Face-Off with Mary Connealy!!

Check me out! Woot Woot! I get to chat with Mary Connealy today!Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 6.13.29 PM She has won many accolades and awards as the bestselling author of almost 50 BOOKS!!! Here is a look at just a few of those —->

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Let’s do this face-off, shall we??

PicCollage(4)The rules are simple. I ask Mary some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Who is your historical crush? 

Mary – Charity, honey, do you know how old I am and how YOUNG I was when I got married? My historical crush is my husband.

Charity – AW! Now, how can I compete with that! AND, looking at your pic, I don’t even believe, for a second, that you are old!!

I have a total crush on George Washington. He was so awesome!!!!

MTIwNjA4NjM0MDA1MzkwODYw The problem is…I see this picture and wonder why he is my crush???

— You totally win for saying hubby!

Charity 0 / Mary 1

2. What is your scariest police encounter?

Mary – Once a policeman in my tiny town (pop. 500) stopped me for having the red glass broken out of my taillight. He gave me a fix-it ticket…there was no fine I just had to get the taillight fixed. So, I took it and drove on home and about a half mile down the road here come sirens and strobe lights. I pulled over and the same cop comes up to my window and says, “You’re under arrest.”

I gasped and he laughed. “No you’re not, I just forgot to have you sign the ticket.”

I smiled, signed and drove on, but my heart was still racing and if I wouldn’t have gotten arrested for it, I’d have yelled at the guy. (except I never yell at anyone, so I probably wouldn’t have)

Charity – Oh man! That was so screwed up!! What was he thinking??? hahaha.

One time I was driving along and blasting some music really loudly. Apparently a cop was behind me trying to get me to pull over for a while and I totally didn’t see him. Anyway, when I finally did, he was about to arrest my butt!! Well, once he saw I was just a clueless blonde, he told me that I was driving at night with no lights on and I needed to be careful. I thanked him and headed on my merry way. This time I look in my rear view mirror and I see him running at me and waving his arms. I stop and stick my head out the window. He comes panting and running up to me and says, “You still don’t have your lights on!!!!”. hahahahahaha. We both had a good laugh (thankfully!! whew).

— Tie!

Charity 1 / Mary 2

3. If you could create a coffee flavor for the Keureg, what flavor would you create?

Mary – Do they have a caramel frosted cinnamon roll flavor? I could go for that. Or I could just get the cinnamon roll. Now I’m hungry.


Charity –  Those are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!! They aren’t caramel, but they are the perfect k-cup. So, I wouldn’t even create one because perfection has been reached.

— Great minds…

Charity 2 / Mary 3

4. What is the hardest word to say in the English language?

Mary – I’m going with Worcestershire Sauce.

Charity – haha! Great one! I am going to say, “Rural”. That word is atrocious!!! It’s impossible to say!

— I gotta say it’s another tie!!!

Charity 3 / Mary 4

5. Do you garden? What kind of things?

Mary – No, but My Cowboy husband does and he’s great. We eat the best fresh vegetables on earth! We had corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes, new potatoes and beets for lunch and watermelon for dessert. We’re inches from being vegetarians this time of year. Just because…who can eat more food than that at one meal?

Charity – Jealous. JEALOUS! I have a black thumb. That is no joke!!!!!

— No contest!

Charity 3 / Mary 5

6. Favorite Star Wars character?

Mary – You’re kidding right?Harrison-Ford-Han-Solo Han Solo. After that movie I said to someone, “He might not be the star but the coolest guy there was Han Solo!” Then I found out it wasn’t only ME who thought that! Remember, Harrison Ford was NOT famous at this time.

Charity – That’s true!! I can’t believe there was a time in history when this was the case. I was born in the 70’s, so he was well on his wmaxresdefaultay to fame by the time I cared about anything besides Mary Poppins.

I like the little guys that play the song in the tavern.

— Definitely Mary! Han Solo is legit!!

Charity 3 / Mary 6

7. What is your best impersonation of?

Mary – I’ve got a terrible cold right now. I’m doing a fair impersonation of a Canadian Goose.

Charity – 😮 So sorry!! Hmm. I am such a dud at impressions!!! I try. I really do!! ha. It’s not pretty…

— Tie

Charity 4 / Mary 7

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory?

Mary – I really hope through my writing I bring God glory. I feel like I can reach so many people with a solid Christian message in a really entertaining and fun book. This is my pulpit, but I don’t preach sermons I just make a point of faith.

Charity – Love it! Our ministry is with the gifts God gave us.

— God wins!

Charity 4 / Mary 7

9. Favorite 80’s tv show?

Mary – Remington Steele. No Contest. I was so in love with that show.


Charity – ohhhh!!! Nice! A young Pierce Brosnon!! I can’t imagine why you were in love with “the show”…

My family was really into Scarecrow and Mrs. King, but I really loved the Mission: Impossible series!!! Sooooo good!!! Martin Landau was in it. That’s all I need to say!

Mission_Impossible_Season_2t_4881 0913

— Tie!

