got it!!! A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

Melissa is giving away a paperback copy of her book, From the Start.

If you would like to enter, just head on over to From the Start by Melissa Tagg. Hey, I totally don’t have this book, so I am ENTERING TOO!


*US Rez only (Sorry! We do love the rest of you too)

**All entries checked. Any falsified entries will be disqualified.

8 responses to “Face-Off with Melissa Tagg”

  1. Great face-off! (Sorry you lost again Charity…)

    I loved Melissa’s answer about bringing God’s glory. Beautiful! ^_^

    And Charity you did realize the band name in NEEDTOBREATHE right? ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. I love your Face-off interviews. Keep ’em coming. So nice to hear out-of-the-box details. As a writer on my publication journey, I’ve also managed to find great encouragement between the lines. Thank you for that. Encouragement is awful precious.


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