Face-Off with Pepper Basham (take #2)


Ok, so if you know me at all, you know that this gal is one of my favs! What an amazing writer and a sweetheart to boot!! Her books really wrestle with the tough things in life while keeping you turning pages with a gripping story. If you haven’t checked out our last face-off, please do so!! It is sure to keep you entertained.


Ok, so this newly nominated Carol Award finalist is here today to have a bit o’ fun. (Yeah, I had to slip that in there! woot woot!! I am so excited for her!) I am dying to hear what fun she is bringing with her this time. We ended with a tie last time, so she’s going to have to really bring it to beat me now!

Let’s do this!



Wow. That really didn’t turn out so well…

The rules are simple:

I ask Pepper some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Favorite 80’s movie?

Pepper – I can’t choose between these three: Indiana Jones, The Princess Bride, and Star Wars…so…you’ll just have to pick one to battle 😉

Charity – I really can’t fault you for those choices. One glaring oversight would have to be The Neverending Story. Obviously, The Princess Bride still wins.


— Tie

Charity 1 / Pepper 1

2. Biggest pet peeve?

Pepper – My children leaving their shoes in the middle of the floor

Charity – Hmm. Mine is being asked the same questions twice in a row by an overly eager child that doesn’t give you more than 1 second to answer before asking again. and again.

— Another tie

Charity 2 / Pepper 2

3. Have you ever had a major traffic blunder (ran a red light, drove the wrong way down a street with a car approaching you, etc…)

Pepper – HAHA!! Well, how much trouble will I get into if I answer this? Yes, I’ve gone through a red light and even had a fender bender once. I’m a pretty careful driver though. I grew up with a cop for a dad 🙂

Charity – Whew. Not tooooo bad. One time I was rocking out to music and I realized that a cop was behind me with his lights a-going. So, I pulled over and he come up to the car. He said that he had been behind me, with his lights on, for a few minutes (literally) and I hadn’t noticed him. He then said that my headlights weren’t on (and it was pretty late at night). I apologized and he said that it was ok, but I needed to pay more attention. I start to pull away and he is running after me waving his hands. I stop and he catches up…”Ma’am. Your lights still aren’t on…” hahahahaha. Nicest guy ever because he didn’t ticket me! 😯

— Taking that one!

Charity 3 / Pepper 2

4. What’s your favorite type of soda?

Pepper – Duh. Dr. Pepper 😉 (but I’m a big fan of Mt. Dew too)

Charity – Oh, man. Dumb question…Mine too, but…I can’t compete.

— (Dr) Pepper gets it!

Charity 3 / Pepper 3

5. Last movie you saw in the theater? *BTW, readers…this question was answered in April!

Pepper – Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Charity – Oh! That was a great one! I remember that I got three naps in during that movie. Pretty sweet… haha. Last one I saw was Bourne!!!!!! Holla!

— Tie

Charity 4 / Pepper 4

6. What is your love language?


Pepper – Time and affection. I LOVE hugs!!

Charity – Aww! I will remember that when I see you IN NASHVILLE SOOOOOOON!

Mine are gifts and quality time…definitely NOT touch! hahahaha

— These questions are too hard to pit against each other!

Charity 5 / Pepper 5

7. Have you ever walked more than 1 dog at a time?

Pepper – LOL – nope. My dog is quite big enough to equal more than one dog at a time, but no…only one.

Charity – Well, we grew up in a household of a million pets. At one point we had 5 dogs. I am pretty sure I walked more than one at a time, but I can’t be positive…

— I will have to forfeit this point. I am so not an animal person.

Charity 5 / Pepper 6

8. What’s your favorite way to worship?

Pepper – Way? As opposed to what? 🙂 I love worshiping through song and music. Of course, true worship always includes the Word of God – but when that’s paired with music…sigh…I just love how close and alive that makes God’s spirit feel.

Charity – I agree. I used to be 100% Word + music. Lately, however, I have been trying something new and it’s got me so excited! I have been highlighting all the passages in my Bible that describe God and His character. It’s been AMAZING! I have also been taking the time to write some of them down. This is what I got about God from JUST Psalm 103


— God Wins!

Charity 5 /Pepper 6

9. Place in America that you would LOVE to visit?

Pepper – New York – just for the experience. I’d also love to go to the Grand Canyon some day. (but above all I like out-of-America dreaming)

Charity – Girl! I know all about your out-of-America dreaming! You JUST got back from my favorite place….ENGLAND! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I really just want to visit all of America. I mean, all of it.

— Tie

Charity 6 / Pepper 7

10. How are your gardening skills?

Pepper – Only the strong survive.

Charity – lol…well, at least that’s something! NOTHING survives this black thumb. Nothing!


— Bad way to end…


Charity 6 / Pepper 8


ahhhhhh! Not cool! I need to ask better questions….

Thank you so much, Pepper! Please be sure to check out her awesome Blog Hop and Giveaway all this week!



Face-Off with Regina Jennings!!

authors20-427x640 I am SO happy to have Regina Jennings here today! What a lovely, lovely lady!!!!! She’s a homeschool mamma, avid traveler and a self-proclaimed “Redneck Bluestocking”. Love it!!

You may have seen one of my latest posts
about her new release, At Love’s Bidding. Be sure to check it out and grab a copy of this fun read!!! You won’t regret it.

Check out this cute pic of Regina in the outfit from her book, Caught in the Middle. I absolutely love this!! ❤ ❤

  You can check out a bunch of her awesome books here:

<– Only $1.99!!

Let’s do this!!!

The rules are simple. I ask Regina some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Most bizarre thing that happened on a mission trip?

Regina – We were going to a village in Mexico to have services at the farmhouse of some believers. Before we got there the missionary warned us about their dogs. They had aggressive dogs that might bite, so we were advised to stay away from them.

Of course the dogs were there at the truck just licking their chops and waiting for us to step out, but they behaved themselves. Still, I kept an eye on them as I trekked across the rough ground to the side of the house where we were having the service. Our host led us to a log bench next to a chain-link cage.

The cage was about five feet high and the size of a generous bedroom closet. It housed a rough shelter that could give you splinters just from looking at it.

“Great,” I thought. “I’m sitting next to the dog pen!” Then I see a guy sitting in the cage. He’s glaring at me, like he’s contemplating how it’d feel to chop me up with a rusty machete.

What was he doing inside the cage? Cleaning it? Then I see a shackle on his leg. What in the world? I waved the missionary over to me, too afraid to get up and leave. Turns out the man in the manacles was the son of the family we were visiting. He’d tried to kill them once, burned their house while they were sleeping, so now they have to keep him chained up for the safety of themselves and their neighbors. Likely he’s suffering from some sort of mental illness or possession, but this village family didn’t have any resources at their disposal, so they dealt with it the best they could. They cared for him, fed him, gave him clothing and tried to include him in their family life, all while keeping him chained up in a cage because he is too dangerous to let out.

After that, I wasn’t so concerned about the dogs.

Charity – 😯 Oh. My. Word. That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever heard!!! hahahahaha I have absolutely nothing to compare to that! I was thinking of how scary is was being driven around the Dominican Republic…Those people have no road rules and much road rage.


— No comparison.

Charity 0 / Regina 1

2. As a “redneck bluestocking” and a homeschool mom, what is your favorite subject to teach (and your least!)?

Regina – I love teaching history and literature, and I chose our curriculum (Sonlight) because it is so rich in both. It seems every story connects to another story. Every reference brings up another interesting fact we can look up. Frequent referrals to the globe and our world history timeline book are required.

Ironically, what I hate to teach is reading. The mechanics of reading, the phonics and grammar, are so arbitrary, that it’s hard to get a feel for any consistent rule. Once I get a kid past that point, we celebrate.

Charity – I am a homeschool mamma too and, BOY, do we love our Sonlight curriculum! I have 3 boys and the teenage years are the best!!!!! I love all those subjects. I honestly can’t stand teaching kindergarten and the lower grades. Favorite subject is history. I’m such a history nerd and it’s so awesome that we live in the historic triangle. ❤ Least favorite is english mechanics. blah.

