Face-Off with Michelle Griep!!

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If you didn’t see Round 1, you can check it out HERE!! It happened to end in a tie, so this is going to have to declare a winner.

Check out her beautiful books!!

On Michelle’s site, she has an entire page dedicated to book clubs. She gives you so many ideas for games, book playlists and even refreshments! The best part? She says right on there to invite her along!!! There’s a link to contact her to see if she can skype or call in. WOOT WOOT!! Now that’s an offer!!!!

Let’s do this!


The rules are simple. I ask Michelle some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Have you ever squished grapes with your toes to make wine? Would you?

Michelle – Apparently I lead a sheltered life because I’ve never dabbled in grape squishing. Not that I’m averse to the idea, mind you, especially if I get to wear a ruffley skirt and a peasant blouse. Some gypsy music in the background would be nice. And there are Italian men to wash my feet afterwards. Would you throw in a massage afterwards as well?

Charity – Hmm. I haven’t either. Perhaps we should vaca together? I am not sure about the Italian men…Guess we will find out!

— Tie

Charity 1 / Michelle 1

2. Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart

Michelle – Have you ever tried to whip up a recipe from one of Martha’s magazines? I have. Let’s just say I’d rather have my head nailed to the kitchen floor with a staple gun instead of EVER trying that again. Besides which, the woman did time in the slammer and I’m pretty sure she’s a zombie. All that to say, I’m going with Betty.

She wears better clothes.

Charity – Now, that is a fabulous visual. All of it.

I have to agree. I think you are correct about her. Martha is definitely not human. I HATE doing any of her crafts or recipes.

— Tie

Charity 2 / Michelle 2

3. Worst prank you played while in college?

Michelle – I am not edumacated. I is a non-college goer. However, I have played a few pranks in my day, mostly at church women’s retreats. Is that wrong? Personal fave . . . lift the toilet seat and stretch some Saran Wrap across the opening, then put the seat back down. Splashy, splashy. Eew!

Charity – Oh my gosh! hahaha. Yes, that’s wrong. Women don’t like that sort of thing…Only “special” women like you and me. While that is a classic prank, I think I had a better one. I know I have told this story before, but it is that good.

When I was in college, I really didn’t like my dean. It was a Christian school and I felt he was terribly hypocritical. (Never mind the fact that I shouldn’t have ever been sent to a Christian college to lead so many an innocent students astray.) Moving on.

I disliked the man so much that I broke into the his office one night and moved his office furniture into the elevator. It wasn’t so bad. I arranged it the same way…Best part? He was late to work the next day. HAHAHA. Everyone got to ride the elevator before he even knew it was there.

— Totally taking that one!

Charity 3 / Michelle 2

4. Have you ever eaten kangaroo meat?

Michelle – Dang it. I will have to concede this point. Does hopping around on one foot while eating a hamburger count?

Charity – Yes. Why, yes it does, in fact.

— Michelle takes it.

Charity 3 / Michelle 3

5. Most useless piece of furniture that you own, but can’t get rid of?

Michelle – It’s kind of a bird house on a stick but might be an end table though it’s a really cool shade of lime green and if you put a candle in it, it can pass as a candle holder. Maybe.

Charity – 😮 <— That’s my face right now. *confused*


I’m sorry, but this is what I’m picturing and I’m pretty sure I can’t beat that.

— Michelle

Charity 3 / Michelle 4

6. If spouses weren’t “in the way”, so to speak, would you rather go on a blind date with Donald Trump or Justin Bieber?


Michelle – Hold on a second while I go dip my body in hand sanitizer because just reading that question makes me feel violated. Whew. This is a tough one. Okay, after a few deep breaths, I’m going to go with the Biebster. Donald Trump’s hair makes me angry.

Charity – I’m a belieber. I beliebe that Donald Trump’s hair will have it’s own ballot. It may very well be our next president.

— Tie

Charity 4 / Michelle 5

7. What 80’s band is your favorite?

Michelle – Amy Grant isn’t really a band, but she was a big back in the day and I bought all her albums. But if a single performer isn’t technically a “band” according to your rules, then I’ll go with Huey Lewis and the News. Love the way he reaffirms nerds with his Hip to Be Square.

Charity – Ima gonna have to agree with you on the Amy thing. That song gets kinda stuck in your head….FOREVER!!!

— Tie

Charity 5 / Michelle 6

8. God is brought most glory in my life when ________________?

Michelle – I shut my mouth. Seriously. The things that sometimes fly past my lips appall even me.

Charity – Oh. My. Stars. You and me both, girlfriend. You and me both…

Why is “the line” invisible? I always cross it because I don’t have a clue where the pesky thing is!!!

— Whew. God wins when we keep our mouths shut.

Charity 5 / Michelle 6

9. Nascar or Golf?

Michelle – Nascar. I never mastered the golf clap and there’s always the chance of a fiery explosion in a car race. Not so much in a golf game. Unless the golfer ate too many beans for lunch. TMI?

Charity – haha! Never TMI. Ever.

I hate them both. boooooooooooring. Give me some football!!

— Michelle

Charity 5 / Michelle 7

10. What’s your best wii fit game?

Michelle – Hula hoop. You want to take me on? Cuz girl, my hips are smokin’ hot when it comes to that game. Yeah. That is TMI for sure.

Charity – AHHH!! Girl, you don’t even want to pretend to imagine me hula hoooping. hahahaha. I can’t even get it to go around once with a big swing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Charity 5 / Michelle 8



Paperback or eBook?

I’m going old school on this and choosing paperback. I love to dog-ear, highlight, and drag my books around in cute totebags.

Charity – Oh, yes. I agree…Well, I also love eBooks. I think it is a tie!! My favorite, beautiful novels need to be the real deal so I can stare at the cover. Anything else can be eBook.

THANK YOU!! I always love having you here. Looking forward to all your new releases coming up and a chance to redeem myself!!!! Until next time!! 🙂

Jesus Without Borders: What Planes, Trains, & Rickshaws Taught Me About Jesus

by Chad Gibbs

Traveling all over the world so you can “research how people worship” is very clever. Well played, Chad! Well played.

This book had me hooked from the beginning. It is always interesting to see how other cultures worship God and live their lives. In America, for some reason, we always think we are the professionals of everything. However, Christianity has been practiced for years in other countries long before the good ol’ U.S. of A. ever existed.

Chad’s witty humor (yes, actually laughing out loud while reading a book is not very cool…I know), honesty and writing style have you “whipping through” this book. You’ll enjoy flipping the pages as well as learning a lot of new things about the world around us** (**Yes, there is a world outside of the Bible Belt of America).

5 Solid Stars! Pick it up for that friend of yours that loves travel, culture and a good laugh here and there. (Link is in the pic above). Thanks, netgalley and Chad Gibbs, for a copy of this book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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Remember, there are only two mandatory entries. The rest are just extras!! All entries will be checked and any falsified entries will be disqualified.

Good luck!!!

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