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  • Face-Off with Jocelyn Green!!

    Face-Off with Jocelyn Green!!

    And….WE’RE BACK!!!!! Woot Woot! I am so excited to announce that face-offs are back up and running with all kinds of fun in store! I’m especially “psyched out of my mind” about this fabulous author agreeing to be the first after a long break. (If you are wondering where I have been, just check out…

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  • The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

    The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

    by Julie Klassen The much awaited, new series by Julie Klassen is finally here! Well, it was here before Christmas, but I have been a bit behind… If you have read much Klassen, you will want to know that this book is significantly different than her others. All of her books have basically stood alone…

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  • Face-Off with Colleen Coble!!

    Face-Off with Colleen Coble!!

    Yep! You read that RIGHT! Colleen Coble!!!!!! Multi award winning author of 1 or 2 million books 😉 I’m sure you’ve seen and read quit a few!! Well, today, you are going to get to find out some fun facts about this wonderful author!!! The Mercy Falls Collection is only $12.99 for ALL THREE BOOKS!! The…

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  • Face-Off with Kristy Cambron!!

    Face-Off with Kristy Cambron!!

    I am super excited to introduce you all to Kristy Cambron today!!  Most of you have probably heard of Kristy, or even read her books, but you’ll get to find out a whole lot more! I will be reviewing A Sparrow in Terezin later today, so start holding your breath!! This awesome new author has…

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  • Face-Off with Loraine Nunley

    Face-Off with Loraine Nunley

    I am excited to introduce you to one of my favorite readers!!  I met Loraine through the blogging circles and now have a chance to face-off with her! She has authored seven books and I will be reviewing one today!! You can check her out on Amazon.     What I really love about Loraine…

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  • Chatting with Caryl McAdoo (and a FACE-OFF) +Giveaway!!!!

    Chatting with Caryl McAdoo (and a FACE-OFF) +Giveaway!!!!

    Alright! I am excited to introduce you to Caryl!  I am sure some of you have already read a few of her books, but you will be finding out all about her when we chat! A multi-published author, Caryl has hit on almost every genre imaginable! Today, she, and some other authors, will be having…

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  • Face-Off with Melanie Dickerson!!!!!!

    Face-Off with Melanie Dickerson!!!!!!

    I am sure pretty much all of my readers have heard of this fabulous lady!!! Let’s take a look at some of her achievements, shall we? For The Healer’s Apprentice: For The Merchant’s Daughter: Best part? Each of those books are only $5.12 right now!!!!!!  Ok, now that we have that cleared up…. We Play.…

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  • Face-Off with Rachel Hauck

    Face-Off with Rachel Hauck

    Who doesn’t love an awesome fairy tale? Isn’t it every girls’ dream to marry a prince?? This is the third book in Rachel’s Royal Wedding Series. (and the first one I’ve read!!!) Review to follow later today. For now, we play!! The rules are simple: I ask Rachel some random questions. She replies and then I…

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  • Face-Off with Sarah M. Eden!!

    Face-Off with Sarah M. Eden!!

    Sarah has long been one of my favorite authors! You can check out all of her books Here! The Kiss of a Stranger is one of my favorites! She writes quite a bit of Regency romance, but has other genres too. Best part about this book? It’s only $3.99!! Now, that’s a steal! (Link is…

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  • Face-Off with Chad Gibbs

    Face-Off with Chad Gibbs

    Chad Gibbs’ newest book will be released on Tuesday. Jesus Without Borders: What Planes, Trains and Rickshaws Taught Me About Jesus is his third book and I will be offering up my review on its release date! woop!! — Link is in the pic But for now, we play…. Wha?? You don’t even know what…

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