— Tie

Charity 1 / Regina 2

3. Have you ever been on a bucking bronco or a crazy bull?

Regina – I was on a horse with my husband and it gave a little buck. He landed on the saddle horn and got hurt. I was fine until he pushed me out of the saddle so he could regain his seat. That’s the truth, although he disputes my account. Either way I wasn’t as hurt as he was.

My only injury was on a donkey. I was helping my dad train a donkey and it got mad. It smashed my leg up against a pole fence leaving nice bruised-stripes on my leg. I didn’t go to the doctor because I was four months pregnant and thought I could do without the lecture.

Charity – Girl! You are crazy!!! haha. What in the world! I have not done either…but that could be because I am NOT an animal lover, thus I avoid them at all costs.

— Again, no comparison.

Charity 1 / Regina 3

4. Favorite BBQ on the grill recipe?

Regina – I eat a lot of Bar-B-Q, but I don’t grill. That’s my husband’s domain. Unless you are as big of a loser as I am in the kitchen, that question is an automatic win for you.

Charity – Hmm. Just look at the delightfulness of this picture and click on it for the recipe.


— I’ll take it!!

Charity 2 / Regina 3

5. Would you have enjoyed living in the 1800’s? What would you have liked and hated?

Regina – When? Where? Am I rich or am I a servant or slave? C’mon, be more specific!!

I know I would like to live in a society that was more God-honoring and respectful. I would like to raise my kids in an environment that wasn’t as fraught with temptations and hostile to families, but as far as conveniences, I really enjoy having the time to write and pursue some of my own interests. If I was an average woman in the 1800s, spare time and access to books wouldn’t be readily available.

Charity – I have to agree with everything you said. I also wish women still wore pretty dresses!!!! I don’t care how many layers! So beautiful and ladylike.

— tie

Charity 3 / Regina 4

6. Awesome, obscure and totally useless talent that you have?

Regina – I can lick my nose. Yep. I guess it’s not totally useless, but it’s disgusting enough to render it close.

Charity – Ha! Nice. I can wave my pinky toe back and forth. Pretty cool… You’ll want to be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear me say, “Ew” at the end of this video.

— Tie

Charity 4 / Regina 5

7. What kind of food is your greatest weakness?

Regina – Dessert! I love ice cream, chocolate, cheesecake, cookies, brownies… I don’t eat a lot for supper, but I rarely skip dessert. Feel free to send me candy.

Charity – I always tell my kids to eat dessert first because you don’t want to get filled up on dinner and not have room for it!

I’m a candy love and CHIPS!!! Chips have to be my biggest weakness. I could live my life without chocolate and that would be just fine.

— Tie

Charity 5 / Regina 6

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Regina – We humans are a frail and fallible bunch. But instead of allowing us wallow in self-pity, God tells us the reason for His design. It’s because He wants no confusion over who gets the credit for our deeds (1 Cor. 1:26-29, 2 Cor. 4:7). So God is glorified through our weaknesses, but that’s kind of hard to strive for, isn’t it? Fortunately, I don’t have to work hard cultivating weaknesses. They appear way too frequently. But it’s so reassuring to remember that whenever I feel inadequate, whenever I know I’m at the end of my strength, my knowledge, my efforts, that is when I’m least likely to try to take credit for what God has done. When I’m trusting Him, submitting to Him, having faith that He is in control, that’s when I’ve seen His glory most clearly.

Charity – Love that. It’s beautiful. My sister and I were just talking about that today!!

— God wins!

Charity 5 / Regina 6

9. Do you garden?

Regina – Ha! I love gardens, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming lawns. In the spring I do my best. I plant flowers and I try to keep them alive, but the Oklahoma heat and droughts are determined to ruin my efforts. I don’t have much to show for my work.

As far as a real, producing garden, I hate vegetables, so what’s the point?

Charity – HA! Oh my gosh. That’s amazing. I actually love veggies…BUT, I have a total black thumb. I kill every plant I’ve ever had. Every. One.

— Another tie!

Charity 6 / Regina 7

10. Last item you returned to the store?

Regina – My daughter’s college textbook! It was such a rip-off. For $40 we rented the textbook and the access key for the online extras. When we tried to log into the online portion it said that the access key had already been used, but we could buy another access key for $94(!!!!) I called Amazon and they pointed out the fine print that says the access key might not work, never mind that the item is listed as “book and access key”. But they did let me return it for a refund- minus a hefty restocking fee that was almost half the purchase price.

Let me just say… textbook people, enough is enough. Now you’re putting in $100 access keys that can only be used once per student? Way to fleece our future!

Charity – Rant heard. I had no idea. That’s ridiculous, but good to know. My oldest starts college next year 😯 I will be watching them and their sneaky ways…

Last item I returned was a 49’ers shirt from Target. I ordered a Redskins shirt for my son and they sent me a 49’ers. Lame.

— Textbook drama


Charity 6 / Regina 8


Regina–Question for you:

What is the weirdest thing you hoard?

Mine? Dryer lint and empty toilet paper rolls. I save those all year round, and then when winter comes, I stuff the dryer lint into the cardboard rolls and use them for fire starter for the fireplaces. Recycling Redneck style!

Charity – Wow! That is redneck style recycling!! haha. Love it! I am not sure what I hoard. I am a total organizer. Like, “Christmas is coming! What toys are you getting rid of to make room for the new?” Maybe skinny people clothes that I imagine I will actually wear again someday. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s a good one…By the time I fit in them, perhaps they’ll even be back in style.

Thank you, Regina! Such a blast. You are THE BEST! Custom-Balloon-design-tool

Who wants to win a book by this lovely lady? It’s easy! Just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering to win At Love’s Bidding. (Remember how I gave it a GLOWING review just a few days back? Yep, it’s a good one!)

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Laugh Out Loud Pocket Doodles

by Rob Elliot


Want to have some fun laughs with the little ones? Every page has a little joke and then a place to “doodle” and complete the pictures. I received these books from Revell and decided to test them out on my nephews and nieces.

IMG_6650 IMG_6651

As you can see, they were having a blast! They sat and read the jokes to me each morning and then had me color in the pages with them. It was awesome.

What to expect? The jokes are definitely on a child’s level. “When did the lightening hit the scientist? When he had a brain storm” type of thing. The kids thought they were funny, and the ones that were just too ridiculous, they enjoyed making fun of. So, either way, it was a win/win.

Pick up a copy for your grandkids, nieces, nephews, children, and any other little ones you spend time with. It’s a fun and easy thing to do together!! (Links are in the pics) Thanks, Revell! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

Face-Off with Colleen Coble!!

Yep! You read that RIGHT! Colleen Coble!!!!!! Multi award winning author of 1 or 2 million books 😉 https://i0.wp.com/www.margaretdaley.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Carol-Award-Winner1.pnghttps://i0.wp.com/

I’m sure you’ve seen and read quit a few!! Well, today, you are going to get to find out some fun facts about this wonderful author!!!

The Mercy Falls Collection is only $12.99 for ALL THREE BOOKS!!

The Lonestar Collection is only $14.99 for ALL FIVE BOOKS!!

Now that we have established that…WE PLAY!!!


The rules are simple: I ask Colleen some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Favorite State to live in? Why?

Colleen – I’m a born and bred Hoosier, and I can’t imagine ever living permanently anywhere else! Hoosiers are friendly, super friendly. We speak in the grocery store, and we are quick to help a neighbor. You can’t beat that. And I like having four seasons, but winter lasts way too long! The only bad thing is that we got Daylight Savings Time rammed down our throats, and I still hate it. Don’t get me started!

But you might twist my arm to live a few months a year on Kauai. Dolphins, sea turtles, snorkeling, what’s not to love?

Charity – haha! Oh my goodness. We’ve always had it here in Virginia! I didn’t know it was knew to you!!! My hubby is actually from Indiana too! I love living here though. I am right in between Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown and Virginia Beach. The Blue Ridge Mountains are only a couple hours away!! Such a beautiful place to live!!

I hear ya, girl!! I have never been to Kauai, but I would go in A MINUTE!

— tie! We both have good reasons!!

