The Polygamist’s Daughter

by Anna LeBaron/with Leslie Wilson


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Ervil LeBaron was one of the most famous Mormon fundamentalist leaders. He was a self-proclaimed prophet that thought he was a god. He was imprisoned for the blood atonement killings that were done in the name of god.

Anna was his daughter.

This is one of those books that will be heavy on your heart for days to come. The darkness just sits in your mind and you find yourself thinking on it. Her story is brutal, but written with such forgiveness, kindness and love. A love that only the One, True God could put in her heart.

Please pick up this book. It is eye opening and incredible. It’s not written in anger or spite. It’s written by a girl that has come through the darkness into the light of the One, True God. It’s difficult, yes. It’s also powerful. I highly recommend!

Thank you for this book in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!

Letters from My Father’s Murderer – A Journey of Forgiveness

by Laurie A. Coombs

This book is a BEAUTIFUL message of forgiveness. As the title suggests, Laurie’s father was murdered. As she began to know Jesus and grow closer to Him, she started to realize that He was asking her to forgive her father’s murderer. Thus began a long journey of communication. Through many tears and open, raw wounds, Laurie was able to find peace and bring glory to God.

As she shares with us the letters that passed back and forth between them, she also shares her heart and her emotions as each one shows up at her door. It is such a tragic, but beautiful story! God shines through in every ounce of it and that is what is so beautiful. Please pick up a copy! (Link is in the pic above)

Thank you, Litfuse, for this great book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

As Waters Gone By

by Cynthia Ruchti

A story of pain, sorrow, healing, love and cleansing. Emmalyn moves to a small town so she can pick up the pieces of her life. Well, so she can pick up the pieces of what’s left of her life. Her husband is in prison and due to be released soon. Can their marriage possibly survive this?

Through it all, we meet some quirky characters that help “M” heal from the heartache her life has been. It’s uniquely written as if we were in Emmalyn’s mind, but it’s not in first person. There is much depth here in learning to forgive, to trust God, and to live life to the fullest. Great read and well written.

Thank you, Litfuse, for this book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

The Heart of the Amish: Life Lessons on Peacemaking and the Power of Forgiveness

by Suzanne Woods Fisher I know that most of you remember the Amish school shooting almost 10 years ago. The horror of such a thing and then seeing their response of forgiveness and support to the family that had hurt them, when they, themselves, were the ones that were needing support. This new release by Suzanne Woods Fisher takes us on an incredible journey of story after story of forgiveness.

You don’t have to love Amish fiction to be a fan of this book. It’s a beautiful reminder that we all need. Society has us running to hold onto what’s ours and then fight for it when we lose it. Revenge and breaking apart of relationships is the more standard go-to for our culture. It would do us some good to meditate on forgiveness and the importance of it.

It’s a great, little, easy read. Each chapter is a picture of forgiveness told only how Suzanne could! I definitely recommend it. (Link is in the pic above).

Thank you, Revell, for this great book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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How to Catch a Prince — by Rachel Hauck

In the third book of The Royal Wedding series, Corina Del Ray faces some hard decisions. She has been secretly married to the prince of Brighton, but even SHE didn’t know that their marriage certificate is still legitimate. They married in secret, but was later told that it was done illegally.

Five years after her husband, the prince, walked away from her life, he has now appeared wanting her to sign an annulment. She has to decide whether or not to fight for her marriage. The prince, meanwhile, has his own feelings of failure and worthlessness to deal with.

What I found really moving about this book was not necessarily the romance. I felt like the growth these characters went through, learning to trust in God, was the real story. It’s rare to have a romance that shows God’s love more than a great love story of the two characters. I found myself tearing up a few times as I read about God’s goodness.3e30a3765a74b18dc6cd690a23ad53ef

While there were a few odd elements to this book and some slow moving scenes, I felt that the bottom line far outweighed anything else. The bottom line being how God works deeply in our lives when we learn to trust Him; even when it doesn’t make sense and goes against every natural response.

