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Can I Truly have joy in 2020?

So, this about sums it up. I knew we shouldn’t have raided Area 51! 😳 Here I was all excited about the new year and all the things we had planned…I don’t even need to elaborate. You get it. You totally get it. I… Continue Reading “Can I Truly have joy in 2020?”

Practical Insights for Everyday Christian Living

by Joyce Meyer GALATIANS & COLOSSIANS I always tread carefully when I read Bible studies. Personal biases and interpretations inevitably abound. Also, there are often times a stigma is attached to a writer or speaker based on their “branch of Christianity”. If God has… Continue Reading “Practical Insights for Everyday Christian Living”

God is pretty sweet how He works…

So, a couple days ago, I blogged about this topic. And, of course, God drops this in my pocket devo a day or so later: Well, that’s pretty interesting. I’m preparing to review a book that I am reading on Living Prayerfully and guess… Continue Reading “God is pretty sweet how He works…”

Duck Commander Devotions for Kids – by Korie Robertson & Chrys Howard

Ok, so you have heard of Duck Dynasty by now, unless you’ve had your  head in buried in a hole for the last couple of years. Of course, there is controversy over some of their beliefs and… antics.?.? However you feel about them, you… Continue Reading “Duck Commander Devotions for Kids – by Korie Robertson & Chrys Howard”