The Golden Braid

by Melanie Dickerson

Reading Melanie’s books is always fun and easy. Love these Young Adult retellings of popular fairy tales. As you can guess, this is the story of Rapunzel. Kept a prisoner by her mom’s strict rules, Rapunzel has yet to see much of the world or even make friends. While on a journey, they are attacked and then rescued by a handsome knight. In a surprise turn of events, she then turns around and saves his life. A beautiful friendship blooms and grows throughout 😉

I always recommend these books. Your kids will love them (and, heck, so will you!). Easy and light read with intriguing storylines. I enjoyed how this one referenced Bible verses more often than the previous books in this series. It was great to see how she intertwined them into the story.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson, Netgalley and Melanie, for this wonderful read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

How to Catch a Prince — by Rachel Hauck

In the third book of The Royal Wedding series, Corina Del Ray faces some hard decisions. She has been secretly married to the prince of Brighton, but even SHE didn’t know that their marriage certificate is still legitimate. They married in secret, but was later told that it was done illegally.

Five years after her husband, the prince, walked away from her life, he has now appeared wanting her to sign an annulment. She has to decide whether or not to fight for her marriage. The prince, meanwhile, has his own feelings of failure and worthlessness to deal with.

What I found really moving about this book was not necessarily the romance. I felt like the growth these characters went through, learning to trust in God, was the real story. It’s rare to have a romance that shows God’s love more than a great love story of the two characters. I found myself tearing up a few times as I read about God’s goodness.3e30a3765a74b18dc6cd690a23ad53ef

While there were a few odd elements to this book and some slow moving scenes, I felt that the bottom line far outweighed anything else. The bottom line being how God works deeply in our lives when we learn to trust Him; even when it doesn’t make sense and goes against every natural response.

I definitely recommend this book. Read it and see how much God loves. ❤ Thank you, booklookbloggers, for this wonderful read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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