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  • Fields of Bounty

    Fields of Bounty

    by Lauraine Snelling

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  • The Noble Guardian

    by Michelle Griep The Noble Guardian is Michelle’s third book in The Bow Street Runners Trilogy. Fun, witty and light! You will enjoy reading as the Regency Era comes to life in her distinct and playful writing. If you want to see some of Michelle’s personality, check out our two epic face-offs! I’ll post the…

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  • Practical Insights for Everyday Christian Living

    Practical Insights for Everyday Christian Living

    by Joyce Meyer GALATIANS & COLOSSIANS I always tread carefully when I read Bible studies. Personal biases and interpretations inevitably abound. Also, there are often times a stigma is attached to a writer or speaker based on their “branch of Christianity”. If God has shown me anything this year, it’s to rejoice in others’ love…

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  • Her Secret

    Her Secret

    by Shelley Shepard Gray Catching You Up: Amish farm girl, Hannah, is being stalked by an English boy that is in love with her. Her family must flee for her protection. With her siblings resenting her and her family going through another crisis, she must sort through her fears and learn to trust again. My…

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  • Havencross


    by Julie Daines Quick recap: Elaine Cardinham’s family must leave London after a scandal and retreat back to the country. Cornwall is full of memories that she never wishes to revisit. Of course, Gareth Kemp, her childhood friend, still lives there and has moved up in society. She is torn between her feelings for a…

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  • NKJV The Woman’s Study Bible

    NKJV The Woman’s Study Bible

    Have you been thinking it’s time for a new Bible? Looking for a great Mother’s Day gift? Well, look no further! Click the link above 🙂 This great new release by Thomas Nelson is full color and bold print! What’s that mean? It means that there is plenty of room in it for all you…

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  • The Elusive Miss Ellison

    The Elusive Miss Ellison

    by Carolyn Miller The Elusive Miss Ellison  is a new to me author! Aren’t these covers gorgeous? They absolutely grab you! Now, I haven’t read The Captivating Lady Charlotte (as it will be released later this year). This review is only for her first book (the title of this post). Smart and ostentatious Lavinia Ellison and  worn down Nicholas, the…

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  • A Fine Gentleman

    A Fine Gentleman

    by Sarah M. Eden Oh how I love Sarah! She’s always been at the top of my (theoretical) Best Regency Author list. Her books are so sweet and just…lovely! A Fine Gentleman is her new and much anticipated release! It is the latest in the story of the Jonquil brothers. Jason Jonquil, the barrister, is orderly…

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  • 101 Things You Should Do Before Going To Heaven

    101 Things You Should Do Before Going To Heaven

    by David Bordon and Tom Winters I absolutely love Hachette Book Group! I’m telling you that they have the best and widest range of reading materials. This 101 Things You Should Do Before Going To Heaven is one of the latest books I received from them. Totally fun ideas! This one about traditional British tea…

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  • The Crimson Path of Honor

    by M.B. Tosi Hmm. Where to start? The Crimson Path of Honor is a story about a girl that was kidnapped while heading out West in the late 1800’s. Luci was abducted by the Lakota Tribe and merged into their lives as a squaw and the chief’s love. Overall, a great concept and lots of…

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