The Elegant Façade

by Kristi Ann Hunter

Let me start by saying that this is my favorite book I have read this year. There is so much that is GREAT about this story, I don’t even know where to begin!

After reading about Georgina in Miranda’s story,  A Noble Masquerade, the stage was set. Georgina is exactly the kind of girl you love to hate. While Miranda was soft and kind, her sister, Georgina, is cruel and heartless…or so it would seem.  In An Elegant Façade, we learn the reasons behind Georgina’s actions.

I love how the books run parallel to each other. I found myself reading them both side-by-side and enjoying the first all over again. How fun to go back and read the perspective of everyone else watching the hilarity of Miranda and Ryder’s story play out while seamlessly intertwining Georgina and Colin’s. Beautifully done!

Depth is another thing that is not lacking. There are layers to the characters. Yes, it’s light and fun reading, but there are real life things here and they are all beautifully written. You won’t be able to put this one down. Full of witty banter, a strong sense of Regency history and a whole lot of grace. Don’t miss out!

Thank you, so much, for this great read in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!


The Reluctant Duchess

by Roseanna M. White

Another fabulous read from Roseanna M. White. In this book, she continues on with the characters from The Lost Heiress. The Duke of Nottingham is back and as brilliant as ever!! As he seeks God’s will at every turn, he is surprised by what God asks him to do next…

What a great book. It captures the good and the bad of the ton during the Edwardian era. It’s beautifully written and the characters have so much depth. God is so intertwined with this storyline that there wasn’t anywhere that had to stop to include Him. That’s so rare in a story and it’s VERY appreciated. No token prayer here and there in this one!

I love that Roseanna is not scared to talk about heavy issues either. Women were property that had the purpose of providing their spouse with money (by way of a dowry) and an heir. They were easily taken advantage of and ruined for life. Speaking out about rape and bullying is much needed even now.

If you have not read the first book, you will need to. The story will be confusing without. It’s definitely not a stand-alone novel. I do highly recommend! All of you coming off of 6 seasons of Downton, this is your chance to get an Edwardian fix!!! Just click on the links below to get your copy:

Thanks so much for this great book in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion! Here’s to many more!!

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Helen Finds Her Song (w/Face-Off and GIVEAWAY)

by Jennifer Moore

Can you say, “WELL RESEARCHED”??? I was blown away by the amount of historical information coming to me in this fabulous, little, Regency tale! As a lover of all things Regency, I knew I would love this book (Besides, what’s not to love when the fabulous Jennifer Moore is authoring a book!?).

This story takes place in India as Helen has just moved there with her mother and step-father. With so many beautiful sites and strange customs, she is overwhelmed and fascinated. She quickly becomes friends with her step-father’s right hand man, Captain Rhodes, and turns to him for protection and advice in this foreign land.

Everything moves along at a great pace. It’s so well written and the characters are very complex. You will fall in love with so many of them. As far as religious content goes, I was not thrilled with one line in the book where it says how all the different religions pray to the same god. I definitely do not agree with that. However, it was just a passing statement and was not part of the content as a whole. I still highly recommend this clean read. It’s so well done.

Thank you for this wonderful book in exchange for my review! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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Austen in Austin

by Gina Welborn, Anita Mae Draper, Susanne Dietze, Debra E. Marvin

So much fun! I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t ever get enough of Jane Austen adaptations. In this book, you will find four different Wild West Austen novellas: Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, and Northanger Abbey.

If you love Austen as much as I do, be sure to pick up this fabulous little book. What’s more fulfilling than having FOUR HAPPY ENDINGS in ONE BOOK!???? You can’t go wrong. Even though these are short stories, you’ll find a lot of depth here.

Thanks so much for this great read in exchange for my honest review. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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Playing the Part

by Jen Turano

As an up and coming actress, Lucetta has many obsessive admirers. After her step-father loses in a game of cards, she has to go on the run because he has lost and she is the prize! With an adamant admirer on her heels, she runs for shelter in the castle of a man she’s never met. Much to her dismay, he is also a big fan of her!

