Face-Off with Sarah Price!!

Today, I have a super fun lady facing-off with me! vkCAOGK4u_KfppjhjtUve3JChl6j48UFa12bEuo2BZ3b3_r0D_MtxrsaiVzQMBY5s2sdvzi6axL3u0xkudheAh9-2fCbsw9cNmlWEBrcrVG8a2eMF_WXxNLzA--nhLzfyha1ojGA3bOMAPoQ2X_EcqMFxr9ZQeJ36ZoDBqx-mtL7Rs1X4vIuiLKPtCJfGnST0eeHwQDziaBXGwRVj6mMJJ9i1km5ku8ogThe author of more than two dozen novels, Sarah Price brings twenty-five years of experience of living among the Amish to her books, many of which have been Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers. In 2013, she signed with Realms, a division of Charisma House, to publish the Amish Classics series. Initially focusing on the retelling of Jane Austen’s timeless classics from within an Amish setting, her first traditionally published book, First Impressions, A Retelling of Pride & Prejudice, debuted on the ECPA bestseller list.

She intends to continue retelling classics, including the Bronte sisters and Victor Hugo, as she enjoys “raising the bar” on her own intellectual stimulation as well as that of her expansive base of loyal readers.

In 2014, she signed with Waterfall Press and published An Amish Buggy Ride which became a #1 bestseller in Religious Romance.

Let’s have some fun!!!!

11390201_1456391114659129_8405326403297585374_nThe rules are simple. I ask Sarah some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What is the WORST Jane Austen adaptation kiss scene?

Sarah – I’m not really a movie watcher sooooooo I’m a bad person to ask. I’m a reader. I will tell you the BEST Jane Austen kiss scene (of the few that I’ve watched): Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy at the end of the movie.


Matthew Macfadyen is just the perfect Mr. Darcy. I’m not certain I could have held out from his first proposal like Elizabeth did. Not if Matthew Macfadyen proposed to me. His dark, broody nature is just…*sigh* (she writes as she raises her hand to her forehead and swoons onto her bedroom’s lounge chair).

Charity – Well, I won’t go into THAT because I am not a Kiera Knightley fan. Matthew Macfadyen was a great Darcy though. I just like the 1995 version. *Sigh*

Now, onto the grossest, wettest, slobbery-est kiss of all time? Persuasion 2007 wins.

— I asked for worst…

Charity 1 / Sarah 0

2. If you were going to have as many kids as the Duggers and name them all with one letter, what letter would you choose? Sampling of names?

Sarah – Z. And I’ll tell you why. How much fun in would be to come up with amazing Z names???? Just make them up if you have to. And I am fairly certain that not too many people would have them! Zebediah, Zara, Zinga, Zorse, Zarry, Zia, Zephron, Zate. Plus, Z’s are fun to draw. Did you ever try it?

Charity – Oh, wow. I haven’t given it as much thought as you have…clearly! I do like the “Z” idea. Here’s the thing. If I was going to have as many kids as the Duggars, you could just shoot me now. I mean, I love my kids. I especially love them when they are teenagers! No. More. Babies!!!

How about “P” though? Peter. Piper… Oh, wait.

— You get that one!

Charity 1 / Sarah 1

3. Who would be your dream cast for Persuasion?

Sarah – Oh boy. This totally depends if I’m on set or not.

Robert Pattinson has the sulky “I’m miserable” look that would be picture perfect for Frederick. But I wouldn’t do that to Frederick. So, I’m going to have to select Ben Affleck. He’s still broody-looking but not so miserable. If, however, I get to be on set, I’m going for Colin Farrell (but only if he plucks his eyebrows a bit and doesn’t slick back his hair).

Hey, if I have to lounge around on set, I’d like to enjoy myself a bit.

Anne: A brunette Scarlett Johansson unless I get to be on set. Then I’m voting for Lindsay Lohan, just so I can be privy to her antics. Between Lindsay and Colin, something interesting is BOUND to happen.

Sir Walter Elliott: Morgan Freeman. You have to love his voice! I can see him pulling off a wicked awesome Walter, fretting and mumbling all over the set.

Elizabeth Elliott: Angelina Jolie. Just because I don’t care for her. I doubt that it would be a stretch for her to play a vain Elizabeth.

William Elliott: Jim Carrey. How much fun would THAT be? Let’s kick it up a notch and have some outrageous humor!

Musgrove Sisters: Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. They are both lively and fun, both on and off the screen!

