Inside ISIS: The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army

by Benjamin Hall

What can I even say? Benjamin is a reporter that has been in the trenches and literally seen the things that ISIS is doing. What he is thinking by going over there, I have no idea!!!! But I will say, this is one of the hardest books I’ve ever had to read.

My heart breaks. Not just because of the mass killings, thousands upon thousands of children warriors that are completely brainwashed and the same amount of women/children that are sex slaves. No. My heart breaks because their hearts are so empty that they don’t know what to do but try to fill up that void. They think that the more killing and evil that is done, the better chance they have for Heaven; for Allah to allow them a “pass”.

Jesus. Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the one that fills that void of hurt and torture your lives have been. Christians do NOT worship three Gods. We worship One. Just One. Ask Allah who he really is. Ask Him to show you if He is real. Mean it. Ask Him and really mean it. He will show Himself to you. You don’t need this horrendous path.

Throughout the book, Benjamin is, rightfully, calling for us to do more to stop ISIS and it’s rapid growth. Us, Americans, we don’t even know the half of what’s going on over there. It blew my mind. But again, there is nothing that can stop them except Jesus. They are seeking to find a way to fill that emptiness and pain by turning frantic and brutal. Pray. Pray, my friends! This is much more serious than you even realize!

I appreciate, so much, what Benjamin has done to open my eyes and the eyes of many. I certainly don’t recommend he continues to go, but I appreciate what he’s doing with this book. It is eye opening, thoroughly written. You will know the players in the game. You will know where they came from and how it is escalating. If you want knowledge of what ISIS truly is, pick up a copy of this book.

Thank you, netgalley, for this book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more (hopefully lighthearted!!! for a while anyway) more!

American Sniper

by Chris Kyle w/Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice


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With all the hype around the awesome movie that just came out, I wanted to read the autobiography that Chris Kyle wrote. I’m surprised I haven’t read it yet considering my large collection of SEAL books.

Surprisingly, I have very mixed feelings about the book. Chris Kyle was a hero. He was an absolute hero and deserves every ounce of the recognition and awards he has received. And, if I may say, Jesse Ventura better watch his back… Seriously? Suing Taya, Chris’ widow? I don’t think that’s going to fly with the brotherhood.

MOVING ON… my only “beef” with this book would have to be his mixed up priorities. He felt that life was about God, Country and then Family. Claiming to be a Christian, I would think that he would feel differently about that. Beware of reading if you are not of a strong constitution. There is heavy swearing and the book is full of violence (OBVIOUSLY).


Surprisingly enough, he made it through all four deployments in Iraq. He had come back home and was making changes. He realized that he needed to be there for his family and was working on his marriage. Sadly, he was killed while working with a young man that had PTSD. (On a side note, his trial for the murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield begins in just a couple of weeks)

Overall, it was an intriguing book and the movie was amazing! I allowed my teenage son to read the book because it is an autobiography and we discussed it together when he came across portions that went against what he thought was right.

Thank you to all service men and women. I am incredibly grateful and honored by your service.

308555id1i_TheJudge_FinalRated_27x40_1Sheet.inddClick on pic for the trailer ^

The Miracle of the Kurds

“A Remarkable Story of Hope Reborn in Northern Iraq”

by Stephen Mansfield


We’ve all seen the images and heard of the tragic chemical bombings. In this eye opening book, the stories behind those pictures and news reports are explored. We see the spirit of the Kurds and what they want us to know. They deserve to have us listen.

Stephen Mansfield has spent years growing relationships with the Kurdish people. Not only has he spent time in the Kurdish towns in Northern Iraq, but has welcomed the influx of refugees that came to Nashville, TN. In this book, we see their individual stories. We hear of the horrors they faced. This book is not for the weak of heart. It is, however, an atrocity that we cannot ignore.

Remarkably, the Kurdish people have grown stronger and more resilient in the years since Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime was brought down in 2003. Their spirit has not been crushed. In fact, the have turned their lives around so completely that The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler included the region of Kuridstan on the “must-see” travel list. They have rebuilt their cities and are prospering beyond imagination.

152111822013_l_erbil-downtown   49007107-1

I learned alot about the Kurdish people and the things they have faced over the last few thousand years. I felt that the book was a bit repetitive, but that was fueled by the obvious passion of the writer. He felt their pain and wanted us to understand. It was well researched and full of details.

I recommend that you pick up a copy here. Give it a read. Give them a voice. If for no other reason, read it to become aware of what is happening in the world we live in.

I want to thank and Worthy Publishing for giving me a copy of this book for review. Here’s to many more!!

**Just a side note: In this book, we hear about the welcoming arms of the Kurds. We hear how they welcome refugees and those that are “homeless”. Just this week, many have fled to Erbil after ISIS took over new cities and towns nearby. Be praying for all involved.

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