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  • Face-Off with Julie Lessman!!

    Face-Off with Julie Lessman!!

    Now, this is an EXCITING day!! Julie is tops!! If you haven’t read any of her books, please check them out. The two series that follow the O’Connor family are wonderful!! Julie Lessman, award ­winning author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Heart of San Francisco series, was named American Christian Fiction Writers […]

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  • Congratulations, Trixi!!!!

    Congratulations, Trixi!!!!

    We have a winner!! Trixi Oberembt has found a whopping 19 AUTHORS that have agreed to face-off!!! This has been SO much fun seeing all the different names come through. It’s really exciting! Thanks to all of you for participating. It was a tight race!! I mean, really tight! I want to give a shout […]

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  • Face-Off with Tamara Leigh!!

    Face-Off with Tamara Leigh!!

    Alright, guys! I am back in business!! I do want to let you know that things will probably be a bit slower for a while, but I’ll fill you in on everything going on soon! In the meantime, let’s do this!! Tamara is a bestselling and multi-award winning author of  historical and contemporary fiction. Her […]

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  • Face-Off with Sarah E. Ladd

    Face-Off with Sarah E. Ladd

    What a week! Can you believe we are rounding out this week’s face-offs with this incredible talent?! I am sure that most of you have heard of Sarah Ladd. She took the market by storm a couple of years ago with her Whispers On The Moors series!!   Aren’t these the most gorgeous covers? Man! […]

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  • I would love to introduce you to…

    I would love to introduce you to…

    Parents, check this out!!! I found the most DELIGHTFUL blog the other day. Miss Lindsey Zimpel is a teenage girl that rates books for other teenage girls. She goes through and painfully takes every scene of action, sexual content (she only does Christian books, so this includes kissing, hand holding, touching and any scenes like […]

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  • Face-Off with Tamera Alexander!!

    Face-Off with Tamera Alexander!!

    No! Your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you!!! They read it correctly!!! Ok, you want a list of some serious awards? – 4 Time CBA Bestseller – 5 Time ECPA Bestseller – 4 Time Christy Finalist – 2 Time Christy Award Winner – 1 Time RITA Award Finalist – 4 Time RITA Award Winner […]

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  • Face-Off with Janice Thompson!!

    Face-Off with Janice Thompson!!

    Author of over 20, highly acclaimed books, Janice Thompson is here today!!! Woo Hoo!! You can take a look at her blog HERE! I will be reviewing her new book later on this week, so keep an eye out!!! Known for her contemporary romance, she writes many wedding stories!! Her newest is on sale for […]

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  • Face-Off with Deeanne Gist!!!

    Face-Off with Deeanne Gist!!!

    Are you guys ready for this??? Today, I am talking with Deeanne Gist!!! With her highly anticipated, new book, Tiffany Girl, about to release, Deeanne is on FIRE! I am not even going to go through how many awards she has, but they include: A lot, right?! Ok, make sure you check out Tiffany Girl when […]

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  • Face-Off with Rachel Hauck

    Face-Off with Rachel Hauck

    Who doesn’t love an awesome fairy tale? Isn’t it every girls’ dream to marry a prince?? This is the third book in Rachel’s Royal Wedding Series. (and the first one I’ve read!!!) Review to follow later today. For now, we play!! The rules are simple: I ask Rachel some random questions. She replies and then I […]

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  • For Elise

    For Elise

    by Sarah M. Eden Sarah has done it again. She never disappoints!! This is another INCREDIBLE, Regency romance. It’s a story of redemption, intrigue, death threats, tragedies, true friendship and deep love. It’s absolutely beautiful. Best part? Characters keep their strength of character throughout the book. Nobody storms off after declaring their love and finding […]

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