Mary Musgrove: Rebel Wilson. Hands down, she will win over every viewer and steal the show as Mary.

Charles Musgrove: Ansel Elgort. OK, so I just totally heard my thirteen-year old scream in my head. Sorry, Cat, I know you love him but Mommy finds him completely dull and blah in interviews. He could just stand there and not act and he’d nail Charles’ role as the hen-pecked husband of Rebel Wilson.

Captain Benwick: Seth Rogen from Neighbors or Zach Galifianakis from the Hangover movies. Hands-down. Again, really fun people that, presuming I haven’t been kicked off set yet, I want to hang with these guys for a while.

Charity – Oh, wow! Now to try to follow that… Here we go:

Frederick – Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty brooding. I thought that Rupert Penry-Jones was a fabulous choice though. too hard. Ok, I am going to go with Gerard Butler! hahaha. He would be fabulous!

Anne – Emmy Rossum

Sir Walter Elliott – Anthony Hopkins

Elizabeth Elliott – Kate Winslet

William Elliott – How about…Ben Affleck for that one! The ladies man.

Musgrove Sisters – The Fanning Sisters! (Elle and Dakota)

Mary Musgrove – I LOVE your Rebel Wilson idea! hahahaha

Charles Musgrove – Ansel is a great one for him too!!!! Or Robert Pattinson…

Captain Benwick – Paul Rudd would be fun!!

— Tie

Charity 1 / Sarah 1

4. Would you ever consider a life as a unicyclist?

Sarah – I would not.

My balance ability is ZERO (see the Z?). But, when I was eighteen, I did run away with the circus. I helped with tigers and elephants. I also did a little “clowning” around (pun totally intended). I was “in love” and wanted to marry an acrobat who juggled his brother on his feet. Luckily I bounced back to reality (pun intended).

True story.

Obviously, I didn’t marry him. However, I’m still in touch with him. He gave my daughter her dog, Peekaboo (Pica, for short). Apparently Pica was a circus reject, probably because she runs away all of the time.

Charity – Oh my word!! Best Story Ever! I can’t believe you ran away with the circus for an acrobatic, human juggler! HAHAHA! That’s amazing.

— You get that FOR SURE!!!

Charity 1 / Sarah 2

5. Who is the dumbest Disney princess? haha

Frankly, all of them are basically stupid from an intelligence perspective.

Cinderella…her best friend is a mouse and she wears glass slippers. Seriously? How do you walk without breaking them and cutting up your feet?

Snow White: Someone is trying to kill you, Girl! And you take food from an old yucky witch? That’s just plan ignorant.

Alice: I cannot imagine her surviving the real world. She’d be the dream consumer for advertisers, buying everything and anything just because the companies put a little “Buy Me” sign on the product.

Aurora: The fairies warned her not to touch anything and she touches the spindle anyway? (rolls eyes).

Ariel: Seriously, who gives away their voice box? And to Ursula of all people? That was dumb. But Daddy to the rescue, right?

I like Belle. She’s my fav. Her sacrifice for her father is admirable. Plus, I love animals so Beast is right up my alley. I’m not grooving on the yellow gown, though. Mango orange, perhaps.

Charity – Oh my gosh! I am rolling right now. This is amazing. haha! I can’t compete with that…

— I concede!

Charity 1 / Sarah 3

6. Favorite recipe?

Sarah – 1-800-GrubHub.

On Mother’s Day, I was informed by my seventeen-year-old son that I am a “not a great cook” to which my daughter and husband nodded their heads.

I can’t argue with them. I get distracted and burn things all the time. Or I don’t have all of the ingredients so I substitute something and it turns out horrendous. However, to be fair, my husband and daughter do not show up until late (he’s working at the barn and she’s at the barn riding her horses). So I do NOT take responsibility for dried out food.

Charity No! NO! Not on Mother’s Day!!! HAHA! That’s amazing!!!!

I, uh…., love food. SO, I have way too many. I do love this one though!!:

Link in the pic

— I am taking it!

Charity 2 / Sarah 3

7. How do you strive to bring the most glory to God in your life?

Sarah – Do good, be good. John Adams used to tell that to his children before he left on long journeys. Growing up, my mother always told me that I should never do something that would hinder me from looking at myself in the mirror.

