An Uncommon Courtship

by Kristi Ann Hunter


The latest book in The Hawthorne House series is here! woot woot! We’ve had a chance to read both of his sister’s stories and now it is Trent’s turn. Squeee!

Ok, thoughts? Loved it, of course. I know that it’s the publisher that makes the covers, but HOLY MOLY her covers are beautiful. That is, honestly, half of the battle right there. I could go on about how her characters are always entertaining, well rounded and lovable, but I especially love how they are deep. They really love God and these books are not just just clean or overall “religious”. They have true and deep relationships with God that are obvious throughout. I LOVE THAT!

Adelaide and Trent are married in an effort to protect her reputation since they were trapped alone together. As they muddle through their awkward marriage, I often times want to smack Trent in the head for being such a guy. ha! As they work through their after-marriage courtship, you will find yourself rooting for them and falling more in love with the Hawthorne family.

Pick it up! It’s a great read (but grab the others too! Link is in pics).

Thanks for this great read in exchange for my thoughts. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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The Mingling of Souls – God’s Design for Love, Marriage, Sex & Redemption

by Matt Chandler

As a huge fan of Matt Chandler, I figured I would like this book. As usual, he didn’t disappoint!! He’s always digging into the cultural meanings and language barriers to bring a strong message for those that really want to grow.

In The Mingling of Souls, Matt takes us verse by verse through the Song of Solomon. Yup, he tackles that one. It’s an awesome book for singles, couples and marrieds (?is that a word?). He shows the strengths and weaknesses of Solomon and how that is relevant in our culture today. God is static. It’s our culture that changes. He never does. So, same rules apply. You just have to dig deep enough to understand what God is saying.

I definitely recommend this book to all individuals, whether they are considering a relationship or are currently in one. We can always grow our character and make things better (even if I do have the perfect husband *sigh*).

Thanks so much, netgalley, for this awesome book!! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!!

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