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  • Face-Off with Deeanne Gist!!!

    Face-Off with Deeanne Gist!!!

    Are you guys ready for this??? Today, I am talking with Deeanne Gist!!! With her highly anticipated, new book, Tiffany Girl, about to release, Deeanne is on FIRE! I am not even going to go through how many awards she has, but they include: A lot, right?! Ok, make sure you check out Tiffany Girl when […]

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  • Tiffany Girl

    Tiffany Girl

    by Deeanne Gist In 1892, as the World Fair was coming to Chicago, Tiffany (as in glass, not diamonds) was preparing to enter gorgeous, stained glass windows and other displays. The men were on strike, so Mr. Tiffany decided to hire women, for the first time in history. These women endured mistreatment, groping, being spit […]

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