God gave us a user’s manual: the Bible. I read it almost daily and try to behave as God wants and instructs us. I’m not perfect; none of us are. But He gave me a gift and that was breast cancer. That gift was a game changer. So many horrible things happened since May 31, 2013 when I was diagnosed that I couldn’t even begin to describe them. I maintained a positive, healthy attitude throughout, but as Heraclitus said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

Doing good and being good in this world has to maintain a balance with those who view ‘doing good’ as a home-court advantage from them. Especially when you are successful. People want to latch their dreams on your hard work. I write my novels because I love writing. It’s my passion. I believe God tells me what to write. And I’m not going to write to make other people “famous.”

I’ve found that the more good you do for others, the more those people expect from you. And when you put your foot down, feathers get ruffled. Well, feathers can get ruffled. I don’t have to be taken advantage of in order to bring glory to God, as long as I can look myself in the mirror each morning. And I do.

Charity – Wow! Thank you for sharing that, Sarah. I had no idea! God definitely uses those things to grow us.

— God wins!!

8. Have you ever done Regency re-enacting? If so, have you been to the Jane Austen Festival or stayed at the cottage from Sense and Sensibility? (you can totally rent it!!!) ❤

Sarah – I have not!

But I do have Regency Days in my house. I pretend I’m Elizabeth Bennet and my family goes bananas. They HATE Regency days. My husband is French and he can’t always understand me when I’m speaking regular. When I try to talk like a high society woman from the early 1800s? Forget it. I might as well be speaking Pig Latin to him.

However, even better…Soap Opera Hour! I respond to everyone as if I’m an actress on a soap opera. Sometimes I can get my son and daughter to play along. My son is actually really good, although I doubt he has ever watched a soap opera. Try this in public. It’s hilarious to see people’s reactions, especially when your family plays along.

Charity – HA! How fun!! We sometimes will act like we are in a musical. My husband and I will sing everything to the kids. They hate it!! They are like, “STOPPPP!!!! Please! I can’t stand it!!!”

Oh, and: IMG_5586 That’s me with the blue top on. Woot Woot!

— Tie

Charity 2 / Sarah 3

9. What is the funniest viral video you have ever seen?

Sarah – Tie!

Brian Regan’s Me Monster
Dane Cook’s Burger King

My son gets soooooo irritated because whenever we go to a drive-thru, I do the Dane Cook’s drive-thru Pickle Person Voice. My daughter rolls with laughter in the back of the car. We usually wind up not getting anything because the drive-thru attendant ignores us after the first thirty seconds. But a great belly laugh builds character (and muscles!)

Charity – So fun to torture our children with those antics. *Sigh*. Life is good…

I have so many that I like. This one is at the top:

— Tie

Charity 2 / Sarah 3

10. If you had to quote a speech from one of our founding fathers, could you?

Sarah – It depends how many words you want. “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…” That’s it. That’s all I got. And I’m not even sure that’s right. Is it?

Charity –  haha. Oh man. No, I don’t think I could and I have no idea if that is correct…”I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”?? Nathan Hale’s speech (That he may, or may not, have given…).

— Tie


Charity 2 / Sarah 3

41pQGKwBBLL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ again.

Thank you, Sarah! This was great getting to know you 🙂 Check out her books below! Links are in the pics:

Face-Off with Deeanne Gist!!!

Arms+CrossedAre you guys ready for this??? Today, I am talking with Deeanne Gist!!! With her highly anticipated, new book, Tiffany Girl, about to release, Deeanne is on FIRE!

I am not even going to go through how many awards she has, but they include:

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 9.24.26 PM A lot, right?!

Ok, make sure you check out Tiffany Girl when it releases on May 5th!!!! Link is in the pic.

Ok, before we get started, I want to address something really important. I am not deaf to the talk that’s been going around. In fact, not everyone was down with the idea of me even doing this interview now that Deeanne has moved over to a secular publisher. So, I have a couple things to say.

First of all, you guys know me. You know my heart and some of the struggles I’ve dealt with deciding who to face-off with and who not to. You know that I want to seek God with 100% of my being. Period. I have stated many times that it is not about the numbers for me, but about listening to God and bringing Him glory. I have also said that it is important to me to only host people that really feel the same way. Just this week, many of you saw, first hand, this whole situation play out with another author that I was supposed to host.

Secondly, I have read Tiffany Girl and I believe that it was completely clean. I gave it 5 Stars. I found absolutely nothing inappropriate with it.

Thirdly, and most importantly, God is a very diverse God and He leads us all down the path that will bring Him the most glory. If you are ever, EVER told by God to do something and you don’t do it, you are against Him. I don’t care if that means that God told you to quite teaching Sunday School and you decided it was better for you to teach it. Teaching it just became against Him.

