Remember the MAJOR BOOK GIVEAWAY Contest I mentioned…?


How would you like to win 8-10 of these NEW RELEASE BOOKS??

Books will be chosen from this awesome stack!!

1. Every Bride Needs a Groom — Janice Thompson

2. A Sparrow in Terezin — Kristy Cambron

3. The Inn at Ocean’s Edge – Colleen Coble

4. The Last Words of Jesus — Stu Epperson

5. The Day I Met Jesus — Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth

6. The Heart of the Amish — Suzanne Woods Fisher

7. Buried Secrets — Irene Hannon

8. The Darcy Brothers — Maria Grace

9. God of the Big Bang — Dr. Leslie Wickman

10. Where Trust Lies — Janette Oke

11. Against the Flow — John C. Lennox

12. The Barefoot Queen — Ildefonso Falcones

13. Sand in My Sandwich — Sarah Perry

14. Beyond Orange County — Lydia McLaughlin

15. No Place to Hide — Lynette Eason

16. The Price of Privilege — Jessica Dotta

17. The Creole Princess — Beth White

18. From Good to Grace — Christine Hoover

Wanna know the catch?

Sometime in the next couple of days it will begin!

I will give you your instructions then!!

So, be ready!! Be very ready!!

There will only be ONE winner!!!

Beyond Orange County: A Housewives Guide to Faith and Happiness

by Lydia McLaughlin

If I didn’t have to write a review, I definitely wouldn’t be for this one. I, in no way, want to disparage Lydia. I do believe that she really loves God and I love that this book is filled with Scripture. 

That being said, this book is written at about a 3rd-4th grade reading level. I am not sure if the massive amount of Scripture is to fill in space, as this book has a huge font size and not many pages. 

Riding the wave of her season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, this book was written. I believe her intentions are good and true. It just isn’t a well written book. 

Thanks, Worthy Publshing, for this book. As always, this is my honest review. Here’s to many more!!

You’re Love no Matter What: Freeing Your Heart from the Need to be Perfect

by Holley Gerth

Once again, I am going to be honest. I am a prideful person that likes to think I get what I need from God, not “women’s books”. In fact, I usually run away from women’s groups, women’s books, etc… That being said, I knew I needed to read this book for a review, so I was kinda skimming over the words and just thinking, “blah blah blah”.

It’s really no wonder that God has to really…. knock me down a few pegs…. a lot.? Not in a bad way, but, in love. And, boy do I LOVE it…

So, after a few chapters of not really knowing anything she had said, I promptly confessed my pride and started over. I may or may not have actually gotten some really neat stuff out of it. (;

nBxr0tuWYNOHFR3QWAbK5MzRQ55er797cAFKsBq3O7tosdRxjMvn_p3nMX6CDQzKkGSUMRGqzbRpP-6j3jCoIQ3ixDJkPQWN5_1Lb7_L745qAPTRG_82ZGauSJSS2qEAwpo7lJPSlFl-yrRUgDAA8IWONhs7SqKJmo-iZcpsJZcb_0xfKMM7NrNsO82PL6zgjDMQMqXHxK-PwqnQc-Ct9hkHRMwiFteMBHolley has a way of saying things and just getting it out there. No gray. Just black and white. I really found myself enjoying it and, as you can clearly see, underlining portions. Actually, there were a lot of things that she said I hadn’t thought about, or just really stuck out as something I want to remember.

The point of the book is to show us we don’t have to be perfect. That’s the lie that started in the Garden of Eden and we continue believing it to this day. We were not made perfect. Only God is. So why do we try so hard?

One quote that really stuck out to me was, “Our role is simply to stay connected to Him. Ironically, we stunt our spiritual growth when we’re focused on making ourselves perfect.”

So, all this to say, Great Book! I absolutely recommend it. Make sure you check it out (and pray for me to continue to defeat my pride with God’s help!!)

Check out some more of Holley Gerth’s booksand see what you think! You can pick up a copy of You’re Loved No Matter What through that link. (Totally didn’t mean to rhyme that!!!)

Thank you, Revell, for this book. As always, this is my honest review! Here’s to many more!!!

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