Oh my goodness, you guys! You know that I adore the lovely Dawn Crandall! Her books are absolutely amazing. I wanted to show you all her newest book that will be available this fall:

The Cautious Maiden

Isn’t it GORGEOUS????!!!!!

Ok, so here’s the deal. You want to win an insanely awesome prize pack? Here’s your chance. You can go to Dawn’s website and enter from there,

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Or, just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering. Hurry though! Only 2 days left!!!!!!!

You can check out all 3 of my face-offs with Dawn PLUS, my review of her first three books.

— The Hesitant Heiress

— The Bound Heart

— The Captive Imposter

Interview with Dawn Crandall + A GIVEAWAY!!!!

11026001_10205335348836570_92183872513627506_nI am super excited to be interviewing Dawn Crandall today! With the final book of her Everstone Chronicles released April 1st, the #Crandalls are dying to get their hands on the final book in the series!! Well, today you have a chance!!!! woot woot!!

But first, I sat down and chatted with Dawn about the different struggles she had getting these books out, whether or not her hubby was jealous of these fine fellows in her books and much, much more!

Charity – Hey, girl!! It is awesome to get a chance to chat with THE WINNER OF “Best Inspirational Single Title in the 2015 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence” for your book, The Hesitant Heiress!!! Has it even sunk in yet?

Dawn – Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 2.33.32 PMNo! I still hardly believe it! I know I love my books, but it’s so terrific that so many readers do too!

Charity – I absolutely hate it when a series ends because we have all fallen in love with the characters and then they disappear! So, now that the trilogy is finished, will we ever hear about them again? Will you possibly be continuing on with any of them?

Dawn – Oh yes, for sure! These are the only three books I’ve written so far and have been so fabulously blessed to have found a publisher for them so quickly!! I have always known I would continue on with more characters from this series!

Next is Vance’s turn–that man needs some redemption! And he needs a heroine too! His heroine is introduced in The Captive imposter. And after that, I plan to revisit two other female characters the readers have been introduced to in the series.

Charity – SQUEEE!!!! Ohhhhh. Vance!! Nice. I can’t wait! Any time frame? I assume you are just wanting to breath right now!!

Dawn – Yes, I need to catch my breath! I know lots of people think I’m super woman and wrote these three books crazy fast, but that isn’t the case at all! They just released from my publisher so quickly! I had the first two books already written when I signed the book contract, and then had to finish the third while I was struggling through having pregnancy brain, and then having my first baby! I am not a fast writer AT ALL. So, since I’m basically starting from scratch all over again, I really have no idea what kind of time-frame I’ll be working with!

Charity – Woh. So, you are basically super woman! Well, just know that absence makes the heart fonder….but, too much absence makes people want to hunt you down (;

I’ve got to know…Lawry is my absolute favorite! He is so dreamy and kind!! He’s faithful to the end!!! Which one swept you off your feet?

Dawn – Oh my goodness! I can’t decide between my three heroes. They are each just so perfectly matched to their heroine. And I’ve quite literally fallen in love with all three of them as I was writing the books from first person point of view!!

I’m trying to make a decision, and I just CANNOT choose one over the other two!

Charity – Has your hubby read any of your books? Is he jealous of any your characters? Like, “Is this what she’s expecting of me…” ha ha (:

Dawn – He has read The Hesitant Heiress and The Bound Heart so far! He plans to read The Captive Imposter soon. He’s not much of a readers, so he has to mentally prepare himself for diving into a book. And really, he doesn’t know much about this third book. I used to talk his ear off about my books as I was writing them, but realized that really couldn’t keep up with me as I would try to get him to give me his “male” reactions to certain situations!

I don’t think he’s jealous of Nathan, Lawry or Dexter–he knows that he’s the main reason I can write a Godly, perfect-for-his-heroine-kind of heroes in the first place

Charity – AWW! So sweet!! Ok, so who is your modern day hero? I am guessing you just answered that?

Dawn – I guess so! I would never have begun writing The Hesitant Heiress five years ago if I hadn’t had 110% support from my husband. I don’t really know why or how he believed in me so much! He didn’t know a thing about how difficult it is to get a book published with a publisher!

Charity – What was it about this time period that grabbed your attention?

Dawn – The architecture was the first thing! I’ve ALWAYS loved Victorian houses and buildings! And then the clothes!

Charity – Oh yes!!!!!! I hear ya! Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in one of those homes??

Ok, so were any of these characters based on real life people? (you don’t have to name names! ha ha)

Dawn – Well, not really. Amaryllis is a lot like me. For the most part, I’m not really sure HOW the characters form! They just come to me and then they start talking and getting into turmoil-ish situations! I don’t feel that I actually make them up. It’s more that I discover them and get to tell everyone their stories.

Charity – I love that!! Well, is there someone from the Victorian Age that you really admire? I always loved the story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Such a great movie too!!