That being said, Deeanne has PERSONALLY shared her heart and how God has lead her to reach others outside of the Christian market.  She also has shared the amazing things that God is doing with that. Shame on us for assuming we know what is best for a person and their relationship with Christ. All we can do is seek God with our whole heart and listen to His voice. Once we hear it, we better follow. It is none of my business who her publisher is anyway. Unless I feel that Deeanne has completely gone against something God has called us to be, I would never presume to know God’s plan for her and neither should you.

Let’s start watching out for each other. In no way do I want you to ever think that love=complacency. If there was something going against God, I would be the FIRST to question it. God called us to the sick, not the healthy. So, let’s support one another.

Let me be VERY CLEAR. I stand behind Deeanne and her ministry 100%.

Shall we play?

The rules are simple: I ask Deeanne some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Have you ever gone anywhere in your slippers and were too far away to rectify the situation once you realized it?

Deeanne – Oh, man. Now I’m going to have to confess that I’ve actually gone out in slippers intentionally, but never unintentionally. I would drive the kids to school, or just a make a quick run somewhere. So busted.

Charity – NICE!! haha 🙂 I love it! I actually left the house in my slippers AFTER asking you this question. Thankfully my son caught me before I made it to the car…Girl, I am a HOT MESS!!!

— Intentional slipper wearing WINS though!

Charity 0 / Deeanne 1

2. If you were going to open a shop, what would you sell and how would you lay it out?

Deeanne – My dream would be to open my very own mega scrapbook store! I have all the plans for this idea already drawn out. I think my entrepreneurial side terrifies my husband a little bit—and with good reason since most everything I’ve tried has failed. Still, I can’t seem to help myself.

The scrapbook store would have everything organized based on themes. In one area, you would find everything you could possibly need to create your own wedding scrapbook. Other areas would have all the embellishments for graduation, Christmas, birthdays, and other special, scrapbook-able occasions. It would also have an upstairs workshop area where people could come and work on their scrapbooks together. As of now, this is still a dream. My husband’s response to these kinds of things? “Please, baby, please don’t make me any more money.”

Charity – HA! Too funny. Yeah, I have that side to me as well. Our poor hubbies. They love us. They love that about us even if they don’t admit it! I am SURE OF IT!

I don’t care what it is as long as it would be bright, colorful, cheery, with gorgeous chandeliers. Clothes, candy, books… Wouldn’t matter!

— Having a plan is always better!

Charity 0 / Deeanne 2

3. Most unique wedding you’ve attended?

Deeanne – I have to say that the most unique wedding I have ever attended was my sister’s. At the time, she made her living as a mime and he as a jouster. On their wedding day, she dressed as a fairy princess and he dressed as a musketeer. It was a Renaissance-themed wedding that was oh-so-romantic and very, very fun. They even “jumped the sword” once they were pronounced man and wife. *sigh*

Charity – Oh my goodness! So cool!!! Well, mine isn’t so happy…A friend of mine married a guy that worships the different norse gods. Anyway, their wedding was ever so odd. They prayed to the four corners of Thor (I’m sure I didn’t say that right!), drank blood and all kinds of weirdness. I was FREAKING OUT. I was praying that the building would crash in on us because I was ready to go to Heaven! HAHA!

— Both so “unique”! And I thought I had this one!!

Charity 0 / Deeanne 2

4. What’s your idea of a successful marathon? 26.2 miles or 26.2 hours of a great tv show?

Deeanne – They both sound pretty miserable, but if I had to choose, I would do a marathon of my favorite TV show—which is 24 with Keefer Sutherland..

Charity – Girl, no contest. TV MARATHON!!! Bring it on! I’m in!!!!


Charity 0 / Deeanne 2

5. Do you use the string or the little plastic things to floss with?

Deeanne – I have permanent retainers on my teeth that have made flossing extremely laborious. They give you a special tool that you use to thread the floss under the retainer, which takes a little extra time, but I’m a serious flosser. So, string it is for me.

Charity – Ugh! Sounds like a pain!! I love the plastic ones. My hubby hates them. We have every kind in our house because we all use different ones. Hubby uses silky ones, boys use regular string and I use plastic. HA! We are ridiculous and NOBODY cares that much about our flossing habits!

— Girl! We can’t catch a break!

Charity 0 / Deeanne 2

6. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Deeanne – I strive to bring God glory by making an effort to spend time with Him. Not just by having a quiet time (which I’m woefully inconsistent at), but also by reminding myself to focus on Him and not on myself. Awful as it sounds, this is a challenge for me. I get so caught up in my little world that I totally forget the bigger picture. Several times a day, I find myself having to step back and leave things up to Him and His plan. The extra effort is worth it, though, because if I can manage it, I find it gives me the freedom to experience joy no matter what my circumstances might be.

Charity – I love it! So, very true!!! My theory is this: When I am so focused on if I am doing enough for Him, they focus is on “I”. Instead, just love Him and listen to Him and be willing to change or give up ANYTHING He asks. That’s it. Simple.


Charity 0 / Deeanne 2

7. What is the best game show you grew up watching?

Deeanne – Do you remember Password? Good ol’ Betty White’s husband was the host! It was one of my all time favorites.

Charity – No!!! I don’t remember it! I used to watch Name That Tune and Supermarket Sweep. They were the BEST!

In fact, we play “Name That Hum” every winter with Christmas songs. When we are traveling or something. We will see who can go the lowest and I am always the official “Hummer”. So, they might get it down to “I can name that tune in 2 hums” and we see if they get it. We even played it with a youth party! ha!!!

— You had me at “Betty White”

Charity 0 / Deeanne 3

8. Who’s your favorite Jane Austen character?

Deeanne – Elizabeth Bennett, hands down. She never took herself too seriously and always had a great sense of humor. I love that in a character. Actually, I love that in real people, too.

Charity – Very true. I do like that. However, I have to go with Colonel Brandon. *sigh* So dreamy.

— Taking it because…well, Colonel Brandon!

Charity 1 / Deeanne 3

9. What book have you read more than any other?

Deeanne – I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird. Can we start a countdown for the sequel? This book is particularly special to me because when I first read it, I was just getting to the point where my dyslexia allowed me to read a book on my own. I loved slipping into Scout’s shoes. She was impulsive, she had a great heart, and she didn’t understand why there wasn’t more “goodness” in the world. I remember reading it and really realizing for the first time that not everyone I would encounter in my life would have good intentions. Scout’s innocence was lost in that book and I found myself learning a lot about life through her eyes.

Charity – Sounds amazing…but, I haven’t read it 😮 I have read The Count of Monte Cristo so many times. It is just so crazy how much the character plots the most elaborate revenge. Definitely no goodness in that book though!!!

— Both had good answers.


Charity 1 / Deeanne 3

i-lost-the-game-2 once again.

Thank you so much, Deeanne! Excited about your new book.

Read it. Reviewed it. Loved it.

If you would like to read what I thought about it (even though I already answered that), just check out my review.

Deeanne Gist Bio: Deeanne Gist has rocketed up the bestseller lists and captured readers everywhere with her very original, very fun historicals.  Add to this four RITA nominations, two consecutive Christy Awards, rave reviews, and a growing loyal fan base, and you’ve got one recipe for success.

With three-quarters of a million trade books sold, her awards include National Readers’ Choice, Book Buyers’ Best, Golden Quill, Books*A*Million Pick of the Month, Romantic Times Pick of the Month, Award of Excellence, and Laurel Wreath.

She has a very active online community on her blog, on FacebookPinterest, and on her YouTube channel.

Gist lives in Texas with her husband of thirty-one years and their border collie. They have four grown children.

Face-Off with Syrie James!!

Loved by Regency fans everywhere, Syrie James is quickly becoming known for her fictional story based on the life of  Jane Austen. I am so excited to read it! Review to follow in a bit! (:

But for now, we play!!


The rules are simple: I ask Syrie some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Have you ever set off a store alarm and got frisked?

Syrie – No, but once I was researching a novel that takes place in a hospital, and I took a few photographs as I walked around. Hospital security saw me on the security cameras, raced after me, and said taking pictures was prohibited. Who knew?? They politely escorted me out of the building. I think they thought I was a spy. 🙂

Charity – WHA?? ha ha. That’s so crazy!! Who knew, indeed?!

I haven’t ever been frisked either. :-/ Sounds so frightening!

— Syrie gets that one!!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

2. Favorite Jane Austen character?

Syrie – A tie between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

Charity – *sigh* I have to go with Marianne Dashwood or Mr. Knightly

— Jane Austen wins!!!!!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

3. Which Jane Austen adaptation is your fav?

Syrie – A tie between the 1995 mini-series Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth!!) and the Ang Lee film Sense and Sensibility starring Emma Thompson.

