Face-Off with Carrie Fancett Pagels


So, this happened on Thursday! The lovely Carrie and I had lunch at none other than Plaza Azteca. I know you are jealous. That’s right! (Hey, Regina!!! Glad you joined us too! kiss-emoji-pillow)

The truth is, we all like to try to look like we have it pulled together. This was after multiple shots. Don’t get me wrong, these two ladies are professionals! It was me that struggled getting the pic right…#BeingTruthful

This was the reality. image1

What can ya do. It’s what makes me “special”.

ANYWAY, I’m ready to tell you a little about this lovely lady! After 25 years as a psychologist, Dr. Carrie Fancett Pagels (yep, DR!!!!) decided to jump full time into writing.

“Her short story, The Quilting Contest, was Historical Fiction Winner of Family Fiction’s ‘The Story’ national contest. Her novella, The Substitute Bride was a 2016 Maggie Award published finalist for Romance Novellas. Grand Exposé was a 2014 Maggie Award honorable mention for a novel set on Mackinac Island (now entitled My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude’s Mooring, Barbour, July 2017). All three of her Christy Lumber Camp books were long list finalists for Family Fiction’s Book of the Year and The Fruitcake Challenge was a Selah Award finalist. Her novel, Saving the Marquise’s Granddaughter (White Rose/Pelican, June, 2016) received a Starred Review by RT Book Reviews.”

image3 June 1 was release day for
Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection: A Newspaper Ad for Husbands Brings a Wave of Men to a Small Kansas Town. (Click on pic of me holding a copy!!)

This book is 7 novellas by popular authors. Dime Novel Suitor is by Carrie Fancett Pagels:

Widow Caroline Kane is the proprietor of a restaurant and inn—and responsible for her five teenaged siblings. But she has no plans of finding a mail-order groom. Britisher Barden Granville IV is on a “cowboy holiday” when he finds himself flat broke in Kansas.  When he answers an old “help wanted” ad, Caroline misconstrues Barden is there as a potential husband. Will the beautiful and fiesty widow cause the new vicar to make Kansas his home?

It’s beautiful!! Be sure to pick up a copy Heart_Eyes_Emoji_large

I wanted to show you some other lovely reads by Carrie,61K8tMUepDL but let me start by giving a shout-out to Regina’s (see photo above) beautiful daughter on the cover of Lilacs for Juliana.

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(Links are in the pics!)

I have to be honest. My brain almost exploded when I saw this.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 7.08.46 PM

Ok, lastly? Be sure to check back in July51J8sWR0C6L._UY250_ for the release of Carrie’s newest novel. If you are not familiar with Mackinac Island, you are in for a TREAT!!!


Remember how Zachary Bartels was telling us about his favorite vacation spot? No cars allowed….Sounds amazing! It is definitely on my bucket list…like it passed up LOTS of other things. Looks amazing!



The rules are simple. I ask Carrie some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Have you ever eaten an oatmeal raisin cookie and been horrified because you thought it was chocolate chip?


CarrieYes, what a bitter disappointment — especially when the person who baked them is looking at you and asking, “Is anything wrong?” and you paste on a fake smile and shake your head no, all the while thinking — ack these aren’t chocolate chip cookies after all. But I do like oatmeal raisin cookies too — as long as I know that’s what I am eating and if they are warm!

Charity – I have definitely done that. Thankfully, I never did it in front of the person that made them while they watched!!! hahaha. That would be awful!

The other one I can’t handle is when people mix Skittles and M&M’s. Now, there should be some kind of law against that. Your poor mouth would be in a constant state of paranoia because it wouldn’t know what to expect!!!! #MyWorstNightmareBelow


– Carrie gets this one because of being put on the spot. So embarrassing!

Charity 0 / Carrie 1

2. Worst calendar idea you have seen?

Carrie – Those kind where they are so small you can’t hardly read the numbers!!!

Charity – Oh, I so have this one!


Who can seriously put this up in their house and not be thoroughly ashamed?!

Charity 1 / Carrie 1

3. We met at Plaza Azteca for lunch (which I was 100% on board with!!) on the release date of Seven Brides for Seven Mail Order Husbands. Tell me about that.

Carrie – I started writing seriously about 13 years ago. When I would get a rejection letter, my critique partners told me to celebrate that I was doing something and working towards it. They said to “Go out for Mexican”! It started to become a “thing”. “It’s a Mexican night”!! Now I use it to celebrate for any reason!

