Never Say No – raising big-picture kids

by Mark and Jan Foreman

 Such a great book on a topic that I am extremely passionate about (thus the name of my blog!!). Mark and Jan are the parents of Tim and Jon Foreman…You know, from a little band called Switchfoot? In this book they teach about “Transparenting”. (Not sure if I made that word up.) Anyway, looking at the heart of the child and guiding them through love and discernment instead of harshness and discipline. The idea is to “Never Say No” when the child asks if you can play. Enjoying them while you can.

While I absolutely agree with the entire idea of this book, I fear that it may seem overwhelming to some. In parts, it comes across that this is really what you need to do or you will have regrets and the child will stop asking you. I just hope that it isn’t read the wrong way and parents start to feel guilty. I certainly don’t feel like that is their belief.

I hope that what is taken from this book will be to really seek your child’s heart. When they are misbehaving, why? What’s really going on? Also, being able to say “sorry” when we are wrong and being transparent in our lives as we are the model of what they will become.

Thank you, Litfuse, for this WONDERFUL book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!