Charity 0 / Colleen 0

2. Which period of history interests you the most?

Colleen – I love the early 19th century. It was a time of such great innovation and change. Exciting times! But I like my modern conveniences, especially my WiFi!

Charity – Whew! That is NO JOKE!! One word: Chamberpots!!!

I love two periods equally: Regency and Revolutionary War time frame. Both are so interesting to me!!!

— Tie again!!  #Getting nowhere!

Charity 0 / Colleen 0

3. Have you ever gone on a “cross country” trip to visit sites in America?

Colleen – I’ve been in every state of the Union. Love visiting our glorious country! We made a point of taking the kids on long trips, kind of like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Charity – Oh my goodness! So incredible!!!!!! I sooo wish I could do that!!!


Charity 0 / Colleen 1

4. When you go to Cracker Barrel in the evening, do you still order breakfast?

Colleen – Well, I don’t know that I’ve ever been to Cracker Barrel except for breakfast!

Charity – Oh man! You are missing out!! Who doesn’t love a good breakfast for dinner!?

— I get that one!!

Charity 1 / Colleen 1

5. Weirdest thing a fan has done?

Colleen – Weird? I have awesome fans who come up with great names for characters and coffee shops. LOL

Charity – ❤ that’s awesome! Surprising!! People can be strange….

— I have no fans! ha ha

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

6. Would you go back to being a teenager if you had that option?

Colleen – Are you kidding me? What person in their right mind would want to relive that treacherous, hormonal time?

Charity – Not. Me.

I absolutely LOVE growing older. I would never want to start over. Mercy me!!!! Sounds like a nightmare!

— Tie. We are agreed!

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

7. Are you a camper or Marriott kind of girl?

Colleen – Marriott all the way. My idea of camping out is staying in a Holiday Inn instead of a Hyatt!

Charity – LOL! I knew I loved you. Right there with ya!!!!! ha ha ha.

– #HighMaintenance #StickTogether

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Colleen – I try to use every day He gives me to grasp the most joy from today. I  learned so much about how to do that from my sister-of-the-heart, Diann Hunt, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer in Nov 2013. We only have today, and I try to give my best to every day.

Charity – Love it. Just being in love with God and serving Him day in and day out ❤

— God wins!!!!

Charity 1 / Colleen 2

9. Did you ever make “green eggs and ham” for fun?

Colleen – I made them for my son when he was little once. He wouldn’t eat them. LOL

Charity – Nice! At least you tried… I wasn’t that nice! ha ha

— Nice moms win!

Charity 1 / Colleen 3

10. Weirdest ornament you own?

Colleen – I don’t have any weird ornaments, but I do have some precious ones made by my kids when they were small. One is a tiny chalkboard with A B C on it. does that count? LOL

Charity – Of course it counts! Someone bought my hubby an ornament that says, “World’s Best Coach”. It’s so gaudy and big. Horrible. My husband has never coached a thing! He doesn’t even watch sports!! ha ha. He won’t get rid of it though. He loves it. So horrible. I try to hide it in the back of the tree…

— Totally taking that one!


Charity 2 / Colleen 3

41pQGKwBBLL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ again.

Thanks so much, Colleen!! Balloons-for-Birthday-Party I had such a blast chatting with you 🙂

Guess what!!!! The balloons say it all! COLLEEN IS GIVING AWAY A COPY OF HER NEW RELEASE!!! So exciting! I’m reading it RIGHT NOW and will be posting my review later today!

All you need to do is head on over to:

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*U.S. Rez only! (We do love the rest of you!)

** All entries are checked. Any falsified entries will be disqualified.


Face-Off with Kristy Cambron!!

I am super excited to introduce you all to Kristy Cambron today!! KC31 Most of you have probably heard of Kristy, or even read her books, but you’ll get to find out a whole lot more! I will be reviewing A Sparrow in Terezin later today, so start holding your breath!!

This awesome new author has beautiful books that are FLYING off the shelves!!

kristy's awards

Awesome? YES! But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!! We will discuss her books later…Right now, we play!

Displaying PicCollage.jpg

The rules are simple: I ask Kristy some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What’s the most annoying Christian phrase you can think of? (ie: Hedge of Protection)

Kristy – It’s not the phrases that annoy me — it’s when I don’t understand them and have to Google something in the middle of church. Try whipping out your phone in the great auditorium. I know people think I’m checking sports scores or shopping for shoes, but I’m really just trying to keep up sometimes! 🙂

Charity – I noticed one very important word in that sentence. “Sometimes”. Well played.

I can’t handle the weird Christian phrases. blech. “I’m so blessed” makes me feel nauseated!! I don’t know. It just sounds so odd. We aren’t people with a foreign language…we just love Jesus…

— Kristy is much nicer than I am.

Charity 0 / Kristy 1

2. Have you ever wanted a shirt that says, “I tithe online” when they are passing the basket at church?

Kristy – Nah. I much prefer tees with literary quotes vs. sarcasm. I’d wear my Wuthering Heights tee every day if people wouldn’t tease me about it.

Charity – Hmm. Well, I supposed it’s not so much sarcasm as the fact that we actually do tithe online!! So, I always feel awkward and judged  when we pass the basket. Self conscience much?!

— Kristy’s keeping it classy!

Charity 0 / Kristy 2

3. Taylor Swift fan? Why or why not?

Kristy – YES. Here’s your answer for that one:

Charity – Oh, nice! Now, how the heck can I compete with that???

— Getting a good ol’ southern butt whoopin’!!!

Charity 0 / Kristy 3

4. Best pick up line?

Kristy – “Hey — I hear it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Care to find out if it’s true?” (Sorry – I don’t know much about pick-up lines. I met my husband when I was 17. He took me to my first NFL game and I was gone in love after that. No pick-up lines required. But I’d think a guy quoting Jane Austen would be a Chick magnet)

Charity – Ha! I don’t know about that….Sounds like a weenie to me!!! haha. I would probably be scared if he was quoting Jane! 😮

My son, when he was about 11, thought one of my friends was really pretty. So, he was all primed and ready. She showed up at the house one day and my son walked past her and dropped a sugar packet. He picked it up and handed it to her saying, “Hey! I think you dropped your name tag!”

— I win for having a cute child! ha!! 🙂

Charity 1 / Kristy 3

5. Do you have a panic attack when you accidentally leave your cell phone home?

Kristy – YES – I’ve turned around more than once when I was already in rush-hour traffic to go back and get it. I must have my phone so I can write chapters wherever I am. (Not while driving though. Let’s stay safe, people!) I write the first drafts of my books on my iPhone, so I can’t risk leaving it at home.

Charity – Well, I am right there with you. What the heck did we do when we were teenagers??? I didn’t even have a cell phone until I was out of college AND I WAS STILL one of the few that had one. It was GINORMOUS!

I am confused, however, how in the world you can stand typing the entire draft of a novel on your iPhone. I want to throw it against the wall when I have to type on it with my sausage fingers.

— Tie. iPhones are a must have at ALL times!

Charity 1 / Kristy 3

6. Have you ever raced a golf cart?

Kristy – YEP. My grandparents literally lived on Country Club Lane. They were addicted to the game and bought their Snow Bird condos according to where the best golf courses were. I learned to drive a golf cart almost before I could walk. (I think I won that question…)

Charity – shut up.

— You sure are BLESSED!

Charity 1 / Kristy 4

7. What’s the weirdest food that you like?

Kristy – My grandmother was German and made amazing, authentic German food. I apologize in advance for the little old ladies I’d knock out of the way at the Disney Epcot Biergarten German Buffet. Can’t be helped… I ❤ pork schnitzel, spätzle, sauerkraut, warm German potato salad and Bavarian cheesecake! (German food is my love language.)

Charity – 😮

— Uh, you can have it…

Charity 1 / Kristy 5

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Kristy – I don’t know how to answer this one. All I can say is that I love Jesus. I want to know Him so much more. I want to serve Him. To tell others about Him. To dig into Scripture. (I started verse mapping at the beginning of Lent and it’s changed my life! I’m working through Acts right now and what I’m earning is just incredible.) I just keep thinking that He’s changed everything about my life in the last two years and I am so grateful that He’s using our family’s grief and loss for His good. If I can tell someone about that journey — and the Savior who has conquered death for them too — that’s a place of grace I want to be in every single day.