Charity – I love that! How encouraging. I might not mind those rejection letters so much 😉

We grew up eating Mexican so often. To this day, my sister still eats it every day! Her family has it for lunch or dinner. Every day. For real.

– Totally Carrie’s point!!!

Charity 1 / Carrie 2

4. Ready for Grandkids?

Carrie – I call myself “Tired Old Mommy”. I had a son at 44 years old. I had to have my own because I couldn’t wait for a grandson!

Charity – Ok, there’s NO WAY I can compete with that. If I had a baby now, I wouldn’t ever get out of my recliner. Like, ever.

And for the record, I am SO READY for Grandbabies! My oldest son is 18, so…..????

– Lol. I have to give this one to Carrie as well! I can’t compete with starting over at 44!!!

Charity 1 / Carrie 3

5. Dream Vacation?

Carrie – Straits of Mackinac. I grew up near there and I love it.


Charity – Ok, I am seriously needing to visit this beautiful land of Michigan!

My dream vacation would be to go alone with a journal and my Bible, have no schedule restrictions, no time or money limit and just go to England. I would spend time in all the cities and quaint villages until I was ready to move on to the next. I would just soak in the beauty and culture. It would be MAGICAL!


– Tie.

Charity 2 / Carrie 4

6. Tell me about the pink! I see you are usually in pink 🙂

Carrie – I “came out of the closet” with pink when I realized that I was not just a historical author. I enjoy writing romance and wanted to embrace the idea of being a historical romance author. Also, I’ve had some close to me suffer with breast cancer and the pink represents awareness for that.

76952Charity – I love that! My 9 year old and our 17 year old foster son used to always wear pink and say, “We support breast cancer”!!! They would always forget to add the “awareness” portion and it was so funny because they didn’t even realize what they were saying. Their friends were a little taken aback.

Check out the link for support groups and ways to help support!

– I am getting crushed!

Charity 2 / Carrie 5

7. A cool story!

Carrie – Dina Sleiman won a Carol Award and wasn’t able to be there to accept it. Because she lives locally, I was able to deliver it home to her. I was walking around carrying this big award and everyone was congratulating me and I had to tell them it wasn’t mine.


Charity – Oh, man! That’s both awesome and awkward! haha. How awesome is that?! You have to love having Dina so close by! She’s an AMAZING person ❤

Ok….Wow. How do I compete with that? Awards…Awards…OH! I KNOW!!! I won 20 gold medals in piano olympics when I was growing up! I never got anything less!


– I am going to take that one SOLELY because I am SO FAR BEHIND!!!!

Charity 3 / Carrie 5

8. How do you strive to bring God glory in your life?

Carrie – Although I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, God has me writing for Him. And I pray that brings Him glory! It’s all You, Abba Father!

Charity – Girl, that’s awful. I am so sorry! No fun at all. But, God still deserves the glory for all of it because we have no idea what He’s doing behind the scenes!! ❤

– God wins!

Charity 3 / Carrie 5

9. Have you ever felt horrible and just decided it was OK to go out in public in sweatpants, yoga pants or PJ pants?

Carrie – To this day my family still teases me about this. I was hurting badly and had to go to Kohl’s. I wore boots, tall lime green socks and sweats. I did my shopping and came home. When my family saw me, they were horrified and told me that I cannot wear things like that out in public.

Charity – That’s amazing! You are my hero. I am so particular and couldn’t do this. I feel like I need to, not only get dressed, but dress nicely even when I feel horrible. Some days I feel almost hysterical trying to get ready because I can’t even wear jeans and a t-shirt out in public! Ridiculous, I know.


– This is, BY FAR, the biggest loss I have suffered. I even gave myself a free point!


Charity 3 / Carrie 6


I have SO MUCH FUN doing this face-off, Carrie 🙂giphy-1 Thanks for your candid answers and fun personality!

Guess what????

Yep!!!!! You guessed it. Not just 1, BUT 2 GIVEAWAYS!


seven-brides-grand-prize-giveawayGrand Prize Giveaway:

Kindle Fire + Postcards of Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order, bookmarks from upcoming release My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island

Maude’s Mooring, print copy of Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands

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Ebook copy of Holt Medallion finalist “The Steeplechase.”

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But, wait! There’s MORE!!!