This is so different than I expected. It’s definitely a rom-com throughout. Ridiculous things keep happening throughout that will have you chuckling at their misfortunes. Clean story and lots of fun. Definitely should check it out!!

Thank you for this awesome book in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

Dawn at Emberwilde

by Sarah E. Ladd

Oh how I love Sarah. She is such a fabulous writer. Her final romantic endings are always perfectly written! *swoon*

Dear, innocent Isobel has suddenly been removed from her life-in-training as a governess. Found by her long-lost aunt, she’s thrown into life as an upscale lady. She quickly finds that the luxury and prestige come at a great cost and must decide what is the best life for her and her sister.

There are many elements to this story. You’ll find mystery, intrigue, love, lessons, broken hearts, greed, manipulation and much more. What you won’t find is much about God. It could easily sell under a non-christian publisher. Still, it is clean, well written and kept me turning the pages. I highly recommend anything by Sarah E. Ladd!!!!

Thank you for this amazing book in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

Face-Off with Susanne Dietze!!

**Stay Tuned Below For A Big Announcement from Susanne Dietze!**

8511498According to Susanne Dietze, she began writing love stories in high school, casting her friends in the starring roles. Today, she’s the award-winning author of over half-dozen new and upcoming historical romances. A pastor’s wife and mom of two, she loves fancy-schmancy tea parties, travel, and curling up on the couch with a costume drama and a plate of nachos.

She has co-written multiple historical fiction books with some of the best Christian authors out there.

One of my favorite things about this fabulous lady is her love for all things Regency! That’s something we have in common ❤

You can check out some of her great Austen retellings here! They are such a good price!! Keep an eye out for my review of her book, Austen in Austin.

If you want to learn some fun Regency cant, check out her article! You might be buffle headed, or think she is dicked in the nob, but this is NOT a faradiddle! I daresay, you shall enjoy it! 😉

Shall we?




The rules are simple:

I ask Susanne some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Have you ever had a tire blow out or something crazy like that happen while driving?

Susanne – Plenty of scary things, but the wackiest was one holiday weekend when I drove home from college. I had two passengers and had just dropped one off when I got back on the freeway, hit my turn signal switch to change lanes, and the switch literally broke off. It’s not like I’m the Hulk or anything–it just broke! The headlight controls on my ’85 Accord were on the turn signal switch, too, so when the switch detached from the steering wheel column, the headlights went out. It was night. In Los Angeles. I was hours from home and maybe 20 years old. I am so glad I wasn’t alone! The girl I was with helped me use a pencil to get the headlights back on, and we made it home safely, but of course the next day I learned I couldn’t just fix the switch. I had to replace the entire steering wheel column. The whole thing was nuts.

Charity – 😯 Now, that is what I call a debacle! What in the world. haha. I love that you needed to clarify that you aren’t the Hulk. ha!

I was driving along back in the early 90’s when all of the sudden, my car started making a horrific noise. I pulled over to the side of the ride and a policeman PROMPTLY pulled up behind me, jumped out of his car and started spraying the mess out of my car with a fire extinguisher! I was like, ????? He said that I had huge flames coming out of my hood! hahaha. Natural blonde here…

— Tie

Charity 1 / Susanne 1

2. Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush?

Susanne – My first was Luke Skywalker. Not Mark Hamill, mind you. Luke. Maybe it was his swooshy blond hair, I don’t know. I was 6, maybe, and wrote Susie Skywalker on a piece of paper. As I grew older, I transferred my Star Wars-actor-affections to Harrison Ford. I had a poster of him as Indiana Jones on my ceiling.


Charity – That’s great! Those were the days…I was so in love with Atreyu from The Neverending Story. hahaha. He looks like a BABY!!! That is really bonkers. hahaha


— Who was YOUR celeb crush in the 70’s/80’s? (or even 90’s) I will leave this one to a crowd vote!!! Which one were you in love with as a kiddo?


