Famous Friday with Martha Stewart!!

is-it-friday-yet-funny-quotes-sayings-picturesAs a blogger, you can pretty much make up or say whatever you want to. How do your  readers know if it’s true or not? *arched eyebrow for affect*

So, then I began to think (don’t get scared because of that!!). I thought to myself, I could pretend to interview ANY author and how would you know if I made up the answers myself, or plagiarized another interviewer?

Thus, Famous Friday has emerged, like a babe from the womb. I am going to pick a famous author (or celeb) and I will interview them. I will ask them my own questions, but I will take REAL ANSWERS (to who knows what) that they have said in interviews and I will insert it in as their answer to my questions.

So ***** This is fun. Not real. Yes, real quotes, but not to the original questions, or maybe they are…? *****

Everyone’s favorite Fancy Pants is here today!!! 22_marthastewart.w529.h529.2xMartha Stewart has, SURPRISINGLY, agreed to chat with me. I am pretty sure it is some leftover community service, but I won’t mention that!! 😮

With multiple magazines, tv shows, books and who knows what else (beside pink stones for a driveway), she has taken over the world. Sure, she had a stint in the big house, but she’s back and has not blinked since.

Let’s see if we can figure out what is in the mind of a lady like this? I will try to be careful. I don’t think she’ll get my sense of humor… I could be wrong.

Charity – Hey, Martha! Nice to have you here today. I know you are so busy and I appreciate you taking the time to come here. Do you ever get a chance to relax?

Martha – I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap so it’s not a waste of time.

Charity – Oh man! You really are on top of the game! It’s a good thing you…

Martha – I invented “It’s a good thing!” before you were even born!

Charity – I was just going to say that it is… good to know you are taking care of business!

So, some people say you are a perfectionist. Do you find that to be the case, or are you just exceptionally good at what you do the first time around?

Martha – I’m a maniacal perfectionist.

So the pie isn’t perfect. Cut it into wedges. Stay in control and never panic!

Charity – Interesting philosophy! Tiring, but I can see where you are coming from. Of course, I am not the expert!!

Martha – Bloggers create kind of a popularity. But they are not the experts and we have to understand that.

Charity – *clears throat* Point taken.

How can you possibly keep up with your schedule? Do you ever take a sick day?

Martha – I’m never sick. Why get sick? It’s a waste of time!

Charity – I wish it was that easy!

Martha – Without an open mind, you can never be a great success.

I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire.

Charity – 😮

Martha – I get up really early and I go to be really late. Sometimes I get tired, but it’s not important. I have an exciting existence and there’s so much to do!!

Charity – That doesn’t leave much time for socializing!

Martha – I don’t have time to have friends come over and stay…except for weekends in Maine.

Charity – What a shame! To have such a beautiful estate with plenty of room and no time?!

Martha – All I really want is a three room house. The home I have designed at my new farm in Bedford, NY is a three room house.

Charity – hmmm. Well, any last words you would like to leave us with?

Martha – If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day.

Charity – That is true.

Thank you for coming and chatting with me today. I know you aren’t a huge fan of bloggers, as you clearly expressed.

Martha – Not true! Franchesca and Sharkey, my French Bulldogs, have their own blog and their brilliant at it.

Charity – *Clears throat again*

*Starts to say something*

*Changes mind*

*Walks away*

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