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  • Chatting with Caryl McAdoo (and a FACE-OFF) +Giveaway!!!!

    Chatting with Caryl McAdoo (and a FACE-OFF) +Giveaway!!!!

    Alright! I am excited to introduce you to Caryl!  I am sure some of you have already read a few of her books, but you will be finding out all about her when we chat! A multi-published author, Caryl has hit on almost every genre imaginable! Today, she, and some other authors, will be having…

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  • Interview with Dawn Crandall + A GIVEAWAY!!!!

    Interview with Dawn Crandall + A GIVEAWAY!!!!

    I am super excited to be interviewing Dawn Crandall today! With the final book of her Everstone Chronicles released April 1st, the #Crandalls are dying to get their hands on the final book in the series!! Well, today you have a chance!!!! woot woot!! But first, I sat down and chatted with Dawn about the…

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  • Face-Off with Maria Grace

    Face-Off with Maria Grace

    Well, well! Look at those lovely Regency ladies!!! Who knew they could be so savage and face-off?! I am certain that wouldn’t be proper AT ALL!! The rules are simple: I ask Maria Grace some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get…

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  • “Which?” with Author Dawn Crandall

    “Which?” with Author Dawn Crandall

    It’s time for WHICH? with Dawn Crandall! If you haven’t read her books yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!! You can check out our fun Face-Off and my Review of her first book, The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles Book 1). Dawn is loads of fun and one of the best authors I have ever come…

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  • Dina Sleiman Radio Interview! Wha Wha?!

    Dina Sleiman Radio Interview! Wha Wha?!

    You may have noticed that I kinda like that Dauntless book by Dina Sleiman. It’s a great YA book and I think that is so important! We need so many more of these. Well, if you would like to hear what Dina has to say about the historical accuracy of her book, how she chose…

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  • I am all a-flutter! Mr. Theo Darcy has granted me an interview!

    Proceeding the commencement of my audience with Mr. Theo Darcy, I should like to acquaint you with publication which shall be released almost this very moment! In fact, I dare say that it is quite within reach! If you would be so kind as to click on this singular portrait, you shall find that you…

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  • FACE-OFF with author Karen Swallow Prior

    Ok, let’s get this thing started by me saying that we all wish we were as stinking adorable as you! That being said, let the introductions begin. Karen is a Professor of English at Liberty University. She recently wrote a book, that I reviewed, on Hannah More. Hannah was an abolitionist, poet and reformer in…

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  • FACE-OFF with Brandy Vallance

    Are you ready for an epic Face-Off between myself and author, Brandy Vallance? Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better. It’s my blog. No stodgy questions. I want to win. 1. Do you celebrate any holidays that nobody else on the planet does? Charity: We celebrate…

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