Face-Off with Amy Clipston!!

acaboutNow, this is awesome!!! I am facing-off with AMY FLIPPIN’-CLIPSTON!!! (I am pretty sure her name is hyphenated). This girl has authored over 20 bestselling books. Insane!!!

Although she is known for being a fiction writer, Amy, also, wrote a memoir about her kidney donation that saved her husband’s life. You can check it out by clicking on the pic ——>

Besides writing bestselling books, she has won multiple awards. Check out some of them:

2015 Holt Medallion Award Nominee (novel: A Dream of Home)
2014 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Nominee (novel: A Mother’s Secret)
2014 Holt Medallion Award (novel: A Hopeful Heart)
2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist in Young Adult Category (novel: Roadside Assistance)
2012 Winter Rose Contest for Published Authors 2nd Place (novel: Roadside Assistance)
2012 Gold Quill Contest Finalist (novel: Roadside Assistance)
2012 Laurel Wreath Contest 3rd Place (novel: Roadside Assistance)
2011 National Readers’ Choice Awards Young Adult Category (novel: Roadside Assistance)
2011 Selah Award for Fiction (novel: A Promsie of Hope)

Amy is well known for her Amish fiction. Here are a handful from different series that she wrote:

Ok, I think I bragged on her enough. Let’s see if she can bring anything to the table where it really counts!

PicCollageThe rules are simple. I ask Amy some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What’s the worst outfit you wore as a teenager? Pics????

Amy – You can’t hear me, but I’m sitting here chuckling to myself. I suppose it was when I went through my Madonna stage and I had her jacket from the movie “Desperately Seeking Susan.” I wore the jacket along with lace gloves and big, sparkly sunglasses. I thought I was so cool. Ha ha!  And, no, no pics!


Charity – OMGOSH!! I wish I could have seen that!!! Hahaha. I love it. I remember thinking I was the coolest thing with these shorts that had suspenders. I would drop the suspenders, OBVIOUSLY, and then wear a shirt that was signed by all these guys from the different Busch Gardens shows. I stalked them all summer long and always wore the same outfit so all their signatures were on it. Oh. My. Gosh. Embarrassing.

— I think the Madonna outfit might have won that round…

Charity 0 / Amy 1

2. When did you know you were going to marry your husband? What did you do that sealed the deal for you?

Amy – Trust and mutual respect sealed the deal for me after being hurt more than once. It only took a couple of months before I realized Joe was the real deal; he was thoughtful, trustworthy, and my soulmate. Yeah, I know—completely corny, but it’s true.


Charity – Not corny. I was a single mom, so I had no time for losers. Haha. I went out with him one night because he moved here and didn’t know anyone. I was just being friendly (for reelz!!) (even thought he was a fine slab of meat!). Anyway, we went to downtown Norfolk and talked for 4 straight hours about everything God had done in our lives (we had just recently gotten saved). I had never met a man so passionately in love with Jesus just like I was. I came home and told my sister I was going to marry him. I did.


The B&W was when we were still babies!!! That was taken about 11 years ago. The second one was taken last year ❤

— Tie!!

Charity 1 / Amy 2

3. Have you ever been on a unicycle?

Amy – Uh, no!

Charity – Girl. You would not even want to see that go down.

— haha! Tie

Charity 2 / Amy 3

4. When you lived in VA, which of the historic triangle destinations was your favorite? Williamsburg, Jamestown or Yorktown? Why?

Amy – Do the Outer Banks count?  I’m not a big history buff, but I went to the Outer Banks frequently. Please don’t unfriend me now.

Charity – Haha. Um, NO! Those are not in the historic triangle!! But, I do love the Outer Banks. We go to Duck every year for our family vacation. Love, love, love the boardwalk there. The ocean and the sound are about 4 blocks from each other, so it’s the smallest, little, cute town!

duck-hero  Duck

I love Yorktown because I spent so much of my childhood there in the Fife and Drum Corp. woot woot!

— I so get that one!

Charity 3 / Amy 3

5. If you could be on any reality show, which one would you choose?

Amy – “Dancing with the Stars,” and I want to dance with Derek Hough. Swoon!


Charity – EW! Ha. Any guy that can move like that…something isn’t right!! I don’t know. I am a major Survivor fan. I would love that, if I was healthier!! So fun. I would say all of Jeff Probst’s phrases along with him and he would be super annoyed.

“If any of you gave the hidden immunity idol and want to play it, now would be the time to do so. I’ll read the votes”

— Tie

Charity 4 / Amy 4

6. Best concert you have been to?

Amy – That’s a tossup between Weird Al Yankovic and Brad Paisley. They both put on the most fun and entertaining family-friendly shows I’ve ever seen.

Charity – OMGosh. You are my hero if you went to a Weird Al concert. Did he do White and Nerdy??

