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Happiness According to Jesus – What it Means to be Blessed

by Bobby Schuller We all know that the Sermon on the Mount is a very controversial text. To someone that has been a Christ follower, it is basically second nature to quote it. However, looking in on our relationship with God from an outsider’s… Continue Reading “Happiness According to Jesus – What it Means to be Blessed”

Oh boy, do I.

Who am I that He should love me? What have I ever done that He should care. How many times have I hurt Him that He would forgive? What is He to me? Everything. All. It. My strength. My hope. Sometimes I think back… Continue Reading “Oh boy, do I.”


by J. Paul Nyquist Link to buy in pic ^ “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials…” James 1:2 “The verb used means we are to make a deliberate, conscious and careful decision to experience joy even in the midst… Continue Reading “Prepare”


For all you Duck Dynasty lovers out there! Here’s a chance to win a FREE copy of Kay Robertson’s latest book!!! I recently reviewed this book and would like to offer you a chance to get to read it. Just a couple simple rules:… Continue Reading “GIVEAWAY TIME!!”

A Robertson Family Christmas

by Miss Kay Robertson w/Travis Thrasher You have all heard of them. If you haven’t seen the show, Duck Dynasty, you have certainly seen their take over of Superstore shelves everywhere!! There isn’t a product that is safe from the Duck Commander logo (:… Continue Reading “A Robertson Family Christmas”

Oh, my pride. *hiding in shame*

God is patient. I know I test His patience. I must. I look back to a blog post I wrote a few days ago and I am struck by my pride. God has, obviously, not laid out His plans for me in a tidy… Continue Reading “Oh, my pride. *hiding in shame*”

The hardest thing…

I am pure blond. Many of you do not know that because of my need for constant change (the only things I won’t change are my God and my family). So, whether you know me as the red haired Charity, the blond, brunette or… Continue Reading “The hardest thing…”

Son of Hamas

by Mosab Hassan Yousef (with Ron Brackin) Oh My Goodness. Let me just tell you that this is one of the most amazing books you will ever read. If you follow the news AT ALL, you have heard of the Hamas. They are responsible for… Continue Reading “Son of Hamas”