Charity – Ditto!! I also loved the 2009 Emma with Romola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller ❤

— Tie!!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

4. Best movie you’ve seen this year?

Syrie – I’ve seen so many movies already this year. I can’t choose a favorite. I loved the new Cinderella. I just saw Woman in Gold and really enjoyed it. Last year, I especially loved The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything.

Charity – That’s a tough one… I am thinking Taken 3!! woo hoo! Love me some Liam Neeson! He can kick some serious butt!! I also loved Belle, Belle (2013) Poster the true story of a mulatto abolishionist in the early 1800’s England. Such a beautiful movie!!!

— Another tie, I think!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

5. Which Jane Austen character do you relate to the most?

Syrie – Elizabeth Bennet

Charity – Marianne Dashwood

— I think it’s funny that we relate to them AND they are our favorite.

?? I suppose we tie again! ha ha.

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

6. Have you ever hit a deer?

Syrie – Never.

Charity – Never.

— We are getting nowhere.

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

7. Do you run around trying to get all the restaurant birthday freebies on your big day?

Syrie – No. My mother was a very generous woman, but at the same time was thrifty, a dedicated coupon clipper, shopped on sale whenever possible, and sought out bargains, while my dad believed that if you’re going to buy something, you should only buy the best, and then you should thoroughly enjoy it. My philosophy falls somewhere between the two.

Charity – On my last birthday, it was RIDICULOUS. I homeschool my boys, so we got up and went from restaurant to restaurant all day long just getting my free meals and sharing it. ha ha. I told the waitress right up front that I was there for my free birthday meals, but I would tip her full price as if I had paid for them. They all thought it was the best idea and even hooked us up with extras!!! So much fun!!

— I won one!!

Charity 1 / Syrie 1

8. Have you ever wiped out on a bike?

Syrie – No, thank goodness — which is amazing when I think about it, since at the university I attended, I rode a bike every single day!

Charity – Wow! You are like…a super human! I have, totally destroyed my knee (No bones or anything, just took off a million layers of skin). Groooossssss!!!

— Super Human or Super Klutz?

I’m going with….



Charity 1 / Syrie 1

Thanks so much, Syrie!! I had a great time getting to know you a little better and I look forward to reading your book today! (:

Face-Off with Maria Grace

9SaVvbFFkdrmb3FlrXUYAyOHMZhVt2n3JXbRqHkfvadHzx6mDeW4c_wGpL5tGhKv6_2ar1wfC9A_geJESWiFCa3MIiuWp3sp8cVoKaxyYlIyYkVBOukID075YixtdSipaeEWzsxHPH4bzwCLVTErGRvb9f7cCAVLwsPqLoPyPSG9NgNJj13ADJLdIU3K66EM2hJG7rAFOXx2X2IRDAtR3rbPxM8BYZGPOWell, well! Look at those lovely Regency ladies!!! Who knew they could be so savage and face-off?! I am certain that wouldn’t be proper AT ALL!!

The rules are simple: I ask Maria Grace some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

  1. Have you ever been to the Legit Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England? (Of course, costumed)

Maria Grace – Not yet, but we have reservations for the one this year in England—does that count? I have two Regency gowns and just bought new patterns and fabric for some new ones. I also have patterns and fabric for a period suit for my husband who will be coming with me to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Charity – OMGoodness! Heck, yes that counts!! So cool!!! I have not been to ANY Jane Austen festivals. So sad.

— easy

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 1

  1. What’s your favorite holiday (any) tradition?

Maria Grace – I love big family meals. We host the extended family for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas for big sit down meals. For birthdays we try to have everyone over for a less formal meal. I love to do all the cooking and feeding everyone. Thankfully, my guys are usually up for doing the dishes after I’ve done all the food.

Charity – Wow! That is so much work!! My favorite tradition is probably our Black Friday shopping. My husband and I look at the sales sheets for weeks before and plan our attack! So fun!!

— Traditions are fun! It’s a tie.

  1. What decade of style do you connect with the most? 70’s? 80’s? 90’s? ha ha. Do you still do the overalls with the straps hanging down?

Maria Grace – Style? Who me? I am so style-blind it’s a little embarrassing.  I’m utterly clueless about what went with what decade. I love color though and rarely wear black anymore. I’ll share a secret, I keep an artist’s color wheel in my closet to help me put color combinations together. I often have people tell me they love a color combination I’m wearing, but they’d never have thought of it themselves.