2_91 ****** ALERT ******



So, hurry and COMMENT BELOW! Tell us your favorite part of this face-off, a great memory with Carrie, OR which one of her books you are most excited to read.




by Dina Sleiman

Dina has knocked it out of the park again! Following Allen’s heartbreak, in book one of the Valiant Hearts series, he decides to strike out on his own. Recently being knighted and wanting to make a good impression, he signs up to joust in the upcoming festival of Edendale.

Gwendolyn is all rough and tumble and nothing of the prissy lady that she is supposed to be. Her parents try to put her in a box of feminism to which she vehemently rebels. She wants nothing of marriage and being held back.

Of course, we have the beautiful making of a true love story with lots of awesome girl power! Dina is the queen of girl power and I love it! Depth, adventure and lots of fun. I highly recommend it. It’s written as a YA novel, but I think it’s fun for all ages.

Thank you, Dina and Bethany House, for this great read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

If you would like to see my fun face-off with Dina, just click HERE!!

Who wants some Dauntless Swag?? Signed book?

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Order ANY of Dina’s books and get a signed bookmark or a cute, little button. Just comment on this post letting me know you have used the links in this post and purchased a book.

If you are looking for something more contemporary, why not pick up one of Dina’s other books! I have signed bookmarks for you too!!GHQ1pvPUWLI27SN_8tnuHHbuftW5wbI2kh-Pg0CotNNBjZSDy5gV4jlNLVdkygskqrhGqNUdTQhMRDM2xWRFQZnW2L3F_QO2npD8sPMn50mfuytYPvWMwmEnFjr2rR05NrP6TUWfDKDCVXXfhJ8ciCR51ul5irAD77-7HboDBIydSk4F65ZJdl4Bz7engnTNgXD3Ce51VQ3Z5Y2BbIXYdHFfIHSwb1-of

Dina Sleiman’s Video!!!

Remember that amazing book, Dauntless?? You know, the really great YA novel from author, Dina Sleiman? We had a great Face-Off too!!

Well, check out this video (one of the author ones you’ll be able to vote on soon!!).

Dina Sleiman Radio Interview! Wha Wha?!

You may have noticed that I kinda like that Dauntless book by Dina Sleiman. It’s a great YA book and I think that is so important! We need so many more of these. Well, if you would like to hear what Dina has to say about the historical accuracy of her book, how she chose it, how she got into writing and what the sequel will be like, just click on this link: 03-04-15 – Dauntless. It’s only 8 minutes long, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be stuck at the computer for an hour (;

Check it out, then go BUY THE BOOK!!

Don’t forget to enter the huge giveaway!!! Link is in the pic.

Guest Blog w/ Dina Sleiman. Talk about “YaHooo!!!”

I am really excited to  announce that Dina Sleiman  is guest posting today on my blog!! As you know, I just did a review on her awesome new book, Dauntless. We also had a fun Face-Off. Look!! There she is with her books!!!!! Hurry and head on over to Amazon to pick it up!!! It’s such a fun, great read.


From Bethany House Publishers
Katniss Everdeen and Tris Prior, prepare to meet your historical counterparts!


Hello and thanks for having me today. I would like to share with you about my YA inspirational medieval adventure/romance series.Dina Yeah, that’s a lot of adjectives. LOL. This series is pretty unique, especially in the Christian market, and so requires quite a bit of description. But let me start by sharing a little of how it came about. A few summers ago I saw a picture of a female knight, strong and courageous, bold and valiant, and I realized that somewhere in my many years of marriage and raising children, I had lost my fight. And you know what: I wanted it back!

Meanwhile, I had been considering trying my hand at a young adult medieval romance series for several years, but I didn’t have a strong idea. Quite a few more months would pass before everything came together for me. I was walking and praying about a series concept, when the BBC’s new Robin Hood came to mind with its bold Maid Marian who is a crusader for the poor in her own right, its female Djaq, and its tough villainesses. That’s when it hit me. Put strong, young medieval women in legendary male roles, et voila, my Valiant Hears Series was born.

dauntlessI’m so thankful for this opportunity to create strong and courageous role models for young women. I feel that all too often Christian girls are sent mixed messages. “You can be whatever you want to be, but you should be…” (insert small box of your denominational choosing here.) I want to inspire young women to be all that they can be and empower them to reach their full potential in Christ.