Dawn – I don’t really know! I think my favorite historical people are actually from way earlier than the Victorian age–like Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. I guess I could choose author Elizabeth Gaskill–since she lived in the mid 1800s, at least.

Charity – Ok, a couple of last questions. I know you are super busy!!!

What has been the hardest part for you so far? I am guessing it’s the whole “having a baby while trying to whip out three books on a deadline”, but I could be wrong….

Dawn – Well, it was only one book on a deadline, Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 2.58.06 PMbut it was definitely challenging with having a baby right in the middle of the whole thing! Those TWO new things happening in my life all at once was pretty crazy! But getting used to being an author recognized by tons of readers was kind of trippy too! Eight months after my first release, The Hesitant Heiress, and I’m still not used to it! I probably never will be, actually!

Charity – Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring authors trying to get into the biz?

Dawn – Join ACFW and go to the national conference! If not smaller state-run ones! Join the ACFW email critique loop and get feedback about your writing or your book! Find a critique partner who matches you! It doesn’t have to be matching genres or even POV, but matching character development and story-depth. Have a $30 paid critique of the first 15-30 pages of your manuscript done while attending ACFW.. I went to my first ACFW conference in 2011 right after joining, had meetings with two agents (which I didn’t really want to go to, but because of the crazy-encouraging things the author who did my paid critique had said about my writing, I HAD to!), sent my requested partial proposal to both of them within the month. Then, I had two agent contracts of representation to choose from within the week. Not that this NORMALLY happens, but it WON’T EVER unless you go there and TRY!

Charity – Thanks! Sounds like great advice. I appreciate you taking the time to chat Looking forward to your new series!!

Dawn – Thanks so much for having me back, for enjoying my series and for posting such fabulous reviews about my novels! You truly are a blogger who goes far and beyond all that is “needed” for the sake of your author friends!

Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 2.59.06 PMSo, here’s the fun part! So many giveaways, WHERE DO I START??

First of all, make sure to register for Dawn’s Facebook Party where you will have a chance to win MANY different giveaways. (Link is in the pic)

Secondly, every day this month, Dawn is giving away BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS! Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 10.55.36 AM

Make sure to head on over to her blog and sign up for a new giveaway EVERY DAY!! (Link in the pic)

Lastly, Dawn is giving away a copy of her NEW RELEASE, A Captive Imposter!!!! SQUEEE!!! Just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!! Only a couple entries are mandatory. The rest are just extras!! Good luck!!

balloons**Remember, all entries will be checked and any falsified entries will be disqualified.

If you would like to see my “Face-Off” with Dawn Crandall, just head on OVER HERE and find out about favorite toilet paper brands, worst calendars ever, guilty pleasures and awkward moments!!!

The Captive Imposter

by Dawn Crandall

The conclusion of The Everstone Chronicles goes out with a BANG! If you have been following, this is the story of Estella Everstone. Hiding away after the death of her brother, she is now posing as a companion of a wealthy 81 year old lady. She’s been “in love” with Jay for so long! Will it finally happen? Or does God have someone else for her?

Dawn has done it! In her debut trilogy, she has written three amazing books. Each one keeps you glued to the pages. It’s an easy read in one day. No, not because it’s short. You won’t put it down!!! I’ll warn you right now. Get food in the crock pot before you start, or else be ready to order a pizza!!

Five Solid Stars! Can’t wait for the next series!! Thank you so much, Dawn Crandall,for a copy of this book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to MANY MORE!! (and hurry!!)

Be sure to check back here every day for Dawn’s Every Day Giveaway this month!! Also, April 6th, the blog tour train STOPS HERE! TOOT TOOT!! Interview with Dawn and a giveaway of this INCREDIBLE BOOK!!!

In case you want to catch up?

Links are in the pics! Books one and two here:

“Which?” with Author Dawn Crandall

297442_4120716569595_1033988580_nIt’s time for WHICH? with Dawn Crandall! If you haven’t read her books yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!!

You can check out our fun Face-Off and my Review of her first book, The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles Book 1).

Dawn is loads of fun and one of the best authors I have ever come upon! Her books are deep, rich, and full of wonderful characters!


Ok, so I asked Dawn some questions. I figured I would see how it matched up to mine… No points, as in a Face-Off. This is purely a fun fact game!

1. Food: Mexican, Chinese, Italian?

Dawn – Um, all of them! Plus I’d like to add authentic Indian, Thai and Vietnamese–I really LOVE interesting, flavorful food!

Charity – Fancy Pants! (:

Mexican for me!

2. Decor: Modern, Shabby Chic, Country?

Dawn – I’m pretty sure Shabby Chic simply oozes from my pores. Though I can’t go too crazy with it, or I would drive my husband bonkers. So, what I have is more of a toned down shabby chic with lots of antiques that make what I call the “cottage” look.

Charity Ahh. Right-O. The husbands love the flowers and such. My hubby says that it’s not fair because once you are married, you get joint gifts and it’s always stuff like candles…he said, it’s basically a girl gift to both of us. I do believe he’s right! ha (:

I like Mod. I’m an Ikea lover. My house is one big Ikea explosion.