Charity – absolutely beautiful. That’s how I feel too. He wooed my heart and I’m IN LOVE!!! ❤

— God ALWAYS wins!

Charity 1 / Kristy 5

9. Have you ever been to Great Wolf Lodge?

Kristy – No. But I grew up around Cincy and went to King’s Island every summer. I even remember the awesomeness that was the Smurfs ride in the 1980’s. You can’t top that ride. 🙂

Charity – Hmm. I haven’t ever been there. I live near Busch Gardens, so I grew up going there. HOWEVER, Great Wolf Lodge is stinkin’ amazing! It’s like a cruise ship that you don’t get sea sick on! It’s its own little island…has Starbucks, Dominos, Buffets, etc… You never have to leave. Go to the waterpark and walk back to your room for a nap. Glorious.

— I believe the questions was “have you ever been to GWL” so… I WIN!

Charity 2 / Kristy 5

10. Does cheese give you the devil’s breath?

Kristy – Not sure. I am CRAZY about taking care of my teeth. I brush all the time. Floss a lot. Carry dental hygiene awesomeness in my handbag – regularly. If I was going to have cheese breath you wouldn’t get the chance to notice. I think it’s pretty Colgate minty.

Charity – Step Down. I’ve got this one. Here’s the proof:

One glorious Black Friday morning as my husband and I were out during our favorite day of the year (like 4:00am and we had already been shopping all night), a man was handing out cheese samples. I partook. As we were walking out to the car, my hubby kept complaining that they needed to clean out their dumpsters. No matter how far away we got from the mall, he would say, “Man! What in the world?! Those are the worst smelling dumpsters!!” I’m like, “I’ve got nothing. Not smelling it.” It finally became VERY apparent that the dumpsters were falsely accused.

This was not the last time the devil’s breath came upon me from cheese.

— Ol’ dumpster mouth wins!

Charity 3 / Kristy 5

—– Kristy’s Questions!! 😮

11. The greatest TV show of all-time?

Kristy – LOST. I may be a fan of the amiable and elegant Downton Abbey, and a crazed #OnceUponaTimeAddict , but LOST will always have my Sawyer-Jack-Dharma-polar-bear-Oceanic-Six-smoke-monster-The-Others-flash-forward-Not-Penny’s-Boat-“See  ya in another life, Brotha”-loving-heart. (LOST fans will get it.)

Charity – NICE! I do like LOST a lot. It was really good (except the crappy last season). But…I’m going to have to go with….Survivor! Yup!!! I also love Once Upon a Time, Blacklist, and Turn.

— tie!

Charity 3 / Kristy 5

12. How we decided on our kids’ names…

Kristy – By watching football games. (If you’re having a boy and you need a name — those games are golden for choices.) All of our boys are named after college/NFL players’ names from games we watched while I was pregnant.

Charity – AWESOME!! I love a good football kinda gal. My sons and I LOVE football. My husband, not so much.

However, my boys got their names very differently. I was a single mom before I got saved. I named my first born Benjamin (Son of my right hand) because I knew it would be me and him against the world.

Once I was married, my husband and I had another son and while I was pregnant, we were watching an episode of “Brat Camp” (a STUPID reality show where they send their bratty kids into the wilderness with these counselor guides to help them grow up). Anyway, one of the biggest “brats” was named Isaiah and we both were like, “I LOVE IT!”

— hahaha. Football is good, but….naming your child after the biggest “Brat” at “Brat Camp”? I’m taking it!

Charity 4 / Kristy 5 (Feel that? It’s me ABOUT TO PASS YOU!)

13. What’s your World-Champion-worthy talent that few people know of?

Kristy – I leave people in the dust while playing TCM classic movie trivia. If you’re betting, don’t raise me your car keys or you’ll be walking home. 🙂

Charity – I am sorry to say that I am about to be tied with you.

— Bam!!

Charity 5 / Kristy 5

14. What’s your worst habit?

Kristy – Thinking with a British accent. Yep. And then speaking with a fake British accent because you were thinking with one. This happens… All. The. Time. Cheers!

Charity – Oh my!! ha ha. Well, I think my worst is biting my nails… ew

— Tally Ho!

Charity 5 / Kristy 6

15. Would you rather go for a year without make-up -or- have to wear the same pair of shoes for a year?

Kristy – Sorry to my beloved heels… Chapstick alone wouldn’t get me through. I’d have to wear my Chucks for 365 days and smile with some cherry red lipstick while doing it. 🙂

Charity – AHHH! This is a HORRIBLE question!! If it wasn’t for my eyebrows, Displaying IMG_5938.JPG it would be a no brainer.

However, my eyebrows have decided that they should stop halfway across my eyes.

As you can clearly see, I need to draw those bad boys in! (and clean my make-up off better…obviously).

This is too hard! I’m totally torn.

I think…..

I’m going to have to go with the eyebrow halfsies so I can change up the shoes.

— Blah.

Charity 5 / Kristy 7

16. What’s your spirit animal?

Kristy – My favorite animal? The ever cute and well-dressed (in tuxedos!) penguins. But as for my true spirit animal? The Honey Badger. They may not look fancy, but those guys mean buisness at whatever they do. They’re absolutely fearless, wicked-smart, relentless… I love their tenacity. never give up on what you’re called to do in this life. Wow!

Charity – 😮

Girl, I have NO IDEA what language you are speaking. I think it’s that darned British coming out again!! hahahahahaha.

I don’t really like animals…so, there’s that.

— All. Yours!


Charity 5 / Kristy 8


Thanks SO MUCH, Kristy! I had a blast 🙂 Balloons-for-Birthday-Party I am looking forward to finishing up the book and getting my review written out!

UH OH!! UH OH!!! You guessed it as soon as you saw those balloons come out, didn’t you my smart, little readers!!!?? Kristy is giving away a signed copy of her newest book, A Sparrow in Terezin!!!

All you have to do is head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!!!

*Only U.S. Rez (We do love the rest of you too!!)

** All entries will be checked. Any falsified entries will be disqualified.


Face-Off with Loraine Nunley

I am excited to introduce you to one of my favorite readers!! Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 8.32.47 PM I met Loraine through the blogging circles and now have a chance to face-off with her! She has authored seven books and I will be reviewing one today!! You can check her out on Amazon.

Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 8.34.36 PM  Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 8.36.05 PM  Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 8.36.33 PM

What I really love about Loraine is her love for God. Check out this awesome quote from her website:

“My books are in a few different genres because I have enjoyed writing in different ones.  All of them are borne out of love for God, my family and the written word.”

Alright!! Now that we have all that taken care of, we can PLAY!!!


The rules are simple: I ask Loraine some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever had?

Loraine – Princess Chubbyfeet. I kid you not. I was sitting at a friend’s house one day looking down at my feet and ade the random comment that I noticed my feet were chubby. For the next year, I was dubbed with the new nickname. Thankfully the name didn’t last that long (can’t say the same for those chubby feet though :O)

Charity – Oh. My. Word! Ha ha ha ha. I think the worst one I had was Chirpidee. Definitely not anywhere as bad!!!

— Princess Chubbyfeet!!!

Charity 0 / Loraine 1

2. Do you have any crazy stories from going to camp when you were a kid?

Loraine – No. I wish I did though. I went to a church camp two years in a row. Most of what I remember was attending the evening church services and having to do a walk-a-thon to earn the money to go. Boring, I know.

Charity – ha (: You had to do a walk-a-thon to go to camp? Oh man!!! ha ha. Nothing too exciting happened to me either. Boring.

— We are boring.

Charity 0 / Loraine 1

3. What kind of crafts do you like to do?

Loraine – Well, I looove craft ideas, but when it comes to actually getting around to doing them…although, I do like making things with plastic canvas. I actually have a plastic canvas mini golf set that I started making when my son was about six… He’s eighteen now and he never lets me forget that I haven’t finished it.