3. What’s your favorite Regency adaptation?

Susanne – I can’t choose between the BBC Colin Firth P&P and the Keira Knightley P&P. nickel-fig-2They are both utterly enjoyable in their own ways. To be honest, every version of P&P is highly enjoyable because I get to spend time with Darcy and Lizzie. Did you ever watch “Wishbone” in the 90’s, that PBS show? I mean, look at this picture from the episode “Furst Impressions”… Mr. Darcy is a Jack Russel terrier!!! How could you resist him?

Susanne Dietze Wishbone Pride and Prejudice

Charity – lol! hahahahaha. That is so frightening! SO frightening! Ok, I need to tell you that there is NO WAY I can give you that point if you even compare Keira to Colin Firth. No comparison in the two.

–I get it!

Charity 2 / Susanne 1

4. Which Jane Austen heroine is your favorite?

Susanne – Ack! This is hard! Can it be a tie?Elizabeth-and-Mr-Darcy Lizzie Bennet, because she’s Lizzie, but Emma makes me laugh because, like me, she thinks she knows what’s what, and half the time she’s wrong. I love how Austen heroines have weaknesses, just like real people, and they grow and learn through their mistakes and problems.

Charity – I agree!!! haha. I love Marianne and Emma. They are so much like me and are seriously the luckiest in their men. Nothing is as dreamy as Colonel Brandon or Mr. Knightley!!!! ❤ ❤


Charity 3 / Susanne 2

5. Can you tell me what is in bologna? (Sorry about this frightening pic…I couldn’t help but use it once I saw it…)


Susanne – My guess is “meat” and “parts” of “stuff.”

Charity – hahaha. I can’t even guess…*shudder*

–I will give it to you!

Charity 3 / Susanne 3

6. What’s the best kind of potato chip?

Susanne – Right now I have an affection for Baked Lays. They taste like Pringles. They are so light and crunchy, it’s easy to pretend they aren’t bad for me. Give me a bag and I’m like Cookie Monster. Nom nom nom.

Charity – Girl, I’m right there with ya. Chips are my downfall. I could go my entire life without chocolate, but….a bag of chips? I don’t think I could live without!!!!!! I pretty much love all kinds. Salt and Vinegar & Cool Ranch Doritos are probably my favorite.


Charity 4 / Susanne 4

7. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Susanne – The short answer is by striving to be obedient, to serve Him, and to acknowledge Him as the source of every grace and blessing in my life. However, I struggle with obedience sometimes. One place I’ve found encouragement and challenge is in the writings of Therese of Lisieux, a 19th C. French Carmelite nun. She died when she was 24, and outside of her nunnery, she was unknown and unimportant–her world was very small. (But now she’s quite famous and Mother Teresa took her name from Therese.) She said something that’s stuck with me: “Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.”

Therese used every single thing in her life to as a vehicle through which to praise God and thank Him. Sweeping. Putting up with an annoying person. Having insomnia. Dying of tuberculosis. It’s challenged me to change my outlook and give Him glory through all things, big or small.

Charity – Love it!! That’s a beautiful truth ❤

–God Wins!

Charity 4 / Susanne 4

8. What’s your biggest fear?

Susanne – Something happening to my kids. That is hands down the thing I struggle with most, when it comes to handing my worries over to God.  I surrender them to Him, then I take them back. Sometimes within five seconds.

But I am also afraid of rats.image005 When my husband was in seminary, we discovered we had a rat problem when we woke up one morning to find something had crawled atop our kitchen table and eaten a candy bar, leaving a several-inches-thick swatch of grime and filth so we knew exactly where it came from and where it went. So. Gross. We lived in townhouses, and one of our neighbors woke up with a rat on her bed with her. Ewwwwww!!!! In our current house, a rat got into the attic and chewed through the hot water PVC pipe. Caused water damage and we had to replace part of the ceiling and some kitchen lights. It’s like we attract them–wait, don’t respond to that. Anyway, I am not kindly disposed to rodents.

Charity – ew. That is so awful!

