Practical Insights for Everyday Christian Living

by Joyce Meyer


A Biblical Study

83E53BFD-1C24-4E04-AA4F-97085AD3289C_1_201_a I always tread carefully when I read Bible studies. Personal biases and interpretations inevitably abound. Also, there are often times a stigma is attached to a writer or speaker based on their “branch of Christianity”. If God has shown me anything this year, it’s to rejoice in others’ love of him. Instead of judging their background and denomination, I choose to be happy in their desire to serve God and leave it up to Him to show us all where we need to change things in our lives.

I feel like I need to preface this review with my thoughts because we will so often “throw out the baby with the bath water” if someone isn’t worshiping God exactly as we are. As long as nothing conflicts with God’s Word, I will choose to rejoice in their love of God. (1 Thessalonians is a really great book that deals with this idea). 222865AF-0752-483F-93B6-5137DC1207B9_1_201_a

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading  through these verse-by-verse commentaries/devotionals. Joyce Meyer knows the Bible well and understands suffering and perseverance. Her background is so dark and God’s mercy is evident in her change. 

These are a great companion to the Word. They are simple and straightforward to read and I would recommend picking one up each morning and having some time with God! As always, I recommend reading the Word on your own, as well as using other resources and materials. It’s good to hear what God has revealed to others and, ultimately, take it all and ask Him for wisdom on what to do with it.


Thanks, Hachette Books for these! As always, this is my honest review. Here’s to many more!! Links are in the pics above. Enjoy!!


It is Finished – 365 Days of Good News

by Tullian Tchivijian
Link is in the pic

I’ve heard a lot about Tchividjian (pronounced chi-vid-jian) from friends of mine that adore his teaching. He is actually the Grandson of Billy Graham. He’s a pastor and I have listened to his sermons. Overall, he’s pretty solid.

This devotional surprised me because it’s basically any typical one you would grab off a shelf. It has a verse at the top and then a couple, or few paragraphs, on His thoughts about it. Basically “My Daily Bread” sort of thing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with that. I have an app on my phone that does the same basic thing. I just expected a bit more from him. It’s a good tool to use alongside time spent in the Word. It is certainly not an “everyday devotion and that’s as deep as you go” kind of book.

Overall, it is clear. He’s a brilliant man, so he speaks as such. It’s got some good “meat” in it, but it is just less than I expected. He really has the ability to create a much more in depth devotion.

On a side note, I do feel that is something that is really lacking in devotion materials. They are all kind of the same little thing. Verse here, quip here, go on your way. Some even go as far as a little verse at the bottom. How about something with verses, questions with spaces for you to answer, depth, digging into the Hebrew, Greek, and context? I feel like it is quite patronizing that we are being fed such little devotionals, as if that’s going to sustain us. So, for me, I understand that means I need to supplement. But not everyone realizes that and uses it as their time with God between church every Sunday.

I do thank you, netgalley, for sending this book my way. I was curious about it and wanted to see what he was going to bring to the table. Here’s to many more!! (: