Halo Found Hope — A Memoir

by Helo Matzelle

In January 2011, Helo (pronounced Halo)and her doctors found a tumor the size of a golf ball deep down inside the brain. A week later, she was having surgery to remove it. While it was a successful surgery, her body was traumatized and her brain started swelling up. It was a scary time for the family as she fought for her life during the weeks that followed.

What I REALLY LOVED about this book is that the focus isn’t on her illness. This whole book is a big worship song to God. As Helo fights her worldly reactions of depression, worry, fear, anger, etc…, we see her fighting back with God’s help. Instead of focusing on her fight to take step after step at the grocery store, she is offering to pay the bill for the person behind her. She is helping others that are struggling.

That’s really all life is about. Helo understands this. She knows that our purpose is to bring God glory. Nothing else. In doing that, we are brought joy and happiness because that’s what we were created to do. As she struggled with insurance companies, she just focused on bringing God glory. In Exodus 14:14, we are told, “The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still”. She gets it and He did fight for her. He fought the battles that she chose not to get worked up over. She just loved others and opens up with a transparent heart showing us how to do the same.

5 Solid Stars. Thank you so much, litfuse, for this wonderful book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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Booked – literature in the soul of me

by Karen Swallow Prior

From the very first story to the powerful and final statement , I was enraptured. In Karen’s book, cleverly titled “Booked”, we see her life intertwined with literature and God. What a task to bring them all together. I assure you, she was up for the challenge!!

Each chapter is dedicated to some form of literature that made a huge impact on her life. It may surprise you that I did not grow up reading books like Karen did. In fact, books are a relatively new thing for me! Seeing how she was able to pull truths out of these books, that are so quickly overlooked, completely blew my mind. I honestly wish I could spend about a week absorbing each chapter. They are so rich in content and full of truths.

I believe that every person could learn and grow from this book. I don’t care what stage you are at, there is something here for you. She tackles the tough issues without reserve. There is no holding back. It’s so beautifully offered up, you almost miss the depth of what is there!

Thank you so much, Karen, for this book! As always, this is my honest opinion. I would ask that everyone reading this check out Booked! There’s a link in the pic above.

Also, don’t forget to check out NAME IT!! and see if you can do better than I did!!