Charity – Ah! That’s awesome!! I love it! What a great idea!!!! I don’t really connect with any. I try to somewhat stay up to date. At least wear things that don’t change too much…jeans, shirt, cardigan…

— Artist’s Color Wheel? win.

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 2

  1. What Jane Austen character do you find you are most like?

Maria Grace – Hands down, I’m Anne Elliot.

Charity – Aw! So, you must be the sweetest thing ever! I am definitely Marianne. Absolutely. I have a bit of Emma in me too.


  1. Camping, Historical Sites, Hotels and a Broadway Show, or the Beach?

Maria Grace – I don’t camp…too many winter camping trips as a Girl Scout…brrrr.  I think it would be a toss-up between historical sites and the beach. We love hiking and caves,  snorkeling is another favorite. Just make sure I have a real bed and shower at the end!

Charity – I hear ya, girl! whew. I am not one for “roughing it”. I like dinner and a movie and a pretty hotel.

— You are adventurous! I love it. Wish I was healthy enough to do all those things.

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 3

— This is not good!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Are you an organizer, or do you prefer organized chaos?

Maria Grace – Ummm…I’m the gal who thinks in alphabetized lists, so I think I’d have to go with organized.  I have 10 colors of highlighters and 12 colors of ball point pen on my best because those alphabetized lists I think in are also color coded in my head. My family just humors me…

Charity – ha. I hear ya! I completely understand!!! It’s hard when there are 3 boys living in this house with me and none of them are organizers. ahhhhhhhh

— tie

  1. Yoga? Zumba? Martial Arts? Running? Spinning? Favorite type of exercise?

Maria Grace – I’m one of those sick types who actually like to exercise. I did martial arts with my kids and earned black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Ta Chi. Now that they’re out of martial arts, I find myself running more.  I love to just strap on my shoes and take off.  So many plots have taken shape while I’m out on the trails. I can really get into my head and get into my characters there. I used to lift weight, but after my mother had a major health crisis a couple years ago I got away from it.  I really want to get back to it. It’s a great way to spend time with my sons.

Charity – Uh……

— uh….

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 4

  1. What’s your secret (not anymore) guilty pleasure?

Maria Grace – Chocolate. Dark chocolate. Ghiradelli 72% Cocao dark chocolate. For breakfast.

Charity – ha ha ha. Nice. I love chips and sour skittles. Not a huge chocolate lover.

— I NEED a point, so I am taking it. I don’t care if you eat chocolate for every meal, I’m still taking it!!

Charity 1 / Maria Grace 4

  1. Which Regency Era movie’s hero has your heart a’fluttering? (specifically the actor…)

Maria Grace – That’s an easy one! Colin Firth (Darcy, 1995) and Cirian Hinds (Wentworth, 1995) Just don’t make me choose between them!

Charity – I have three…Alan Rickman (OF COURSE)(Sense and Sensibility 1995), Johnny Lee Miller (Emma 2009), and Rupert Penry-Jones (Persuasion 2008)

— I picked three!! I win!!

Charity 2 / Maria Grace 4

  1. Are you super crafty?

Maria Grace – Sort-of-ish. I sew—working on some new Regency costumes now for my husband and I. I crochet, mainly afghans. I’ll never catch up on my scrapbooks, LOL. I decorate cakes, but not nearly as much as when the kids were small and I we did fun birthday parties.

Charity – Sounds like a big fat “yes, I am crafty!” to me! (: I am too. I crochet and sew but DO NOT scrapbook.


  1. Lastly, how hard was it authoring a book with four other people? Honestly now, did you guys get in any cat fights or long deliberation sessions?

Maria Grace – It was pretty challenging.  Writing is usually a pretty solitary activity and to have to do it together was equal parts fun and challenging. The brainstorming sessions were great fun, but when we didn’t see eye to eye, it took some real effort to sort it all out.  But we’re all professionals, so we found ways to sort it all out—and we’re still friends at the end of it all, which is the real proof of the pudding!

Charity – I can imagine it being totally crazy!! I am glad it worked out because the book is wonderful!!! I love all the Jane Austen stuff you guys are working. So cool.


Charity 2(ish) / Maria Grace 4+


Thanks, so much, Maria Grace! You have been amazing! I’ve loved having you and Theo on my blog!!! You all need to pick up this wonderful book!!!

Link is in the pic!

I am certain you are going to love Theo Darcy as much as I do!! Watch for my review tomorrow!

Here are some fun pics!! (:



A couple pics of me with my mom and my youngest son is in one too (with his Revolutionary War hat on!).

