To Be Continued…

I am sorry to say that I have not yet finished my WONDERFUL little book. I was hoping to get my review up of The Darcy Brothers today (as I posted in my face-off with author Maria Grace). We have had some family emergencies come up and left me with less time to read. I plan to have it up in the next day or two.

That being said, I would appreciate your prayers! We could use them right now. As you know, I struggle with Ehlers-Danlos, amongst other things. Quite a few of my family members also have their own illnesses. Ehlers-Danlos is a connective tissue disease and is genetic; wreaking havoc on the entire body. So, while I can be here emotionally for everyone, it is difficult to not be able to take over all the things they need help with during this time.

We are limping along together and that’s what is so great about family. And that’s what’s so great about my God. His promises keep me going.


Happy Birthday to the Great Gift God has given me <3

Today was not my husband’s birthday. He chose to celebrate today and didn’t want us to acknowledge it last Monday (which was his REAL birthday).Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

He wanted to have a party today. He saved up his birthday money and a shopping we went.

Off to the Williamsburg Outlets we did go.

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day, but, since everyday is Valentine’s Day around here (wink wink, nudge nudge), we decided to bring the kiddos along on our adventure.

We knew it was going to be rough on my ol’ body, so we just took it S-L-O-W-L-Y! Spend hours and hours getting some AMAZING deals. We literally spent less than a third of the retail prices. Sweatshirts $10!!!! Reebok, Adidas, etc… Insane deals everywhere!

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

The best part was seeing how much fun my hubby was having. He never goes out and splurges on new clothes and fun things that he just wants. He is always spending his money taking care of us, buying things for us and being the amazing provider, husband and father that he is.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpgSo, after a day of shopping (in the BITTER cold), we finally hit up our favorite restaurant. CHILI’S!!!! yum yum.

Now, I sleep for 3 weeks straight to recover. I will be aching for days. Was it worth it? Absolutely. See that gorgeous smile on my husband’s face? That’s worth a million painful days.

I love you, baby! Happy Birthday! Thank you for being my man (:

Time is Short


As parents, our time is SO, VERY short. Just yesterday, my babies were just that: babies. Now, on the verge of graduating high school, The Large Child is a man. A MAN! The Little Toot isn’t far behind.

Because we love them and want them to have stress free childhoods, we coddle them and protect them from the ugly world that’s out there. The problem with that is: if I am not teaching them how to handle the things they are going to experience, who will be? Will that person love God as much as I do? Will that person, that is teaching my child, want to bring glory to God? Maybe, mabye not. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take!

When we go through hard times and situations (my husband and I), we try to let our kids in on what’s happening. Try to show them how to handle it. Ask them to pray with us. Ask their thoughts and opinions and line those up with the Bible.

I don’t want to pretend that everything is ok and, SURPRISE! When you are out on your own, you will find out that it’s not a perfect world!!

Nope, no thanks.

It’s so vital that you are going through these things and using them as life lessons for your children (age appropriately, of course). Not only does it hold you accountable to handle it correctly, it shows them how to handle really difficult situations the right way. They pray with you and they watch your every move. Scary, really. Puts the pressure on!!!


I encourage you to walk with your children. Remember that God just gave them to us for a short time. He’s basically letting us babysit them before we send them out to make an impact on the world. I want to stand before God and say that I prepared them the best that I could have. I don’t want to have regrets. I want my children to see God work miracles. To see God fight for us in a way that only He could. To see God provide when there is no provision. To see God answer our prayers that we have all been praying together. A prayer based on bringing great glory to His name.

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