This is my biggest fear:


Dentist Holding Dental Tools
Dentist Holding Dental Tools


Charity 5 / Susanne 5

9. Do you have any super weird habits?

Susanne – Do you count being vigilant in making sure rats can’t get in my house? Because there’s that.

Charity – Hmm. Yes, but I can see your need to do that. I find that I can only eat candy and mints in even amounts. Even chips. Odd.



Charity 6 / Susanne 6


So much fun! Thank you, Susanne!!!! balloons

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This third Austen in Austin novella is based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice:

“Urged by her family to marry for the sake of their dwindling finances, Eliza Branch prefers to pay for the remainder of her time at the Austen Academy by writing for the local paper. There’s plenty to write about now that railroad baron William Delacourt has come to Austin. His proposed northbound line may be good for local business, but she’s still stinging from his terrible first impression. If the rumors about William are true, then he deserves to be skewered in print. But when Eliza’s pen gets ahead of her conscience, it’s William who makes everything right—and the reasons behind his sacrifice just might be the story of Eliza’s lifetime.”

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PicCollage(1)Susanne is releasing a NEW REGENCY BOOK. It was sold to Love Inspired Historical and will be due in early 2017!

Congratulations, Susanne!!! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to hold this fabulous book in my little regency loving hands!!! ❤ ❤


Charity’s Cross

by MaryLu Tyndall

Before I get into anything, I need to say, GREAT HEROINE NAME! Woot Woot!

<– Check them out here!

Charity’s Cross is book four in the Charles Towne Belles series and it’s just as fabulous as the others! MaryLu is absolutely one of my favorite authors. Her books were some of the first I started reading in the Christian Fiction genre. Her stories are always fun stories full of pirates, passion and faith.

The book starts out saying, “Charity killed her husband.” and so began an adventurous story. As she is on the run after killing her husband in self defense, she meets a preacher named Elias. They travel together, under a set of strange circumstances, causing love to bloom. When he learns of her past, what will he do?

Always full of hard issues, deep faith and heart-stopping action. I love this author and her love for God. It spills over into her books in such a special way!! I highly recommend you picking up a copy!

Thank you, MaryLu, for this awesome book in exchange for my review! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

For more fun, check out my awesome review with this lovely lady!!!

Face-Off with Regina Jennings!!

authors20-427x640 I am SO happy to have Regina Jennings here today! What a lovely, lovely lady!!!!! She’s a homeschool mamma, avid traveler and a self-proclaimed “Redneck Bluestocking”. Love it!!

You may have seen one of my latest posts
about her new release, At Love’s Bidding. Be sure to check it out and grab a copy of this fun read!!! You won’t regret it.

Check out this cute pic of Regina in the outfit from her book, Caught in the Middle. I absolutely love this!! ❤ ❤

  You can check out a bunch of her awesome books here:

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Let’s do this!!!

The rules are simple. I ask Regina some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Most bizarre thing that happened on a mission trip?

Regina – We were going to a village in Mexico to have services at the farmhouse of some believers. Before we got there the missionary warned us about their dogs. They had aggressive dogs that might bite, so we were advised to stay away from them.

Of course the dogs were there at the truck just licking their chops and waiting for us to step out, but they behaved themselves. Still, I kept an eye on them as I trekked across the rough ground to the side of the house where we were having the service. Our host led us to a log bench next to a chain-link cage.

The cage was about five feet high and the size of a generous bedroom closet. It housed a rough shelter that could give you splinters just from looking at it.

“Great,” I thought. “I’m sitting next to the dog pen!” Then I see a guy sitting in the cage. He’s glaring at me, like he’s contemplating how it’d feel to chop me up with a rusty machete.

What was he doing inside the cage? Cleaning it? Then I see a shackle on his leg. What in the world? I waved the missionary over to me, too afraid to get up and leave. Turns out the man in the manacles was the son of the family we were visiting. He’d tried to kill them once, burned their house while they were sleeping, so now they have to keep him chained up for the safety of themselves and their neighbors. Likely he’s suffering from some sort of mental illness or possession, but this village family didn’t have any resources at their disposal, so they dealt with it the best they could. They cared for him, fed him, gave him clothing and tried to include him in their family life, all while keeping him chained up in a cage because he is too dangerous to let out.