“What is a Valiant Heart heroine?” you might ask. A young woman who is both feminine and strong, vulnerable and tough, gentle and passionate. She is fearless, intelligent, and full of life. A heroine who contains within her both the tender beauty of a blossoming flower and the fierceness of a lioness. One who uniquely reflects her creator God and is willing to pursue her dreams with all her heart. A woman who is open to love, but not defined by a man.

Each book in the Valiant Hearts Series will feature a strong, young medieval woman in a traditionally male role as she lives out a story of adventure, romance, and faith. The series is geared toward teens, but will appeal to adults as well
Shown above is Merry Ellison, my heroine for the Robin Hood inspired Dauntless. Merry will go to any length to save the outlawed children of Ellsworth from the treacherous King John. Dauntless is available now online, as an ebook, and in local bookstores.

Click here to pick up at Amazon.


Thanks so much, girl!! You had me at Katniss and Tris!!!!!!!!

Ok, guys! Go support Dina and pick up a copy of her book. You won’t regret it.

Check out what’s coming in September…. Chivalrous (Valiant Hearts)

woooo hoooo!!!!!!

Looks so good (: Can’t wait!

Face-Off with Dina Sleiman


It’s that time again!! It’s time for me to face off against Dina Sleiman! Woot Woot! I’m going for a WIN!

The rules are simple. I ask Dina some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What fairy tale is your favorite?

Dina – I think I’ve always loved Cinderella the best. The girl who is rescued from poverty by the handsome prince. The dress, the carriage, the ball, the fairy Godmother. But as I’ve gotten older, I see it through different eyes. We live in a day when a young women can stand on her own feet and rescue herself. In the today’s world, that sort of rescuing mindset can lead to a controlling or even abusive relationship. Yeah, I know, I’m a party pooper, but this is just too important to ignore. I think a woman should be strong on her own before she enters marriage. My Valiant Hearts Series features strong young women, who might want marriage, but who will be fine either way. And don’t be surprised if they rescue their guys from time to time. Now, my favorite fairy tale is the Ever After version of Cinderella in which Cinderella saves herself.

Charity – ohhhh! I do LOVE Ever After. Cinderella was always my favorite too.

— Ok, Dina totally stole that point by getting all smart and political and … smart.

Charity 0 / Dina 1

2. If you could choose any other profession, what would you like to do?

Dina – Sometimes I wish I had gone into medicine. In high school I hated the smell of formaldehyde and often got sick in science class, so I never seriously considered medicine. But I’m very enthralled by the human body and all the resources God has put in nature to heal. I think I would have enjoyed being a doctor or even a nurse midwife or chiropractor. My sister is a physician’s assistant and her husband is a doctor, so at least I get to talk medicine with them. Someday I hope to write books with a midwife and an herbalist as heroines.

Charity – OMGosh. You have to stop showing off! lol (: I always pictured myself in a corporate job, unmarried and no children. God knew better. Married, have children and I stay home and homeschool them (:

— Smarty Pants

Charity 0 / Dina 2

3. As a VA Beach resident, do you find yourself vacationing there, or do you go to the Outer Banks instead?

Dina – As I’m sure you can imagine, we do a lot of “staycations.” In addition to the beach, we have Busch Gardens, Water Country, and Colonial Williamsburg nearby. If we actually go away, my kids love to head to the mountains for hiking, caving, rafting, and assorted other adventure sports. Or else we hit major amusement parks in other areas.

Charity – I guess our answers are a lot the same (living in the same area). We really do have it all here. Our extended family does a week at Duck, NC (a quaint little town) every year. Mostly, we do the things you named: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, the beaches and amusement parks. (and trips to Ikea as often as I can!!)

— tie?

Charity 1 / Dina 3

4. Scariest moment in your life (or one of them).

Dina – Oh, that’s easy. I was stuck in Lebanon in 2006 (with my husband and three kids) when Israel and Hezbollah started fighting. We were so close to the Hezbollah camp that the house was shaking and we could see smoke. After some prayer, the family decided to hightail it to the far side of Beirut, even though the trip itself was pretty scary. Once there we were able to chill until the U.S. started sending refugee ships a week later.

