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  • When Faith is Forbidden: 40 Days on the Frontlines with Persecuted Christians

    by Todd Nettleton In one of the latest books to drop by The Voice of the Martyrs, Todd Nettleton takes us along as he travels to the frontlines of persecuted nations. He shares some incredible stories, gives his thoughts as he journals after long days, and guides us in prayers for those that are sharing…

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  • Practical Insights for Everyday Christian Living

    Practical Insights for Everyday Christian Living

    by Joyce Meyer GALATIANS & COLOSSIANS I always tread carefully when I read Bible studies. Personal biases and interpretations inevitably abound. Also, there are often times a stigma is attached to a writer or speaker based on their “branch of Christianity”. If God has shown me anything this year, it’s to rejoice in others’ love…

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  • Know the Word – KJV Study Bible

    Know the Word – KJV Study Bible

    Let me start by saying that I do not typically use the KJV in my daily life. However, I absolutely love having this on hand for all of my historical writing. And, let’s just get one thing straight – any version that says Charity is the greatest…I’m on board! So, what do I love about…

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  • Here’s Some Happy

    Here’s Some Happy

    by Gina Graham There are so many coloring books on the market now that it’s hard to know which ones are worth picking up. I know! I get it! However, I have stumbled upon a more unique one to the bunch. If you check out Gina Graham’s book here, you will notice it isn’t just…

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  • NKJV The Woman’s Study Bible

    NKJV The Woman’s Study Bible

    Have you been thinking it’s time for a new Bible? Looking for a great Mother’s Day gift? Well, look no further! Click the link above 🙂 This great new release by Thomas Nelson is full color and bold print! What’s that mean? It means that there is plenty of room in it for all you…

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  • Getting Started!

    Getting Started!

    Alright!!! The time is here! Tomorow we embark on a YEAR LONG journey through the Bible. I am SO EXCITED! I actually have a new Bible that I am going to use so I can start highlighting all the new things I find. I’ve decided that I am going to use three colors: Pink: To…

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  • Ahhh…What does this mean? Are you with me?

    Ahhh…What does this mean? Are you with me?

    I don’t know about you, but I seem to always think that life is going to slow down as soon as I get through this thing I am dealing with right now. Strangely enough, that never happens and my pea brain keeps thinking it will. I mean, YEAH, it hasn’t slowed down yet…but it’s got…

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  • The Polygamist’s Daughter

    The Polygamist’s Daughter

    by Anna LeBaron/with Leslie Wilson (link in pic) Ervil LeBaron was one of the most famous Mormon fundamentalist leaders. He was a self-proclaimed prophet that thought he was a god. He was imprisoned for the blood atonement killings that were done in the name of god. Anna was his daughter. This is one of those books…

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  • Psalm 55

    Psalm 55

    Psalm 55 is so full of beautiful truths and imagery. As I was reading it this morning, I was overwhelmed by God’s love for me. I am constantly amazed at God’s attention to us. It rather blows my mind, if we are being honest. The thing I really love about the Psalms is David’s brutal…

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  • The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith

    The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith

    by Champ Thornton I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Usborne style books. Personally, as a homeschool mom, I am 100% sold. These are my favorite! They have a perfect mixture of pictures, learning, and interest for a child (or adult) of any age. The Radical Book for Kids is written in…

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