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The Promise of Palm Grove

by Shelley Shepard Gray Another Amish story? That’s two this month. A record! I am pleased to announce that I have enjoyed both. Maybe there’s hope for me yet (; This is the first book in the Amish Brides of Pinecraft series. It’s different… Continue Reading “The Promise of Palm Grove”

Life Unstuck – Finding Peace with Your Past, Purpose in Your Present, Passion for Your Futurep

by Pat Layton Link is in the pic. Oh my goodness. Pat is so much fun! You know you are in for a fun read once you’ve read the very first story in this book. I won’t spill the beans! It’s too funny. You’ll… Continue Reading “Life Unstuck – Finding Peace with Your Past, Purpose in Your Present, Passion for Your Futurep”

Hurry!! This giveaway ends TONIGHT!!! Signed Book!

Suzanne has offered a signed copy of a book. She has so graciously agreed to sign a copy and send it to one lucky winner!!! Click on the link below and you can enter multiple times! You will also find another link later in… Continue Reading “Hurry!! This giveaway ends TONIGHT!!! Signed Book!”

Face-Off with Author LAURA FRANTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I’m very excited because I am going to be facing off with LAURA FRANTZ! WHA WHA???? I love her because she is such an amazing, Godly woman! I love her books because she has such an impressive knowledge of American history (and can… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Author LAURA FRANTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jesus, Jihad and Peace

by Michael Youssef I will tell you right now. Yes, I do believe I shall. This book opened my eyes and helped me to see. We sit here in America wondering “what in the world would possess these people to be so brutal, to… Continue Reading “Jesus, Jihad and Peace”

Dirty Faith

by David Z. Nowell I am not one to give a long review or spend a lot of time going over the book. I usually like to give the reader a small taste and let them know what effect it had on me. However,… Continue Reading “Dirty Faith”

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Want to read!!!

I haven’t had a chance to read this, but stumbled across it on CBD. Here is the info they have on it: Product Description Jay Sekulow, one of America’s most influential attorneys, closely examines the rise of the terrorist groups ISIS and Hamas, explains… Continue Reading “Want to read!!!”

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall — by Sarah E. Ladd

Here we find Cecily Faire. As a young, broken, and poor girl, she is sent away from everyone she knows and loves. Spending time in a boarding school has given her opportunities that she never thought possible. Her journey is one of forgiveness and… Continue Reading “A Lady at Willowgrove Hall — by Sarah E. Ladd”