Charity – OMGOSH! Are you kidding me right now?! That is CRAZY! One of my scariest moments was when my oldest son was about 11 and he wasn’t feeling well. I was on the board of our MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) and had to be at the meeting. So, I set our alarm on the house and got him all set up. Halfway through the meeting, I get a call from the alarm company saying that someone had come in our home and my son was beeping in, so when I answered his call, he was hiding under the table freaking out. He said he could hear footsteps in the bedrooms and then all the sudden, he hung up. I was like 15 minutes away and somehow, God gave me a real peace. I called him back because I didn’t know what else to do. He didn’t answer for a few times, but I kept trying. Finally he answered and said to stop calling because it wast too loud. I said, get up and RUN STRAIGHT OUT THE FRONT DOOR and go to our neighbors house. Don’t stop for anything!! So, he did. The phone starts ringing again and it was the alarm company telling me that someone else was in the house now. There were two breaches. I called the police and they met me at my house.

When I finally got home, I realized that I had set the alarm to away. When my son woke up, he got out of bed and triggered the alarm. The footsteps were all in his head. When he ran out the front door, it triggered the alarm again.

heart. attack.

— You definitely take the cake on this one though. Your scare was FOR REAL and not a mess up on your part. ha ha

Charity 1 / Dina 4

5. Best prank you played on someone?

Dina – That would go all the way back to childhood. When I was about 8 and my brother was about 5, he was driving me nuts on April Fool’s Day. He kept saying ridiculous things and then, “April Fools!” Part of the appeal for him was that he was so scrupulously honest the other 364 days of the year. Finally I got so sick of it, when he pulled his next joke I turned to him with an utterly appalled look on my face. “You lied,” I said. “I can’t believe you just lied.” And of course he was like, “No, I didn’t. It’s April Fool’s Day.” Then I said something like, “April Fool’s Day ended at 4:00. It’s 4:02,” or whatever it was. LOL. Then he had a meltdown and cried, and I got in trouble. But you know, sometimes it’s just worth it.

Charity – ha ha. That is awesome. Definitely worth it. I have two I can’t decide between. When I was in college, I really hated the dean (I wasn’t so mature…) so I broke into his office one night after he went home and I put all his furniture in the elevator. Set it up in there all nice like an office….. That didn’t go over so well. But, “sometimes it’s just worth it”.

The other one was a couple years ago. My son had a friend over for the night. So, my husband and I decided to prank them. We turned the shower on and shut the bathroom door so it looked like my hubby was in there. I sat on the couch and turned the tv on like nothing was happening. My husband went outside and started scratching on the window to the room they were in (about to go to bed). They come RACING OUT saying that they think someone is at the window and they assume it’s us. But then they notice that the shower’s on and I am sitting in the living room. So, I tell them it’s probably the wind. They go back in and this time he starts really messing with the window so that it sounds like he’s trying to open it. They charge out to the living room and are freaking out. I said, no way, let’s go check. So, went in with him and we looked out the window and my husband made sure they saw him running away. They were screaming like little girls. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We finally told them because we were laughing soo hard.

— I think I win that one!

Charity 2 / Dina 4

6. Do you have any great holiday traditions? (any holiday)

Dina – We have a big blow out “Girls Christmas Weekend” for all the females on my mom’s side of the family every year. It involves shopping, eating out, Christmas lights, presents, and card tournaments. The winner of the tournament gets a tiara and an engraved gift. Meanwhile the loser has to wear the “Looser” sash, an old ugly pair of grandma pajamas, a rain cap, and leopard socks on their hands. Then they have to do the “loser march” down the street…to music…while twirling an umbrella. We laugh until we fall out of chairs and can hardly breathe. These are all ridiculous traditions that have been added over the years, many of them involve silly things my grandmother did during her lifetime.

Charity –  Ok, wow. I have nothing that can even compete with that. ha!!!! I want to be your borrowed sister!!! We always have a 99 days until Christmas Party. That’s a lot of fun. We watch Elf,do small gifts and put up a some Christmas decorations (even a little tree).

— There’s no way my 99 days party compares!!

Charity 2 / Dina 5

7. Most embarrassing movie that you like? (embarrassing because you would feel weird if any knew and now they will)

Dina – I love “10 Things I Hate About You,” which is a true teeny bopper romance flick. I can watch that again and again and never get tired of it. Can I defend my choice by mentioning it is somewhat of a parody of Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare? And…it has a very strong and spunky heroine!

Charity – No need to defend yourself!! I love dystopian movies like I love my children. ha ha. I also love the Twilight movies.

