40 Birthday Birthday Celebration Ideas

by Loraine Nunley

If you are anything like me, you are the person that loves to go all out for birthdays, but for some pesky reason, they always sneak up on you, so you are out the night before stocking up on overpriced, meaningless decorations and props. Let me help you out. Or, rather, let Loraine help you out!!

This book is filled with fun ideas for every person out there!!! Lists for animal lovers, airplane lovers, crafters, etc. There are also pages with great party ideas for kids. One, in particular, that I think will be fun to do with my youngest when he turns 8 years old in August, is the “Soldier on a Mission” plan. There are many and for all ages. I will DEFINITELY be keeping this book handy!!!!

Please pick up a copy!! It will save you all kinds of time and brain power. Loraine has already done all the work! In fact, she is giving away THREE COPIES of this!!! Head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and enter to win! SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!


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