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Israel – God’s Heart

by Ron Gafni and Kathleen Barrett Ron Gafni is a professional aerial photographer that has taken many beautiful pictures of the landscapes in Israel. Even if you have had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land (as I have), you will enjoy seeing it… Continue Reading “Israel – God’s Heart”

Starving Hearts

by Janine Mendenhall Debut author about a pre-Regency romance…Sounds interesting! Miss Chetwynd is an intelligent girl in a world where that is not welcomed. She desires to discuss politics and real world problems instead of the normal gossip of the ton. Clergyman, Peter, has… Continue Reading “Starving Hearts”

Face-Off with Chad Gibbs

Chad Gibbs’ newest book will be released on Tuesday. Jesus Without Borders: What Planes, Trains and Rickshaws Taught Me About Jesus is his third book and I will be offering up my review on its release date! woop!! — Link is in the pic… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Chad Gibbs”

The Story of King Jesus

by Ben Irwin What a sweet little story. So many children’s books are just full of “fluff”. I don’t usually buy them because people seem to think kids can’t grasp concepts, I suppose. It seems that Ben Irwin thinks differently and I love this.… Continue Reading “The Story of King Jesus”

Dirty Faith

by David Z. Nowell I am not one to give a long review or spend a lot of time going over the book. I usually like to give the reader a small taste and let them know what effect it had on me. However,… Continue Reading “Dirty Faith”

American Sniper

by Chris Kyle w/Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice Click on pic to get the book ^ With all the hype around the awesome movie that just came out, I wanted to read the autobiography that Chris Kyle wrote. I’m surprised I haven’t read it… Continue Reading “American Sniper”

Kidnapped by the Taliban — by Dilip Joseph, MD

with James Lund Christian Medic. Taliban Kidnapping. SEAL Team VI rescue. Count me in!! Dilip Joseph is a man that wants to serve and show others the love, mercy and peace that can be found within a relationship with God. While serving in Afghanistan,… Continue Reading “Kidnapped by the Taliban — by Dilip Joseph, MD”

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A Robertson Family Christmas

by Miss Kay Robertson w/Travis Thrasher You have all heard of them. If you haven’t seen the show, Duck Dynasty, you have certainly seen their take over of Superstore shelves everywhere!! There isn’t a product that is safe from the Duck Commander logo (:… Continue Reading “A Robertson Family Christmas”

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You know how much I love Laura Frantz!!! Just a few weeks ago, I did a review of the latest book in this series. She’s the best. Pick this freebie up because it won’t last long!! Free right here!