— Ahh, it’s all good. No winner here.

8. Go to recipe that everyone raves over.

Dina – Hmm…I try to pretend that I can’t cook most of the time. So revealing a recipe here would be a bad move. If people think you can cook, then they expect you to do it. I actually don’t mind cooking for my family, but cooking for parties, etc… totally stresses me out. Beyond that, I’m not a recipe person. I like to play and experiment with food.

So I’m going to turn this around on you with something I like that relates to my book. Dauntless includes a fun acrobatic twist, so when’s the last time you did a cartwheel? Or at least a roll? I’m 44, and I did a few last year. In fact, I’m getting up to do one now so I can say I did one this year.

Yep, a little messy since I didn’t stretch first, but it worked.

Charity – Oh my goodness. I am totally peeing my pants. Girl. If I tried to do a cartwheel, I would be in the hospital. FOREVER. no, seriously. I can’t even RUN to the end of our street and we live on the corner.

— Now, that was embarrassing…

Charity 2 / Dina 6

9. Favorite era of History?

Dina – That would be the medieval period. I just find it so fun. Knights, ladies, castles. Of course the reality is that most people were peasants, but I’ve spent a lot of time studying this era, and I completely fell in love with it. Perhaps my favorite part is the medieval saints. The church in general was pretty corrupt at this time, but there were hidden pockets of devout monks and nuns, and I adore their poetry and writings. They had true vibrant, intimate relationships with Christ that blow me away.

Charity Well, some of those guys definitely had some good stuff to say. In fact, this is a direct quote from Martin Luther, “I am of a different mind ten times in the course of a day. But I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away. When he tempts me with silly sins I say, “Devil, yesterday I broke wind too. Have you written it down on your list?”. So, you know….I get what you are saying. (:

— I win.

Charity 3 / Dina 6

10. Weirdest thing a fan has ever said or done? Hopefully nothing like in the movie Misery! 8-/

That scared me just typing it!!!

Dina – One time I got an unusual email from a fan. She had just read my book and was poking around on my website and somehow noticed that I wear a tiny crystal nose stud. I have no idea how she even saw it. But it turned out she really wanted one and had all this religious angst about getting one, and so she sent me a list of about 50 questions concerning nose piercings. I’m thinking, “Great, so this is what I’m going to be famous for? The nose ring expert?” But I thought it was really funny, so I answered them all, and she did end up getting one. I think I spied a hoop in some bloggers nose recently…

Charity – Oh my! ha ha. That’s amazing. And yes, when I see bloggers, or authors, with nose rings, it totally gets on my nerves…

— too funny

Charity 3 / Dina 7

11. How is God being brought the most glory in your life?

Dina – I guess the two main areas are my books and my children.  I certainly pour a lot of myself into my writing, and I really hope it will touch hearts. A major theme throughout my books is intimacy with Christ. In Dauntless, this is seen best in the character Allen, and he will be the hero in book 2, Chivarlous. Also, through the Valiant Hearts Series, I truly hope to empower young women to think outside of the box and develop into all that God has destined for them to be.

But, my kids are all pretty awesome too! I’m not a clingy, controlling parent who has tried to mold their personalities and beliefs to my preferences. For me parenting has been an amazing journey of meeting these super cool people that God has placed in my life and guiding them as they discover who God has called them to be. My three kids are ages 12-20, and each is so unique and wonderful in their own ways. They are all serving God and doing great in school and in life in general. I can’t wait to see where their stories will take them.


Charity – That is so awesome (and I was totally hoping Allen was in the next book!!!). I agree though. Seeing our kiddos love God is what I feel brings Him the most glory. Being that example of how to deal with problems in a Godly way puts a lot of pressure on me, but it’s good. I want them learning from us how to seek God in all things. So, when the car breaks down, it’s not about me, it’s…ok, how can we bring God glory in this situation. I want my kids growing up with that mentality. That nothing is about them.
Final: Charity 3 / Dina 7
Un-believable. That is THE WORST I have ever done!!!! You just wait until the next time, missy!!!



Thanks, so much, Dina! I had a GREAT time with this face-off. Love the book!! Review is soon to follow. All of you need to run out and pick up a copy of Dauntless (Valiant Hearts Book #1). Get it while it’s HOT! There is an excerpt below…Check it out (:
 Make sure you check this out!!!!!!!

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