3. Vehicles: Minivan, SUV, Jeep, or car?

Dawn – I drive an Edge–kind of a mix between an SUV and a Minivan. And I LOVE IT.

Charity – Cool! So, you are a cool mom.

I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid. You would think it gets great gas mileage, thus the word “hybrid”. You would be quit surprised to find that I get about 34 MPG on it… odd, huh?

4. Yoga, Running, Spinning, or Boot Camp?

Dawn – I don’t actually ever purposefully exercise…. But I have taken a Pilate class before, and I really liked how that made me feel… 15 years ago. I think having a 23lb 11 month old helps though! He’s been my “weight-training routine” from about 3-4 months when he weighed 16-17lbs.

Charity – Ugh. I don’t purposefully exercise either! It’s of the devil. I do love yoga and swimming, but both are the worst thing I could do for my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. so…*shrug*

5. Date: Dinner/Movie, Ice Skating/Hot Dog Vendor, Corn Maze/Fast Food?

Dawn – I think I’d choose dinner and a movie… as long as it’s to see a movie like Cinderella or Frozen.

Charity – When I was younger, I would have said corn maze, for sure. Now, it is 100% dinner and a movie. I LOVE going to the theater. Especially now that they have those awesome lazyboy chairs in them. *sigh* Foot rest and chair lies back. It’s …. amazing.

6. City: New York, Chicago, LA, Las Vegas

Dawn – I think going to visit New York City for a few days would be really fun! I’ve been there for a few hours before, and it was like visiting another world!

Charity I love Chicago SO MUCH!! I also loved Las Vegas because of all the really neat hotels. Unfortunately, Annie Lobert’s book, Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry & Into the Arms of the Saviormade me really re-think my love for that place. whew!

7. Dream Vacation: Cruise, Backpacking through Europe, Castle Exploring in Ireland/Scotland

Dawn – I choose to have a three-way-tie for this one. How about I take an ocean-liner similar to the Titanic–(in my dreams, right?) to Britain and then backpack to Scotland and Ireland to see the castles? (after I stop to visit Cornwall, Bath, London and everything Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, of course…

Charity – Hmm. I am right there with ya! I would love to see England.

8. Movies: LOTR, Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice, Captain America, Warrior?

Dawn – I actually LOVE all of these movies, but I would definitely pick Pride and Prejudice as the BEST. And I like the 2005 movie version the best. And now, because you brought it up, I need to watch it! *sigh*

Charity – My heart just broke in two. Did you mean to say the 2005 version?! ahhhhhhhh noooooooooo.

9. Breakfast: Bagel, Cereal, Bacon/Eggs

Dawn – Sunnyside-up eggs, toast, bacon, sausage patties (with syrup to dip them in), and hash browns with onions.

Charity – lol. Nice! I am WAY too lazy in the morning to do anything. Usually a granola bar or something…

10. Worship: Nature, Singing, In a Group, Praying Alone

Dawn – Nature! I wish I had more nature around where I live, but I grow up with acres and acres of trees surrounding my house and would take walks (with my cats faithfully following me!) through the woods almost everyday!

Charity – Oh! That’s awesome. I’ve been a city girl my whole life. It would be nice to get away… like, move away (as long as there’s a Target within 15 minutes).

I love music. Worship through music. ❤

Alright! Be on the lookout for my review of The Bound Heart tomorrow morning! You won’t want to miss it…


The Hesitant Heiress (Review and GIVEAWAY!!)

by Dawn Crandall

The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles Book 1)

So, when was the last time that a first time author completely knocked it out of the park? Oh, let me tell you. August 1, 2014. That’s when. Dawn Crandallhas completely declared to the world that she can write! And, boy can she!!

The Hesitant Heiress is so many things. It’s centered around Amaryllis Brigham and her life full of inconsistencies, mystery and betrayal. Who can be trusted? Who can love her for all the stigma attached to her name? When she doubts her own worth, how can she trust that anyone would find her to be more. To be worthy?

There are many characters in this book, which would normally be an annoyance to keep up with. However, Dawn has found a way to intertwine them all and cause you to care, in your own way, about each one. The romance is maddening and beautiful. There couldn’t be a more perfect hero. IMG_5535He reminded me very much of Captain Wentworth of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. *sigh*

I absolutely loved it!!  I am excited to be able to review the next two books in the series over the next two months.

NOW, to the good news. What you’ve been waiting for!!!! Dawn has very graciously agreed to giveaway a copy of this book. SQUEEEE!!!!! I know, totally exciting. Go ahead and just yell it. You know you want to!

For those of you that just can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, just click on the pic. It’ll take you right to Amazon!

However, if you are incredibly patient and can hold out to see if you win a free e-book copy, simply follow this link:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks, so much, Dawn! I had a great time (: Looking forward to the rest of the series!

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