Face-Off with Lena Nelson Dooley!!

sGl30RrW3AxB-5LrhBaaiZlLRyy40SiHm_R9hocQXEkP84oZZBIX0fheHRShRWlIad04RmM56-tyDTBdDXvEmacgIOkg0-kuugQR6rH8hCp6tom_o7fuubwLTuUBulTyxl5SgLs63qLGBtBhxt1Z29kiThhppXxKv5mc-yz1W4WFbsB71j0ssb2Y9Od9hpe_ugMBG5xiGOrvRNmoKnnDev3aSEb7D1Zlb Today is an exciting day because I am facing-of with Lena Nelson Dooley! She has sold over 800,000 books and three of her books have been awarded the Carol Award silver pins. She also received the American Christian Fiction Writers Mentor of the Year award.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

11863496_1480686162229624_8454508594779766707_nThe rules are simple. I ask Lena some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What is your favorite song from the 50’s or 60’s time period?

Lena- My all-time favorite love song is “Love Me Tender.” I think it’s the most romantic song ever written.

Charity – Oh! That is a good one! I love that song too!!! I also like Alley Oop.

— Tie!

Charity 1 / Lena 1

2. Are you an avid roller skater?

Lena – When I was much younger, I roller skated a lot. It was one of the most popular forms of entertainment when I was a teenager (late50’s and early 60’s)

Charity – I love it too! When I was growing up, it was still pretty popular (in the 80’s). We always had a fun time. The youth group I went with always had a cassette tape that they took along and it played the same 5 songs on repeat the entire night!!! The worst part is that there were two artists on the tape. They were Ann Murray and The Carpenters. :-/

— Raindrops keep falling on my head….

Charity 2 / Lena 2

3. What was your favorite subject in school? Why?

Lena – I’ve always loved history. I’m sure that’s why I’ve been published with so many historical novels. Of course, I’ve been published with contemporary novels, too. A lot of people, who are readers now, hated history. So when I write a historical novel, I do massive research to make sure I get as many of the historical details about setting, clothing, society, etc., correct. That way they learn about our history in an interesting way.

Charity – History is my favorite too! I love it. I especially love American and English History ❤

— Lena not only LOVES history, but also writes historical fiction. She totally gets that!

Charity 2 / Lena 3

4. Do you like to go camping?

Lena – I like my creature comforts too much. The only time we went camping in a tent was when our oldest daughter way under a year old and it rained a lot. Not a pleasant experience. But several times, we’ve gone camping with a couple who owned a really nice RV.  That was fun.

Charity – haha. I agree! Whew. you are brave though. I am a little scared of RV’s too!!

02b2f85dbe20dfb7760a8c4696a49bd5Now…If only I had one of these…

— At least you are brave enough to try the RV!!!

Charity 2 / Lena 4

5. Funniest thing a child has said to you?

Lena – I hope no one will be offended by this. When my oldest daughter was about 4 years old, she wanted to be a boy when she grew up. Our next-door neighbor had a daughter about her age, and a new baby boy. I was baby sitting for them one day. When I changed his diaper, my daughter said, “I don’t want to be a boy. I want a plain bottom.”

Charity – Oh my goodness! hahaha!! How could I compete with that??? That is so funny 🙂

— Lena, for sure!

Charity 2 / Lena 5

6. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Lena – I asked Jesus into my heart and life when I was 7 years old, so I’ve walked with Him way over half a century. He is so much a part of my life, He’s often in my conversations with others. And I only write my novels to bring glory to Him by showing characters live through hard times with Him. I’ve also been a speaker at Christian writers conferences, as well as speaking in two foreign countries. I’ve mentored younger women, and mentored other Christian authors.

Charity – Love it! I

— God Wins!

Charity 2 / Lena 5

7. If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Lena – I’d like to go to Australia. I fell in love with Australia before it was chic to like Australia. I’ve read well over 200 books set in Australia. What I’d really like to do is rent a luxurious RV and tour all over the continent, stopping and staying awhile when we wanted to.

Charity – Oh! Sounds so fun.Santorini-Blue I would love to go to Greece. This has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (pictures of….)!!!

It would really be fun to tour all of Europe too. I love English history.

— Tie!


Charity 3 / Lena 6

Thank you, Lena! Custom-Balloon-design-toolI loved getting to know you a little better 🙂

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Face-Off with Colleen Coble!!

Yep! You read that RIGHT! Colleen Coble!!!!!! Multi award winning author of 1 or 2 million books 😉 https://i1.wp.com/www.margaretdaley.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Carol-Award-Winner1.pnghttps://i0.wp.com/

I’m sure you’ve seen and read quit a few!! Well, today, you are going to get to find out some fun facts about this wonderful author!!!