Charity – I am SO confused!!! You made (partially) a GOLF SET out of PLASTIC CANVAS???? I am going to need a picture…

— If this is to be believed, I cannot win.

Loraine – 11008543_10204026533849874_7479018344281454278_n

— Well, I’ll be darned!

Charity 0 / Loraine 2

4. When’s the last time you went to Starbucks? What did you order?

Loraine – A few weeks ago. I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha. I don’t go to Starbucks much until November when they serve my favorite, Caramel Brule Latte!

Charity – Ohhhhhh The fall is my favorite too! I love their Salted Caramel Mocha!!

— Tie

Charity 0 / Loraine 2

5. What’s your favorite cookbook?

Loraine – My son inherited my mom’s old Betty Crocker cookbook. It has all her notes about what did and didn’t work. It also has some of my favorite recipes she made when I was little… Butter cookies, ribbon cookies, chocolate cake, snickerdoodles… mmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Charity – Me Too!!!

I wish I had a nostalgic one! I do have a recipe binder with some of my mom’s good recipes, but nothing like that!!!

— Nostalgic and passed down items win!!

Charity 0 / Loraine 3

6. Worst thing someone has cooked for you that you had to eat?

Loraine – Well, when my daughter was a pre-teen, she made stuffed ricotta shells. They were actually fine, but we coincidentally had a flu bug hit at the same time so everyone got sick. We all blamed the dinner! To this day, she and my son won’t eat ricotta cheese.

Charity – ewwww…. Very bad!

My son used to like to experiment in the kitchen. He’s a great cook now, but…whew. One time he put two cups of salt in the brownies……. You can imagine my surprise as I bit into them. 😯


Charity 1 / Loraine 3

7. Have you ever seen a shark in the same body of water you were currently in? (being on a boat counts!)

Loraine – Nope. *huge sigh of relief* The closest I’ve been to a shark was standing on a platform at the top of a tank at the Georgia Aquarium. We watched two whale sharks pass by at the surface only a few feet away. That was enough for me.

Charity – *shudder* So gross. We go to the beach every year and one year a fisherman caught a baby shark right by where we were swimming. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH

— I get another one!!!

Charity 2 / Loraine 3

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Loraine – That’s a tough one! I always feel like I’m falling short in that category. I guess I would have to say that I strive everyday to be the wife and mother that God wants me to be, then I hope to follow that by writing in a way that pleases Him.

Charity – Love it. I just love Him and I assume that will shine through in all things. He’s my first Love!


Charity 2 / Loraine 3

9. Next author that should be on Famous Friday? I know you like them 😉

Loraine – Does Richard Castle count? I’ve read some of “his” books.

Charity – No idea who that is…I will check into it!!!

— ??

Charity 2 / Loraine 3

10. Do you ride roller coasters?

Loraine – Yes, but I’ve gotten a little timid as I get older. I don’t like the roller coasters that break speed and height limits anymore. So somewhere between carousel and death trap, I guess.

Charity – Girl, I hear that!!! I love them, but last time I went to an amusement park for the day, it screwed up my back and neck for a week!! Severe, horrible pain!!!

— Getting old, STINKS!! Except for the part that you can say whatever you want and people just dismiss you as being old and senile, so you get away with it.

Charity 2 / Loraine 3

11. Did you ever suntan with baby oil or Crisco on?

Loraine – Nooo. Hey! *sniff* Is that chicken I smell?


I used to. But, my best friend, at the time, would use Crisco and lie on her roof…so, at least I wasn’t THAT crazy…

— Not sure if I should win for stupidity? Well, it was the question!


Charity 3 / Loraine 3

20130805_its_a_tie_taWOO HOO! Close one!!!

Thank you so much, Loraine!! I had so much fun getting to know you better (: Balloons-for-Birthday-Party

Oh, you smart readers already know what I’m about to say when you see the balloons pop up!! THAT’S RIGHT!! Loraine has, so kindly, offered to give away 3 COPIES of her book, 40 Birthday Celebration Ideas, which I will be reviewing later today!!

So, just head on over here and fill out  a Rafflecopter giveaway! She is willing to give the reader a choice between paperback and e-book!!

Thanks so much, girl!! WOO HOO!!

*Only US Rez for Paperback. Anyone can choose E-Book

** All entries will be checked. Any falsified will be disqualified! GOOD LUCK!!

Face-Off with Melanie Dickerson!!!!!!

I am sure pretty much all of my readers have heard of this fabulous lady!!! Let’s take a look at some of her achievements, shall we?

For The Healer’s Apprentice:

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 12.46.43 PM

For The Merchant’s Daughter:

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 12.52.42 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 12.59.41 PM

Best part? Each of those books are only $5.12 right now!!!!!! 

Ok, now that we have that cleared up….

We Play.

uVW64dKBB2nS-1BYqacQGe0dKMT9Z_uusl_RKOuYks_Zq-9Ohz286Pf1AWSel1QXma2M8pPQ0ExBWwB1j9ACgb1T3FkJm6DMQSV1xYGDi9hXNF4-2Uu6hqy3uKmzsMglEcVThMswMLj9mo-FwbiSicipTI7lwJeN0XXC4TxPgW-G70IEyKioJv3g8-oz3itIfIn8amLW9ICKMUzapYwdrwG1J_sVTUjMlLook at you flashing that thing! Your Christy Award doesn’t scare me!!


The rules are simple: I ask Melanie some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Are you an avid ice skater?

Melanie – I’ve never ice skated in my life. It seems like a very painful way to get hurt. Blades? Solid ice? No thanks. But I was a fair roller skater in my childhood.

I distinctly remember the last time I roller skated. It was right after I finished college. I was 22 or 23 years old. Ever since then, I’ve been too afraid I’d break something.

Charity – Girl, I hear ya!!! I would definitely break something. I trip over air!!!

I miss the good old days of roller rink parties!!! Man! We need to bring back roller skating. That’s what’s wrong with this generation…

— Tie. Wimps.

Charity 0 / Melanie 0

2. What’s the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction/or accidental leaving the house in pj’s etc… outfit you have worn in public?

Melanie – Oh, gosh. I have probably blocked out some of them, as I tend to do that with painful memories. Once, as a teenager, I went to school all day with tuna in my shirt pocket. I had on a button front shirt with a little pocket on one side. I hated breakfast food, so sometimes I ate a sandwich for breakfast. That morning, I’d eaten a tuna sandwich. When I got home from school, I smelled the fish on my shirt and looked and there was about a teaspoon of tuna in my pocket. No one said anything, but I must have smelled like fish all day!

Charity – AHH! haha. At least you didn’t get nicknamed “fishy”, or something horrible like that!!

I used to re-enact Civil War. The stars aligned one day and the back of my skirt had a hole in it. The back of my hoop had a hole in it. Let’s just say I had lest than modest undergarments on… Somehow those darned holes found each other and lined right up. I wore it all day like that. Nobody said a word! OMGosh….

— I am so taking that one! It was close….but I’d take the tuna in my pocket any day!!

Charity 1 / Melanie 0

3. If you could be an x-man, which one would you be?

Melanie – Well, since I’m a little in love with Hugh Jackman, I’d be any one of the female x-men who might have a shot at Wolverine. LOL!

Charity – OMGosh!! hahahahahahahaha. I couldn’t have said it better 😉

— Tie!!! *swoon*

Charity 1 / Melanie 0

4. Weirdest fan incident?

Melanie – I have had a few. One girl wrote to me and said my book confirmed to her that she was supposed to marry a certain famous person’s son. She had never met this guy, but she believed that God had told her she was going to marry him. I intended to write her back, but I just did not know what to say! I feel guilty that I never wrote her back SOMETHING, even if it wasn’t the right thing. So, if you’re out there and reading this, I’m sorry! I do believe God sometimes speaks to us, but you should be wary of thinking that God has ordained something, especially when it comes to another person’s life and free will, and especially concerning who you will marry. Pray about it every day and let the Holy Spirit lead you to your life’s calling and the person you are to marry.

Charity – Wow. There are no words… I suppose God is sovereign enough to tell you your future through a fictional, historical piece of literature, but… ?? I’m thinking not so much in this case.

— Uh, I’m just glad she didn’t say me!!!

Charity 1 / Melanie 1

5. Do your kids have any “toys” or “Games” that you like to play on the sly?

Melanie – I dearly detest any sort of electronic games, like angry birds, etc. I have two teen daughters, and their games they play on their iPods and whatnot just do not tempt me. But I do love putting together puzzles. I buy them “For” my daughters, but then I have to cajole them into putting them together with me! LOL! I also try to force them to play Scrabble with me, but they’re like, “Oh, Mom, I think I have to go…wash my hair.”

Charity – Nice!!! ha. I love puzzles too, but I just own it. I also LOVE building their Legos!! Both boys always gave them to me to build because I love it and they don’t. They just wanted to play. They jumped around all Christmas morning waiting for me to finish this huge starship or some nonsense.

— I think Melanie gets that! She’s a trickster with the puzzles 😉 and that was the question!

Charity 1 / Melanie 2

6. Favorite TV marathon?

Melanie – Psych. Oh my goodness, my younger daughter is completely addicted to that show, and since they put the entire 8 seasons streaming on Netflix… Let’s just say, it drives my older daughter crazy sometimes. I do love Psych too, but I always feel like I don’t have time to just sit and watch an entire episode. but, that’s okay. I’ve seen and listened to bits and pieces of every single episode, so that I still feel like I’ve seen them all.

Charity – I suppose I don’t have a favorite. I have plowed through many… Survivor, Turn, ONCE, and Blacklist are the shows I love. (I also have a secret affinity for Pretty Little Liars. shhhhh. Don’t tell)

— Who has time to watch tv when you are writing books or reading them?!?!

Charity 1 / Melanie 2

7. Any festivals you attend every year?

Melanie – We have a Christian music festival, Soulstock, that comes every May that we usually go to. I’ve seen some great bands there, including the Newsboys. Also, we go to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival almost every year. Lots of medieval costumes and it’s held at an actual castle just outside of Nashville – a modern castle, but it’s made in the old style and it’s amazing!

Charity – *drooling* I want to gooooo!!!!!

You know where else I want to go? To Creationfest. Ahhhhh!! Someday I’ll make it!

— You had me at castle..

Charity 1 / Melanie 3

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Melanie – I hope my books are doing that. And I just strive, rather imperfectly, I’m sure, to have a positive attitude and to attribute the good things in my life to God’s provision, because I know without God, I wouldn’t even be here. The good things are all due to Him and certainly no to my own goodness or strength.

Charity – Beautiful. I’m so in love with Him ❤ I just want to go to Heaven already! I’m going to sit in His lap and be a total God hog. Booyah!


Charity 1 / Melanie 3

9. Favorite time in history?

Melanie – Would have to be the 1300’s Medieval times in general. I love everything about that period – the knights, the castles, the half-timber houses, the political structure (of Germany), the fact that people could reinvent themselves, since there was no photography, no TV news, broadcasts, etc. I also love that no one really doubted God was real. Everyone believed in the supernatural, which is just so different from our time of skepticism and having more faith in science than God.

Charity – *drooling again*. Ok, so anyone that had a different answer has now changed their minds. Congratulations.

— Melanie

Charity 1 / Melanie 4

10. Have you ever been on a trolley (that was actually functioning as a trolley)?

Melanie – We called them trolley buses in Ukraine. I spent 11 months in Ukraine, nearly the entire year of 1996. They have a great system of public transportation, and since I had no car, I rode the trolley buses, which were powered by electric wires that ran down every major street of our town of Bila Tserkva. It was something I had never seen before in my life, being from rural Alabama! But, it was fairly efficient. Sometimes a bus would break down, and then you might wait an hour for a bus to come. But generally you didn’t have to wait more than five minutes for one.

Charity – Why do have to be such an amazing writer and make me forget all my cool stories????? blah.

I rode a trolley in Yorktown.


— waaahhhhhh

Charity 1 / Melanie 5

11. Coolest place you have visited?

Melanie – Besides Ukraine, which has the most amazing churches and history and art, and the sweetest people you can imagine, I would say Germany. I got to see a couple of castles while I was there, and lots of wonderful old churches, but I would love to go back and see more castles! I love nature and visiting natural wonders, but the coolest places in the world are the places that have some kind of wonderful old history about them.

Charity – Getting up and walking away. Oh, and throwing my computer across the room.

–Total annihilation.


Charity 1 / Melanie 6

76245498_55f95743f4I’ve never lost so badly. I got run over and someone is plugging my nose.

Wow. That’s gonna hurt for a few days! balloons

But…GUESS WHAT?? You’ve got it! Melanie is giving away a paperback copy of her NEW RELEASE, The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest!! It’s shaping up to be my new favorite (review later today). Who knows…maybe she’ll even sign it 😉

Isn’t it so beautiful!!!! ❤

All you have to do is head on over to this a Rafflecopter giveaway
and sign up!

*For US rez only (Sorry, guys! We do love the rest of you….)

**All entries will be checked and any falsified will be disqualified!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Melanie for taking time out of her insanely busy life to talk to me ❤

I also want to show you guys something really cool….You ready for a reveal of her OTHER New Release this year? It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Coming this fall!! The story of Rapunzel…

Face-Off with Rachel Hauck

Who doesn’t love an awesome fairy tale? Isn’t it every girls’ dream to marry a prince?? This is the third book in Rachel’s Royal Wedding Series. (and the first one I’ve read!!!)

Review to follow later today.

For now, we play!!


The rules are simple: I ask Rachel some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Do you prefer shopping malls, or the new, trendy outdoor malls?

Rachel – Ooo, does online count? LOL. I do like the new trendy outdoor malls.

Charity – Girl, I hear ya!!! Amazon is my best friend!!! I like the outdoor ones too!!!

— Tie!

Charity 0 / Rachel 0

2. Favorite pair of hot, little shoes?

Rachel – Flip flops. 🙂 All the way. Though I do have a pair of dark red patent leather heels I love.

Charity – Ohhhhh!! Who can compete with a red patent leather heel?????????

— Rachel!!!

Charity 0 / Rachel 1

3. What’s a fun Holiday tradition you have that nobody else does? (ANY holiday…a made up, unique one is even better!)

Rachel – I have a made up holiday with my older brother called “Opening College Football Weekend.” My husband and I go to his house and watch football all day on the first day of college football. So fun.

Charity – How fun!!!!! We have an annual holiday: 99 days ’til Christmas! We decorate the house, put up a small tree, do little gifts, eat yummy food and watch Elf. It’s SO much fun! We love it and look forward to it every year.

— Tie!! We are AWESOME!!

Charity 0 / Rachel 1

4. What is your favorite type of pizza? Toppings?

Rachel – I love just cheese. Crazy, but I started liking it way back in college and have been true blue ever since.

Charity – Oh, I love a good veggie pizza!!! The more veggies, the merrier!

— Veggies win!!!

Charity 1 / Rachel 1

5. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Rachel – What a great questions! I think being authentic is the best way to show I’m human, but how God has met me so many times and answered so many prayers. I talk honestly about His work in my life.

Charity – Well said! I agree.  I believe that we have to be honest with our mistakes and use them to bring God glory! Otherwise, it’s just a wasted, crappy situation!

— God wins!!!!!!!!!

Charity 1 / Rachel 1

6. Are you a pet person?

Rachel – In spades!! I love animals. We’ve had four dogs and two cats.

Charity – Ohh…. I am not so much :-/ We had a dog for a few months, but I couldn’t handle him waiting outside the bathroom door and tripping over him constantly. We gave him to my parents! ha ha. We still visit him!!! He’s much happier now…

— Rachel is nice and not as high maintenance!!

Charity 1 / Rachel 2

7. Farthest you have ever run?

Rachel – On purpose, or because I was being chased? ;p I’ve run 3 miles before because I thought it would be fun. I have a weird sense of humor.

Charity – OMGosh. Yes you do! ha ha.

The farthest I’ve run? How about to the end of my street? (BTW, we live on the corner…)

— HANDS DOWN, Rachel!

