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Don’t forget to Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks!!

This deal is seriously awesome. Audiobooks usually range from $20 and up. I even saw some for more than $60!! You can literally pick up two audiobooks for FREE and then quit. Easy Peasy. The great part is that it is affiliated with Amazon, so customer service is the BEST! (as you would know if you have an Amazon Prime account). You just listen to it on your iPod while you are doing housework, or wanting a break from hearing the kids play and run around yelling. ha ha

If you do decide to stick with audible after your first FREE month:

$14.95 a month for ANY one book free (even a $60 book!) + 30% off any other books you would like.

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imageI’ve always heard that “free books don’t grow on trees”.

Ok, maybe I just made that up.

The fact is, they actually do!!! If you haven’t heard of noisetrade, it’s time to get your head out of the sand. I am just cleaning the sand out of my hair because I’m new to it as well.

Noisetrade is a site where artists and authors choose to give away their music and books for free. ABSOLUTELY FREE! We aren’t talking about self published and terribly edited pieces of work. It’s top notch. Some of the few that caught my eye right away were:









I could continue to post picture after picture. There are thousands of books and albums to download ABSOLUTELY FREE! Many different genres as well. Cooking, travel, arts and leisure, etc…

All you need to do is head over HERE and set up an account. It’s free and easy peasy! Enjoy!!

The Covered Deep

by Brandy Vallance

Covered-Deep-Large-AngledHow often does an author write their debut novel with such well deserved fanfare? Not often! Brandy Vallance explodes onto the the Christian Fiction scene with The Covered Deep. (Are you still stuck on the fact that I used the word “fanfare”? Me too!)

Bianca Marshal has won the adventure of a lifetime. Being chosen as one of four to go on a Holy Land excursion, she is ready to completely enjoy herself and, just maybe, fall in love. She finds that there is much more to being chosen than she originally thought. Her faith in God is put to the ultimate test and she must fight to forgive where forgiveness is most impossible.

I love the depth of scripture and faith in this book. So often, in a Christian romance, we find fleeting discussions of faith, but nothing of substance. This entire book is based around her faith and trust in God. It is also full of adventure, intrigue, romance, mystery and forgiveness. Please pick up a copy of this book, plus another for a Christmas gift! I have made it very simple. Just click here!!

If you would like a chance to win a copy of The Covered Deep, just comment below (with an email address, so I can contact you in case of a win). It doesn’t have to be witty. A simple, “pick me!” would do just fine. I would also appreciate it if you would follow my blog and share this post with some friends!

Photo on 2014-10-15 at 18.16

^——— This could be your copy!!

Thank you, netgalley and Worthy Publishing, for sending me this book! Here’s to many more reviews!!

Freebie For All!!

Hey, guys! Another freebie today! I just did a review on Judith Miller’s new book: The Brickmaker’s Bride. I have a free copy to give away on the post.


If you head on over to Amazon, you can check out this book that is co-written by her and Tracie Peterson. There are enough of these for everyone (;

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