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  • UNBELIEVABLE PRICE!!! You. Need. This. Book!

    UNBELIEVABLE PRICE!!! You. Need. This. Book!

    Every Person Should Pick Up A Copy Of This Book!!! It’s currently $1.99!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may remember me SINGING the praises of this book a few months back in a review I wrote. Please check it out!! It is such an important read!!!

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  • Some Steals and Deals. Ya know, CHEAPIES!!!

    <— Pre-order for $4.97!! Print edition will be $19.99   Links are in the pics. All books less than $5 (average $1.99). Craziest part is that the book sets are .99¢

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  • Regency Novella for .99¢

     Straight and True

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  • Some SUPER CHEAP ebooks!

    Most of these books are $1.99. Double check because one is a novella (short book) and another is prelude to a series (also a short book). Links are under the pics! Enjoy (:           Prelude for a Lord           The Princess Spy              The Captive Maiden          The Covered Deep  A Captain for […]

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  • Hurry! Grab it while it’s hot!!

    You want to talk about a GREAT deal? One of my favorite authors, MaryLu Tyndall, has got some INSANE prices going on right now. EVERY ONE OF THESE BOOKS IS ONLY $1.99!!!!!!       Her latest series is also at a GREAT price. Each of these are $7.99.     Believe me. You will […]

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  • Amazon Mom for FREE!!

    I am super excited to tell you something! Here it is… If you have a child (still running around in diapers, pre-school age), you are eligible for Amazon Mom. It’s basically Amazon Prime with some discounted baby products. The cool part is, whenever you set up a “subscription”, you get 20% off the product. So, […]

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  • Fab Friday Deals

    Check out some of the great Fab Friday deals!! Here are a few that caught my eye: $5 Today (save 71%)    —  Product Description Growing up, Nabeel Qureshi never thought he would consider turning from his family’s deeply held beliefs in Islam. It was his whole world, his identity. Yet, as he grew into […]

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  • Day Two of Karen Witemeyer Sales!

       A Cowboy Unmatched Only $1.99

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  • $1 Steals!!!

    Just go HERE and choose which deals you want. You can choose from $1 deals through $10. Just a few $1 steals I saw:      

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