The Mercy Falls Collection is only $12.99 for ALL THREE BOOKS!!

The Lonestar Collection is only $14.99 for ALL FIVE BOOKS!!

Now that we have established that…WE PLAY!!!


The rules are simple: I ask Colleen some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Favorite State to live in? Why?

Colleen – I’m a born and bred Hoosier, and I can’t imagine ever living permanently anywhere else! Hoosiers are friendly, super friendly. We speak in the grocery store, and we are quick to help a neighbor. You can’t beat that. And I like having four seasons, but winter lasts way too long! The only bad thing is that we got Daylight Savings Time rammed down our throats, and I still hate it. Don’t get me started!

But you might twist my arm to live a few months a year on Kauai. Dolphins, sea turtles, snorkeling, what’s not to love?

Charity – haha! Oh my goodness. We’ve always had it here in Virginia! I didn’t know it was knew to you!!! My hubby is actually from Indiana too! I love living here though. I am right in between Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown and Virginia Beach. The Blue Ridge Mountains are only a couple hours away!! Such a beautiful place to live!!

I hear ya, girl!! I have never been to Kauai, but I would go in A MINUTE!

— tie! We both have good reasons!!

Charity 0 / Colleen 0

2. Which period of history interests you the most?

Colleen – I love the early 19th century. It was a time of such great innovation and change. Exciting times! But I like my modern conveniences, especially my WiFi!

Charity – Whew! That is NO JOKE!! One word: Chamberpots!!!

I love two periods equally: Regency and Revolutionary War time frame. Both are so interesting to me!!!

— Tie again!!  #Getting nowhere!

Charity 0 / Colleen 0

3. Have you ever gone on a “cross country” trip to visit sites in America?

Colleen – I’ve been in every state of the Union. Love visiting our glorious country! We made a point of taking the kids on long trips, kind of like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Charity – Oh my goodness! So incredible!!!!!! I sooo wish I could do that!!!


Charity 0 / Colleen 1

4. When you go to Cracker Barrel in the evening, do you still order breakfast?

Colleen – Well, I don’t know that I’ve ever been to Cracker Barrel except for breakfast!

Charity – Oh man! You are missing out!! Who doesn’t love a good breakfast for dinner!?

— I get that one!!

Charity 1 / Colleen 1

5. Weirdest thing a fan has done?

Colleen – Weird? I have awesome fans who come up with great names for characters and coffee shops. LOL

Charity – ❤ that’s awesome! Surprising!! People can be strange….

— I have no fans! ha ha

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

6. Would you go back to being a teenager if you had that option?

Colleen – Are you kidding me? What person in their right mind would want to relive that treacherous, hormonal time?

Charity – Not. Me.

I absolutely LOVE growing older. I would never want to start over. Mercy me!!!! Sounds like a nightmare!

— Tie. We are agreed!

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

7. Are you a camper or Marriott kind of girl?

Colleen – Marriott all the way. My idea of camping out is staying in a Holiday Inn instead of a Hyatt!

Charity – LOL! I knew I loved you. Right there with ya!!!!! ha ha ha.

– #HighMaintenance #StickTogether

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Colleen – I try to use every day He gives me to grasp the most joy from today. I  learned so much about how to do that from my sister-of-the-heart, Diann Hunt, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer in Nov 2013. We only have today, and I try to give my best to every day.

Charity – Love it. Just being in love with God and serving Him day in and day out ❤

— God wins!!!!

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

9. Did you ever make “green eggs and ham” for fun?

Colleen – I made them for my son when he was little once. He wouldn’t eat them. LOL

Charity – Nice! At least you tried… I wasn’t that nice! ha ha

— Nice moms win!

Charity 1 / Colleen 3

10. Weirdest ornament you own?

Colleen – I don’t have any weird ornaments, but I do have some precious ones made by my kids when they were small. One is a tiny chalkboard with A B C on it. does that count? LOL

Charity – Of course it counts! Someone bought my hubby an ornament that says, “World’s Best Coach”. It’s so gaudy and big. Horrible. My husband has never coached a thing! He doesn’t even watch sports!! ha ha. He won’t get rid of it though. He loves it. So horrible. I try to hide it in the back of the tree…

— Totally taking that one!


Charity 2 / Colleen 3

41pQGKwBBLL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ again.

Thanks so much, Colleen!! Balloons-for-Birthday-Party I had such a blast chatting with you 🙂

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