After that, I wasn’t so concerned about the dogs.

Charity – 😯 Oh. My. Word. That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever heard!!! hahahahaha I have absolutely nothing to compare to that! I was thinking of how scary is was being driven around the Dominican Republic…Those people have no road rules and much road rage.


— No comparison.

Charity 0 / Regina 1

2. As a “redneck bluestocking” and a homeschool mom, what is your favorite subject to teach (and your least!)?

Regina – I love teaching history and literature, and I chose our curriculum (Sonlight) because it is so rich in both. It seems every story connects to another story. Every reference brings up another interesting fact we can look up. Frequent referrals to the globe and our world history timeline book are required.

Ironically, what I hate to teach is reading. The mechanics of reading, the phonics and grammar, are so arbitrary, that it’s hard to get a feel for any consistent rule. Once I get a kid past that point, we celebrate.

Charity – I am a homeschool mamma too and, BOY, do we love our Sonlight curriculum! I have 3 boys and the teenage years are the best!!!!! I love all those subjects. I honestly can’t stand teaching kindergarten and the lower grades. Favorite subject is history. I’m such a history nerd and it’s so awesome that we live in the historic triangle. ❤ Least favorite is english mechanics. blah.

— Tie

Charity 1 / Regina 2

3. Have you ever been on a bucking bronco or a crazy bull?

Regina – I was on a horse with my husband and it gave a little buck. He landed on the saddle horn and got hurt. I was fine until he pushed me out of the saddle so he could regain his seat. That’s the truth, although he disputes my account. Either way I wasn’t as hurt as he was.

My only injury was on a donkey. I was helping my dad train a donkey and it got mad. It smashed my leg up against a pole fence leaving nice bruised-stripes on my leg. I didn’t go to the doctor because I was four months pregnant and thought I could do without the lecture.

Charity – Girl! You are crazy!!! haha. What in the world! I have not done either…but that could be because I am NOT an animal lover, thus I avoid them at all costs.

— Again, no comparison.

Charity 1 / Regina 3

4. Favorite BBQ on the grill recipe?

Regina – I eat a lot of Bar-B-Q, but I don’t grill. That’s my husband’s domain. Unless you are as big of a loser as I am in the kitchen, that question is an automatic win for you.

Charity – Hmm. Just look at the delightfulness of this picture and click on it for the recipe.


— I’ll take it!!

Charity 2 / Regina 3

5. Would you have enjoyed living in the 1800’s? What would you have liked and hated?

Regina – When? Where? Am I rich or am I a servant or slave? C’mon, be more specific!!

I know I would like to live in a society that was more God-honoring and respectful. I would like to raise my kids in an environment that wasn’t as fraught with temptations and hostile to families, but as far as conveniences, I really enjoy having the time to write and pursue some of my own interests. If I was an average woman in the 1800s, spare time and access to books wouldn’t be readily available.

Charity – I have to agree with everything you said. I also wish women still wore pretty dresses!!!! I don’t care how many layers! So beautiful and ladylike.

— tie

Charity 3 / Regina 4

6. Awesome, obscure and totally useless talent that you have?

Regina – I can lick my nose. Yep. I guess it’s not totally useless, but it’s disgusting enough to render it close.

Charity – Ha! Nice. I can wave my pinky toe back and forth. Pretty cool… You’ll want to be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear me say, “Ew” at the end of this video.

— Tie

Charity 4 / Regina 5

7. What kind of food is your greatest weakness?

Regina – Dessert! I love ice cream, chocolate, cheesecake, cookies, brownies… I don’t eat a lot for supper, but I rarely skip dessert. Feel free to send me candy.

Charity – I always tell my kids to eat dessert first because you don’t want to get filled up on dinner and not have room for it!

I’m a candy love and CHIPS!!! Chips have to be my biggest weakness. I could live my life without chocolate and that would be just fine.

