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  • Spy of Richmond

    by Jocelyn Green History buffs: TAKE NOTICE! Wow. If every fictional novel had this much history in it, we wouldn’t need school! Jocelyn does an incredible job of intertwining fictional and real characters in this story about the last years of the Confederacy. Sophia Kent is living in Richmond, the Capitol of the Confederacy. Her […]

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  • Wicked Women: Notorious, Mischievous, and Wayward Ladies from the Old West

    by Chris Enss Oh my goodness! Can I just say how much fun this book is? It’s full of stories about the wild women from the Old West! You always hear about Wild Bill, Pistol Pete, Doc Holliday and others…It’s not so often that we get to see how tough the cowgirls could be!!!! Chris […]

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  • Beyond all Dreams

    by Elizabeth Camden History, Intrigue, and Romance? Yes, please! Elizabeth Camden has written another historical and fact filled novel. Yes, it is fictional, but she wraps up the fiction with plenty of history for nerds like myself! Anna O’Brien is working in the Library of Congress in 1897. Women were just beginning to have rights […]

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