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  • Can I Truly have joy in 2020?

    Can I Truly have joy in 2020?

    So, this about sums it up. I knew we shouldn’t have raided Area 51! 😳 Here I was all excited about the new year and all the things we had planned…I don’t even need to elaborate. You get it. You totally get it. I mean, just imagine trying to explain to someone that just woke…

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  • Halo Found Hope — A Memoir

    Halo Found Hope — A Memoir

    by Helo Matzelle In January 2011, Helo (pronounced Halo)and her doctors found a tumor the size of a golf ball deep down inside the brain. A week later, she was having surgery to remove it. While it was a successful surgery, her body was traumatized and her brain started swelling up. It was a scary…

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  • Booked – literature in the soul of me

    Booked – literature in the soul of me

    by Karen Swallow Prior From the very first story to the powerful and final statement , I was enraptured. In Karen’s book, cleverly titled “Booked”, we see her life intertwined with literature and God. What a task to bring them all together. I assure you, she was up for the challenge!! Each chapter is dedicated…

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