Charity 1 / Rachel 3

8. Ever been to a professional sports game?

Rachel – Yes. I’ve been to a few Reds baseball games and when I was in college I photographed a professional football game played at Ohio State. Very Fun!

Charity – Fun! I have only been to one Redskins game.

— You are crushing me!!! Good thing I took the veggie pizza one!

Charity 1 / Rachel 4

9. What is the funniest story (or a funny one) revolving around you and your spouse?

Rachel – My husband is very witty and clever so he makes me laugh a lot. The most recent funny thing — not THE funniest, but one I can remember– happened at church. After leading worship, I sat in my usual chair and he came to sit next to me. After a few minutes I leaned over and said, “How was worship?” He made a face. “Good. You just asked me that?”

“Huh? No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did. I sat down and you asked, ‘How was worship?’ and I said, ‘Good’.”

“No way. I didn’t say anything to you”

“Yes you did.”

“You must have imagined it.”

“YOU must have imagined you didn’t.”

It was funny, but also very weird. Like I completely forgot a moment in time. LOL!

Charity – ha ha hahaha! That’s so something that I would do too!!! My husband is also hilarious. He is always doing funny things to make us laugh. He’ll have hidden glow sticks in the house and will turn the lights off and hand them out and blast some tobyMac while we have a dance party with glow sticks in the dark. Completely random! But so fun!!

fIW0Vpla1NWlpxaLLcpAHXDJQ9UAifgYZ62-rzCZMUOUg3WhEqbKR4DBCo1fb1OzNOHsPR-QsAYSJk6D2UB9_wiMEgM1c8HweVnFQ9WJAcTMA6zr5LwwrsoKTrEUPDERBulWp2YJlaXfZZZ_4gnVdN3pjEd_pDxPlBH5gUaLN3MBCk6UyJ8BlIvqkZrtadGNGGYgGjZM-BtvdlnzUS6XXuOvp05M9bqss<—- My hubby and oldest son (before he became 6’3” and about to graduate high school!! waahhhh… getting away from the point here…) wearing fake mustaches out to eat. ha ha. So fun!! They keep me young!!

— Fun husbands are THE BEST! They win!!


Charity 1 / Rachel 4

41pQGKwBBLL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ to say the least…

Thanks, so much!! I had such a great time, Rachel! Looking forward to posting my review (:

Check out Rachel’s Royal Wedding Series here:

Face-Off with Anna Weaver!!

Anna is a super fun author that traveled the world living in an RV with her FAMILY OF 9!!! Can’t wait for you to see what she has to say about that. Review later today!!

Link is in the pic, so check it out!!!

But for now, WE PLAY!!!


The rules are simple. I ask Anna some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Anna – I’d love to visit the Caribbean islands someday, preferably on a cruise. 🙂 Ooh, or Italy or Greece or Ireland…

Charity – OMGosh. Take. Me. With. You. Sounds like we are on the same page!!! Greece is my DREAM vaca!!!! The others you named are right up there. England trumps Ireland though. You know, Jane Austen and all…

— Tie because GREAT MINDS…

Charity 0 / Anna 0

2. What’s your favorite period of history?

Anna – I’m a fan of most periods of history, especially American history. I love reading novels set in the Wild West, the glamourous 20s, the Civil War, and WW1 and 2, just to name a few. I feel like I always learn something by the time the story is over.

Charity – I hear ya! I love Revolutionary War, Civil War, American History, and I love English History too! I can’t handle WW2. So horrific…. :,-(

— Harumph. Tie again!

Charity 0 / Anna 0

3. Funniest road trip story?

Anna – My family and I had some crazy times on the road, but one time that immediately comes to mind was the time (many years ago now) that one of my brothers was flirting and waving at a carfull of college girls during a road trip. After several moments of this, they wrote a phone number on a piece of paper and held it up when they passed by. My brother finally worked up the nerve to call… and it was the Osteoporosis hotline number.  We all had a good laugh at that one.

Charity – OMGosh. That is AMAZING!!! I bet he has never heard the end of it!! I wouldn’t ever let that one go if it happened to my brother (: ha ha ha

I just remember when we were growing up (in the 80’s), there were no rules, so we had a “buggy van” (Otherwise known as VW van) and my parents would take out all the seats in the back and put down mattresses for us. It was AMAZING!!! I am so sad my kids can’t experience that kind of travel. Now they have to be in a car seat until they are 8!!!!

One time, we were riding in the “buggy van” and it broke down a couple hours from home. We didn’t have a lot of money, so my dad made some phone calls and someone from church had a friend that lived in the area…we stayed with the complete strangers overnight :-/ When I think about it, it is really kind of cool. That’s what Christianity is supposed to look like. It’s still weird though.

— Fake Phone Number wins every time!!!

Charity – / Anna 1

4. Do you go Black Friday shopping?

Anna – And get trampled to death by stampeding parents? Are you crazy?!

Charity – Ha!! OMgosh. My husband and I do Black Friday EVERY YEAR! It’s our favorite day of the year! We plan it out for months and months. As the ads leak, we are eating them up like candy!!!!!! There are many tricks to it…If you know which places price match, they aren’t ever sold out and you can snatch stuff up easily!! Also, another secret of the trade is at Kohls (and places like that). If you buy a $1 piece of jewelry, you can avoid the mile long line and check out at the jewelry counter (;

One year, we had a cart full of stuff at Target and this lady came over and started grabbing stuff OUT OF OUR CART!! It was soooo hilarious! We always go with the idea that we will just have fun and not get stressed. So, we knew it would be a fun story to tell. It’s always funny at Target because they just have to wear a red shirt and khaki pants. People always imitate the employees and tell people random things (like the wrong direction to find the product, or the wrong prices). It adds to the hilarity of it all. ** This year, Target got smart and made their employees wear “Black Friday Team Member t-shirts. BOOOOO!!!)

— I win!!!!!

Charity 1 / Anna 1

5. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Anna- Depending on my mood, either chocolate chip cookie dough or good old chocolate! 🙂 (Yum, now I’ve gotta go raid my freezer!)

Charity – HA! I am not the friend you want to have around if you want to diet. I LOOOVEEEEE FOOOODDD!! Yum Yum.

Oddly enough, I’m not a huge fan of ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter would be my fav, but I don’t usually like it. I prefer CANDY CANDY CANDY. Chewy Sprees, Chewy Sweet-Tarts, Bumpy Jelly Beans (Oh. My. Gosh!!!)

— You got that one!! I didn’t even have a good answer for my own questions. dumb.

Charity 1 / Anna 2

6. Favorite place you have visited?

Anna – I’ve put a lot of thought into this question and I honestly can’t pick a favorite of the places I’ve been; each comes with its own special charm and allure. The Smoky mountains (especially in the fall), the Emerald Coast beaches, Lancaster, PA, Washington D.C., Georgia, and the list goes on and on. 🙂

Charity – Girl, I’ve got nothing on your travel!! I would love to see all the states!!

— Definitely a win for Anna

Charity 1 / Anna 3

7. How do you bring God the most glory in your life?

Anna – That’s an excellent question. There are many answers I could give, like leading worship on Sunday mornings at the chapel on base or through my writing. But honestly, most of it is probably in the little, day-to-day interactions with people, in the things that don’t seem that important at the time.

Charity – I love that answer! You are so right. It is in the little day-to-day things.

— God Wins

Charity 1 / Anna 3

8. How did you meet your husband?

Anna – I met my husband at a little church in Indiana 2 weeks before he left for Air Force Basic Training. Both of us had been asked to sing there. He almost left early and my family and I got lost and almost didn’t make it, but God obviously had other plans. We had a long-distance relationship for 4 years while he was in the military and I traveled with my family’s band. Actually, we just celebrated our 1-year anniversary on April 4th. 🙂

Charity – So sweet! God is insanely sovereign. I never get tired of hearing about His sovereignty!! (April 4th is my sis’s birthday! woot!!)