I definitely recommend this book. Read it and see how much God loves. ❤ Thank you, booklookbloggers, for this wonderful read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

That’s How We Roll

by Anna Weaver Hurt

What. An. Exciting. Read!!! Anna Weaver Hurtt writes a memoir about life on the road with her family band, The Weaver Believers!! Living in a RV with a family of 9 has it’s interesting stories and she’s here to share them! All I can say is, “One Bathroom”. That’s it. Nine People. You do the math…

While this book has it’s fair share of fun and exciting stories about life on the road, I was so impressed by Anna’s love for God. She has a beautiful way of intertwining serious subject matters with humor and wit. I highlighted more in her book than I ever remember doing in another! So many words of wisdom for such a young girl. There is plenty there to grab ahold of and let it grow you in your relationship with God.

Five SOLID Stars! I recommend this for everyone. Not just because of the fun stories, but because of the depth within. Thanks so much, Anna, for sharing this book with me. As always, this is my honest review. Here’s to many more!!!

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The Thorn Bearer

by Pepper D. Basham

I don’t even know where to begin. I have never read a novel that tackles such a difficult subject with as much clarity, truth, and passion. Sexual abuse is something that over 50% of women have suffered with at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, when it happens, it makes the victim feel dirty and like they are the only ones. I would know. It came to me in the form of a “friend” when I was 10 years old.

In this first book of a trilogy, Ashleigh Dougal’s childhood was stolen from her by her father. This book is a story of forgiveness. It is a story of the love of our true Father in Heaven. I can’t emphasize enough how important this topic is. It is so overlooked in our culture, yet so important. Pepper takes this topic and runs with it. She doesn’t hold back. She shows the fear, anger, hurt and bitterness. She also shows the love and peace that is gained from forgiveness.Tucked inside a wonderful romance, you will find more depth here than most books you’ll ever read.

Aside from that, there is some very rich history in this story. From the sinking of the Lusitania ship (a passenger ship shot and sunk by the Germans) to the war torn London, Pepper intertwines history, romance, and real life wounds being healed.

I absolutely recommend this book. I think that every woman should read this because chances are very high this book will be dealing with something in your life. It shows real people with real life problems (sexual abuse is only one). Please pick this up for you and one for a friend. Release date is set for May 7th.

Solid 5 Stars. Wish I could give it more!

Thank you so much, Pepper, for giving me a copy of this book to review. As always, this is my honest review. Here’s to many more! AND HURRY UP!!

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Oh boy, do I.

Who am I that He should love me? What have I ever done that He should care. How many times have I hurt Him that He would forgive? What is He to me?

Everything. All. It. My strength. My hope.

Sometimes I think back on my life and the crazy ups and downs. The twists and turns. The troubles I got myself into. The way I thought I was grabbing ahold of freedom and running to a life full of possibilities, when instead, those grabbed me and squeezed all the light out of my life. Squeezed and shoved me into a little box. A box with no light and no freedom.

God, my very own Savior, picked me up, made me white. Like snow. Pure. Blameless.

He carries me when I am weak.  He fights for me when I am still. He holds me when I am sad. He laughs with me when I am happy. I want to share every moment with Him. He is my sustenance. Without Him, I am nothing. I am broken. Weak. Hopeless.

Now I can walk with my head up. Without shame. I can know that I am never alone. I am always going to have a purpose. A purpose that I will gladly run towards.

I no longer need to search. I no longer need to wonder. Am I doing enough? Could I do more? I need to rest, have peace, joy, and look at each situation as an opportunity to bring Him glory. To God be all the glory. To me, a humble servant showing the handiwork of an awesome God.

The Covered Deep

by Brandy Vallance

Covered-Deep-Large-AngledHow often does an author write their debut novel with such well deserved fanfare? Not often! Brandy Vallance explodes onto the the Christian Fiction scene with The Covered Deep. (Are you still stuck on the fact that I used the word “fanfare”? Me too!)

Bianca Marshal has won the adventure of a lifetime. Being chosen as one of four to go on a Holy Land excursion, she is ready to completely enjoy herself and, just maybe, fall in love. She finds that there is much more to being chosen than she originally thought. Her faith in God is put to the ultimate test and she must fight to forgive where forgiveness is most impossible.

I love the depth of scripture and faith in this book. So often, in a Christian romance, we find fleeting discussions of faith, but nothing of substance. This entire book is based around her faith and trust in God. It is also full of adventure, intrigue, romance, mystery and forgiveness. Please pick up a copy of this book, plus another for a Christmas gift! I have made it very simple. Just click here!!

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