Charity 5 / Mary 8

10. Which Disney prince is the most handsome?

Mary – I’m going with my first gut reaction. The Beast in Beauty and the Beast—after he’s transformed he is just ADORABLE!


Charity – You are the FIRST person I have ever heard say that!!!! I have to go with Eric, followed by Aladdin.


I thought this was cool. Someone painted what they would look like in real life. hahaha! Check out our choices!

2ec454a46e5fee16b51e14536fb584ea_720x Featured-Disney-Prince

— I definitely win that one!!! Look above!


Charity 6 / Mary 8

you__ve_just_lost_the_game__xd_by_ponyowantsham-d3avgot AGAIN!!

Thank you, Mary!! That was so fun 🙂 Custom-Balloon-design-toolI really enjoyed getting to know you better!!!! You were a worthy competitor!

Guesssss WHAT?????? Mary has offered to giveaway a copy of her new release, Now and Forever.

All you have to do is head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!! Good Luck!!!!

*For U.S. Rez only! (We do love the rest of you too!)
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55 responses to “Face-Off with Mary Connealy!!”

  1. I didn’t know you watched Scarecrow and Ms. King, aunt Charity!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our family loves that show!!!!!!!! By the way, I don’t think mrs Mary looks old at all!!!!!!!! This was great!!!!! Thanks so much aunt charity!!!!!!!!



  2. Love you both crushing on the Disney princes, too funny! Mary, really enjoy your writing style you are one of my favorite authors.


  3. I loved the face off. Such hilarious answers. I’d’ve died with either cop story. Remington Steele and Scarecrow and Mrs. King were both such great shows. 80’s shows were the best! Thanks for the fun interview and the great giveaway. 😃


  4. #2… Oh my word! I have several family members who were/are on the police force & I can totally see a couple of them doing something like that– joking about you being under arrest. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that my uncle has done that to someone… He’s ornery like that, you know. 😛
    As for “rural”, I live in rural Oklahoma (always have) and we pretty much all just drop that second “r” when we say it. More like “rual”, so it comes out sounding quite a bit like “rule”. I really have never heard anyone ever pronounce that second “r”.

    And before I go… I must say that I really enjoy Mary’s books. They always make me laugh— and make those around me wonder what in the world is wrong with me. 😉


    • Laurie, I’m always looking for comedy. My taste in books is, If they’re sassing each other and falling in love while running for their lives, then I’m happy.”
      That’s what I love to read (and that includes blogs!). So that’s what I write.


    • Since, with my cold, when I don’t sound like a Canadian Goose, I sound a lot like Chewbacca, I will accept your answer. But if you’re going with minor characters, surely R2D2 is at the top.
      And the most QUOTED is Yoda. “Do or do not. There is no try.”

      Liked by 2 people

    • And I listened to Charity’s taped pronunciation of Worchestershire and I’ve been saying the SHIRE part as it is obviously supposed to be said. Which according to her tape is WRONG. Maybe I’d better go listen to Rural. I may have been saying THAT wrong all my life, too.


  5. This was such a fun face-off. I love Mary’s books. They are such a good combination of adventure and laugh out loud situations, with just enough romance and seriousness thrown in. I think if there was an award for unique interview questions, Charity would win.


  6. YAY!!! Two of my favorite people! Mary and Charity!!! What a fun post! (and I was quite a fan of both Han Solo and…well, Pierce Brosnan. Lovely man! Beautiful eyes!

    Charity, I used to totally crush on Eric, but only second to Prince PHilip. THEN Disney created Flinn Rider…and he won hands down for me


  7. I ALWAYS enjoy your face-offs Charity…..you could probably hear my laughter all the way to Virginia…haha!! I already own this book (won from a blog in a galaxy far, far away) but I just had to chime in here. Mary, you are such a hoot…I knew you’d be the right person to pick for this 🙂 I’m very rarely wrong about people (there have been a time or two)….sounds like you had a blast with Charity!! I am SO looking forward to all the other face-offs this week…on the edge of my seat with anticipation…..*cue Star Wars theme here*


  8. Fun post! Character-wise, my favorite Disney hero is absolutely the Beast, though I think Eric has him beat in the looks department. But what they really need is to end the discrimination and make a red-headed hero. I bet he’d win hands-down. (But then, I might be biased, since my husband and dad and a couple uncles and a couple cousins [and future sons?] are all red-heads . . .)


    • Mostly when I see a police car I just run through all the possible 900 laws I could be breaking and hold my breath until I get past him. Not that I am a particularly law breaking type, but these days, who knows if my headlights are working or I’m in some weird speed zone. Or all the right people are buckled up.
      I think having so many laws, each more and more intrusive about controlling people as much as protecting the public safetly, makes if so much harder to see a police car and think, “That makes me feel safe. I’m glad there are policeman patrolling.”
      Which I think psychologically, making a normally law abiding person fear the police is a terrible mistake.


  9. Your police stories are hilarious! I did have a nice officer stop me once on Thanksgiving weekend, out of state speeding horribly when I was a teen… was that the time I didn’t have my license on me? But he happened to be from my city! So lucky on that one!


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