— Tie

Charity 5 / Regina 6

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Regina – We humans are a frail and fallible bunch. But instead of allowing us wallow in self-pity, God tells us the reason for His design. It’s because He wants no confusion over who gets the credit for our deeds (1 Cor. 1:26-29, 2 Cor. 4:7). So God is glorified through our weaknesses, but that’s kind of hard to strive for, isn’t it? Fortunately, I don’t have to work hard cultivating weaknesses. They appear way too frequently. But it’s so reassuring to remember that whenever I feel inadequate, whenever I know I’m at the end of my strength, my knowledge, my efforts, that is when I’m least likely to try to take credit for what God has done. When I’m trusting Him, submitting to Him, having faith that He is in control, that’s when I’ve seen His glory most clearly.

Charity – Love that. It’s beautiful. My sister and I were just talking about that today!!

— God wins!

Charity 5 / Regina 6

9. Do you garden?

Regina – Ha! I love gardens, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming lawns. In the spring I do my best. I plant flowers and I try to keep them alive, but the Oklahoma heat and droughts are determined to ruin my efforts. I don’t have much to show for my work.

As far as a real, producing garden, I hate vegetables, so what’s the point?

Charity – HA! Oh my gosh. That’s amazing. I actually love veggies…BUT, I have a total black thumb. I kill every plant I’ve ever had. Every. One.

— Another tie!

Charity 6 / Regina 7

10. Last item you returned to the store?

Regina – My daughter’s college textbook! It was such a rip-off. For $40 we rented the textbook and the access key for the online extras. When we tried to log into the online portion it said that the access key had already been used, but we could buy another access key for $94(!!!!) I called Amazon and they pointed out the fine print that says the access key might not work, never mind that the item is listed as “book and access key”. But they did let me return it for a refund- minus a hefty restocking fee that was almost half the purchase price.

Let me just say… textbook people, enough is enough. Now you’re putting in $100 access keys that can only be used once per student? Way to fleece our future!

Charity – Rant heard. I had no idea. That’s ridiculous, but good to know. My oldest starts college next year 😯 I will be watching them and their sneaky ways…

Last item I returned was a 49’ers shirt from Target. I ordered a Redskins shirt for my son and they sent me a 49’ers. Lame.

— Textbook drama


Charity 6 / Regina 8


Regina–Question for you:

What is the weirdest thing you hoard?

Mine? Dryer lint and empty toilet paper rolls. I save those all year round, and then when winter comes, I stuff the dryer lint into the cardboard rolls and use them for fire starter for the fireplaces. Recycling Redneck style!

Charity – Wow! That is redneck style recycling!! haha. Love it! I am not sure what I hoard. I am a total organizer. Like, “Christmas is coming! What toys are you getting rid of to make room for the new?” Maybe skinny people clothes that I imagine I will actually wear again someday. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s a good one…By the time I fit in them, perhaps they’ll even be back in style.

Thank you, Regina! Such a blast. You are THE BEST! Custom-Balloon-design-tool

Who wants to win a book by this lovely lady? It’s easy! Just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering to win At Love’s Bidding. (Remember how I gave it a GLOWING review just a few days back? Yep, it’s a good one!)

*All entries will be checked
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At Love’s Bidding

by Regina Jennings

First of all, you know its going to be a great book when the cover is so beautiful! Secondly, it’s Regina Jennings! Come on!!

In this fun and offbeat story, Miranda Wimplegate is a proper Boston woman that heads out to the middle of nowhere to find a painting that was unintentionally sold at her auction house. Once she shows up in this little town, she is confused about who there would need or want such a fancy painting. While working with the local auction house, she is forced to spend her days with a scruffy backwoodsman, Wyatt Ballentine.

Of course, love blooms in the Ozarks 🙂 Another great story by Regina. Lots of fun, great characters, good pace and interesting storyline. I would highly recommend!

Thank you, Litfuse, Netgalley and Bethany House, for this great read. As always, this is my honest opinion! Here’s to many more!!