— Definitely…Amy!

Charity 4 / Amy 5

7. Where would your dream home be? Pics?

Amy – I suppose my dream home would be on the Outer Banks.


Charity – Greece. White and beautiful.


— Another tie!

Charity 5 / Amy 6

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Amy – I strive to glorify God through my Christian fiction novels. I pray frequently while I’m writing, and I include scripture verses that truly speak to me in an effort to touch the hearts of my readers.

Charity – Love it!

— God wins!

Charity 5 / Amy 6

9. What’s your biggest phobia?

Amy – I have two—wasps and spiders!  You’ll hear me scream and run like an idiot when I spot one!

Charity – Dentists make me want to die. Hands down. And then snakes.

— You get this because the readers have seen my answer a bajillion times!

Charity 5 / Amy 7

10. Worst thing you have ever eaten?

Amy – I’m not a steak eater, so steak doesn’t appeal to me.  I also don’t care for scallops or oysters.

Charity – Hmm weird. My answer isn’t too cool because I think it would be liver and beets. Barf.

— I am taking it!


Charity 6 / Amy 7

tumblr_n36q4omS9I1sp8cnto10_250 I just love this gif. HAHA!! I lost. That’s my losing dance!

Thanks, Amy!! Balloons-for-Birthday-PartyThis has been so fun! I love hearing about your crazy, fun life!

Ok, you guys. This is INSANE! Amy is giving away a HUGE PRIZE PACK!!! This is truly the best giveaway we’ve ever done!!!

Want a couple books and some serious swag? (ie… tote bag, bookmarks, and pens???) Just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!!!

tumblr_n36q4omS9I1sp8cnto10_250Good Luck!!! 

*US Rez Only (we do love the rest of you too!!)
*Entries will be checked, so make sure you follow the instructions!

29 responses to “Face-Off with Amy Clipston!!”

  1. I have seen Amy’s books around for a while now, but I have yet to actually read any of them. They are definitely on my TBR list though. This swag pack would be so much fun to win! Thanks Charity and Amy for such a fun giveaway! ~Sydney


  2. My favorite part of the face off was the worst outfit you wore as a teenager. It’s funny how we wear things when it’s in style and then look back years later and see ourselves. We always wonder what we were thinking during that time.


  3. I liked all of the interview, but my favorite was probably the Madonna clothes description time in Amy’s life. I am a fan of her amish fiction books, have so enjoyed everyone I have read.


  4. Okay, so I USED to watch Weird Al videos as a teen & laugh because he made fun of other singers. Now I look back and think “he was just plain weird”…lol! And I have to agree with Amy, I can’t stand wasps, bees, hornets or any of the like….I will run far, far away while swatting my hands in the air!! Thankfully I am not allergic, but still *shudders*!!
    Loved the face-off! Amy, I’m glad I got to “introduce” you to Charity, looks like you had fun with this 🙂 I have yet to read any of your books (gasp!), but they are on my want-to-read list. Thanks for the laughs ladies!!


  5. These have got to be the most fun author interviews, Charity. I always smile. Is your home as fun as I think it is?

    I have only started reading Amish Christian fiction this year. My first being Amish Promises by Leslie Gould. Which I loved, by the way. I haven’t read any of Amy Clipston’s Amish books, but I have read some of her YA. It’s hard to find compelling YA Christian fiction like Amy’s. I’m kind of a YA junkie, too.


  6. I really liked reading about both of y’all’s love stories! They were really sweet. I think my favorite Amy Clipston book was “A Plain and Simple Christmas” but I love the way she writes and I love her other books, too.


  7. Hi, gals! What a fun face-off! I have read Destination Unknown. Then I won a copy of Roadside Assistance & let my niece read it, so I haven’t read it yet.


  8. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!! I would love to go to a Weird Al concert!!!!!! Our family is ” White and Nerdy” also!!!! Again, I loved this faceoff and thanks so much for the giveaway!


  9. Love Amy’s Madonna phase! We forgive you for not knowing what a… tramp she’d become 🙂 And Charity! You should have had little girls because they would be as cute as you! Love your stories!


  10. I really enjoyed the face off . It was fun to get to know Amy a bit better. Who wouldn’t want to go in Dancing With The Stars and have Derek as your partner? I laughed when you talked about the Madonna outfit. She did have a unique look that appealed to many. But the best part was the mention of you donating a kidney to your husband. What a wonderful gift to give to the one you love. I love your books and always feel a sense of peace as I read them.


  11. Another interesting faceoff. I don’t think I have read any of Amy’s books. I liked her answer about the Outer Banks although I know that was not one of the three choices you offered. My wife and I went there this past May. At the age of 68, I climbed to the top of Bodie Island Lighthouse and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse one day and then climbed the Currituck Lighthouse the next morning. It was a very enjoyable visit.


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