Ok, so my hubby…ha ha. I got saved when I was 25 year old. I was a single mom and had started going to church. Still immature, (but I haven’t changed much! ha ha) I saw this guy walk in and I said to my best friend, “Look at that hot slab of meat!”. Needless to say, he was terrified of me. He had just gotten saved too and saved from a life of drugs, jail and a horrible lifestyle. He saw me as someone that could easily pull him back down since I was so new to God. He would try to avoid me every time he saw me. He would get really nervous when he saw me coming because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. He had just moved here from the Chicago area and didn’t know anyone. I was “Miss Perky” and kept inviting him to hang out. He finally got bored enough after a year! lol 🙂 The rest was history. The first time we hung out, we spent HOURS just walking around downtown area of Norfolk, VA talking about all God had done and changed in our lives. It was amazing.

We never looked back

— I’m taking that one!! My husband hated me when we met and I STILL GOT THAT HOT SLAB OF MEAT! (;

Charity 2 / Anna 3

9. What’s your favorite State?

Anna – Florida! I’ve been a fan of Florida since I was a little girl and we would visit my grandmother in Orlando every year. If it was up to me, I’d never leave. (knocks on wood)

Charity – I love my state (Virginia), but I absolutely love Kentucky and Nevada. ❤ Both are sooo beautiful (and opposite!!)

— tie!

Charity 2 / Anna 3

10. Are you a Summer Beach girl, or a Snowy Winter girl?

Anna – I am definitely a Summer Beach girl, especially since I moved to Panama City last year. I hate cold weather with a passion, wear flip flops year round, and I have to have my weekly beach fix or I get cranky!

Charity – Ohhhh… I do love my flip-flops, but I also love Virginia. We actually get all 4 seasons and I LOVE it. Besides, winter clothes hide my fat better!! (although, Fall is my favorite time of year!! So beautiful and holidays are in the air…)

— Tie?

Charity 2 / Anna 3

11. Favorite band/singer?

Anna – Is it lame to say “My husband!”? He plays the piano and has such a beautiful voice… I could listen to him for hours. Sometimes in the evenings, he will play and sing while I’m writing/reading and it’s absolute bliss. 🙂

Charity – ahhh.. Now look what you did there! I can’t answer that in any way that would win. pssshhhhhh

— Anna. That’s how it’s done.

Charity 2 / Anna 4

12. Have you ever competed in one of those things where if you eat a GINORMOUS 30lb burger you get it for free and your pic on the wall (or something like that)?

Anna – LOL No, but that’s just because I know I’d never make it to the wall. I have a pretty small stomach so I’d probably get a maybe a quarter of it down, then be sick and still have to pay full-price. I’ve always admired the people who could eat like that, though.

Charity – That makes me want to barf even thinking about it!!!! It would be so fun to watch. You would feel sick watching, but it would be impossible to look away!!!

Charity 2 / Anna 4

i_lost_the_game_by_angelstar100-d31fwo0 Again.

Thanks, so much, Anna!! That was a lot of fun (: Your answers had me cracking up!!!

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Face-Off with Helo Matzelle!!

Helo’s new book is an incredible memoir of her incredible journey with a rare brain tumor. Review to follow on April 3rd!

But for now, we play!!!

It’s time for another epic Face-Off!! Let’s not waste another minute!


The rules are simple. I ask Helo some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Favorite summertime activity?

Helo – Splashing in the water (a lake, river or sprinkler) with my family. I love watching everyone giggle!

Charity – Fun! I love just sitting out in the green grass soaking up the sun while the family runs all around throwing a football and laughing. ahhh

— tie

2. Favorite fast food?

Helo – Chipotle—Fresh, fast, and a Matzelle family staple!

Charity – Oh, we do love Mexican food! But, Chick-fil-A and Panera are hard to beat!!!

— tie

3. Have you ever had a food fight?

Helo – Yes, I did, once—and once is enough. A group of high school friends and I worked at a chain restaurant. We collectively “won” over a dozen hot fudge sundaes during a contest. After eating a few, we were full, and needed to find a purpose for the additional sundaes. OH NO! They flew! We spattered each other with ice-cream and fudge. That was a messy and fun to do!

Charity – ha!! So fun!!!! I did an epic, all out food fight in college. Other than that, sometimes when my son has a friend over, I’ll start pelting them with marshmallows. Always time for a food fight!

— tie

4. What ingredients make up your favorite smoothie or juice?

Helo – Raspberries, strawberries, bananas, spinach, and protein powder.

Charity – This is very difficult! It’s hard to pick a winner because your answers are so similar!! You are supposed to say that you either had a food fight on top of the Empire State Building, or none at all (;

I like a green smoothie: Cabbage, Spinach, Green Apple, Cucumber. mmmmmm

— tie

5. Biggest book you’ve ever read?

Helo – “Biggest” because it is the most beautiful love letter ever written—The Bible

Charity – Ok, now, there you did it. You went and pulled the Bible card! I have no chance to give a better answer. That’s how it’s done!!!

— Nothing I could do!

Charity 0 / Helo 1

6. What countries have you visited?

Helo – I was born in Delft, Holland. I’ve visited Canada, Germany, France and Denmark. I’ve lived in the United States for almost fifty years.

Charity – Ok, you have proven your point.

I have been to The Dominican Republic, Israel, Canada and America. Not too fancy!!

— Obvious

Charity 0 / Helo 2

7. How do you bring God the most glory in your life?

Helo – I tell Him that I love Him everyday—sometimes minute by minute—and then I realize that He loved me yesterday, loves me today—and will love me tomorrow. Then I can’t seem to get enough of Him!

Charity – Beautiful!!

— God wins!

8. Have you ever swam with a dolphin?

Helo – If you asked anyone who knows me well, they’d say, “One day, Helo hopes to swim with a dolphin!” I’ve wanted to, for as long as I can remember, but never have.

Charity – Wow! What are the odds I would ask you that? (: I haven’t either. It would be so fun!!

— tie

9. Favorite Starbucks drink?

Helo – A Grande Decaf Vanilla Latte. Starbucks is my favorite coffee! In my memoir, “Halo Found Hope,”  the chapter titled, “Changes, Changes and More Changes,” features a scene at Starbucks during my inpatient rehabilitation hospital stay. “…My tilted double vision made the straight staircase look spiral instead. A black patch was put on one of my eyes, and that helped straighten the staircase for me. I was physically drained, but determined to get to Starbucks… At the bottom was my reward: a Starbucks Grande Decaf Vanilla Latte and a Cake Pop. I sat again and rested, reminding myself that someday, I would be released from the hospital and enjoy Starbucks closer to home.”

Charity – lol! Oh my goodness!! That deserves the win!!!! I love the Salted Carmel Mocha. It is only available FOR SURE in the Fall. Otherwise they run out of salt.

— Hands down!!

Charity 0 / Helo 3

10. Any funny stories around how you and your husband met (or while you dated)?

Helo – We met the in a Psychology 101 course at the University of Washington our freshman year. A week later, we sat together again. I was impressed that he “remembered” my name. Actually, he read “Helo Dawson” off of my Pee-Chee folder—but I was still enamored! We stopped “dating” six years later, when he took me out for Chinese food. I couldn’t figure out why he got up and left the table for so long. I guess it’s hard to pull out fortunes from fortune cookies, without breaking the cookie and ripping the paper—and finding the “right one.” Rich came back, blushing. He asked, “Helo, would you like a cookie?” I opened it—and it said, “You will be awarded a great honor.” I thanked Rich and smiled. He asked me to turn that pink strip of paper over. On the back, he had written, “Helo, will you marry me?” I don’t think I’ve ever jumped that high before! “Yes!” I exclaimed.

Charity – That is so romantic! What a wonderful proposal!! (took him long enough! ha ha) I love it!

— You are leaving me in the dust!

Charity 0 / Helo 4
11. Target or Wal-Mart?

Helo – Back and forth. Target is just down the street from my home. Walmart is close to where my kids go to school. Target – Walmart – Target – Walmart

Charity – bahhh. No!! Target must be #1. Besides, they close on Easter and Christmas (;



Charity 1 / Helo 4

Thanks so much, Helo!! I had a great time getting to know you a little better (: Looking forward to reading your book!

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