IMG_5588 IMG_5586

This book was a collaboration between 5 DIFFERENT AUTHORS!!! Can you even imagine? Well, these generous ladies have offered to do a second giveaway of The Darcy Brothers (ebook). You can click on the link here for multiple entries. Review to follow tomorrow!!  *Just a hint…I love it (;

Before you start aiming that mouse at the rafflecopter link, BEWARE!! This book was written by 5 authors, as I have already pointed out. There are MANY, MANY options for entries. Only THREE are mandatory. The rest are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! So, don’t worry or get overwhelmed. Just do the ones that you want (: If you do them all, you will have a bazillion entries.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Day 8 of The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour

Virtual Book Tour Dates

-Monday, 2nd February – official launch at Austenprose

-Thursday, 5th February – Austen Variations

-Monday, 9th February – Leatherbound Reviews

-Thursday, 12th February – My Kids Led Me Back To Pride & Prejudice

-Monday, 16th February – More Agreeably Engaged

-Thursday, 19th February – Laughing with Lizzie

-Monday, 23rd February – My Jane Austen Book Club

-Monday, 2nd March – The Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier

-Tuesday, 3rd March – aTransParentMom

-Thursday, 5th March – Songs & Stories

-Thursday, 19th March – A Transparent Mom

Find out more about The Darcy Brothers here,  and do please join us for the upcoming release on the Facebook Launch Page or visit and like The Darcy Brothers‘ own Facebook Page.

You can also keep up to date with Theo as he goes ‘on tour’ through the following social media links (but shhhh, don’t tell his brother!)

Theo on Twitter

Theo on Facebook

Excitement Abounds!

I am delighted to inform my personal readers that I have secured an interview with the honorary Lord Theophilus Darcy Tuesday next. You will be amiss if you cannot be in attendance as I shall proceed to delicately inquire of the relations between a certain Miss Bennet (I shall not name her in fear that she will be most distraught) and a gentleman that Theo (we have become intimate in our friendship that I may call him by his Christian name) is closely acquainted with.

Do not fear when I say that our friendship has become intimate. I cherish his friendship, but am most decidedly infatuated with a Mr. Andrews, whose name I may declare with highest regard. Nay, infatuated is not an appropriate definition. I am bewitched, captivated and hereby besotted for the rest of my days with Mr. Andrews. So, fear not, ladies. Theo is quite available.

I have it on great authority that this is the latest painting of Theo. Now, you see?

You shan’t desire to miss this interview!


Day 7 of The Darcy Brother’s Tour!

Virtual Book Tour Dates

-Monday, 2nd February – official launch at Austenprose

-Thursday, 5th February – Austen Variations

-Monday, 9th February – Leatherbound Reviews

-Thursday, 12th February – My Kids Led Me Back To Pride & Prejudice

-Monday, 16th February – More Agreeably Engaged

-Thursday, 19th February – Laughing with Lizzie

-Monday, 23rd February – My Jane Austen Book Club

-Monday, 2nd March – The Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier

-Tuesday, 3rd March – aTransParentMom

-Thursday, 5th March – Songs & Stories

-Thursday, 19th March – A Transparent Mom

Find out more about The Darcy Brothers here,  and do please join us for the upcoming release on the Facebook Launch Page or visit and like The Darcy Brothers‘ own Facebook Page.

You can also keep up to date with Theo as he goes ‘on tour’ through the following social media links (but shhhh, don’t tell his brother!)

Theo on Twitter

Theo on Facebook

Day 6 of The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour

Fitzwilliam and Theophilus Darcy on Tour Now!!

TDB front cover final 5x8_alpha by last nameVirtual Book Tour Dates

Monday, 2nd February – official launch at Austenprose

Thursday, 5th February – Austen Variations

Monday, 9th February – Leatherbound Reviews

Thursday, 12th February – My Kids Led Me Back To Pride & Prejudice

Monday, 16th February – More Agreeably Engaged

Thursday, 19th February – Laughing with Lizzie

Monday, 23rd February – My Jane Austen Book Club

Monday, 2nd March – The Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier

Thursday, 5th March – Songs & Stories

March (date to be confirmed) – A Transparent Mom

Description from author:

“Theo Darcy is everything his disapproving elder brother, Fitzwilliam, is not – easy-going, charming, and full of fun. A tragic event as children severed their bond of friendship, but now they are together again. They are still at odds, though, this time over the love of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the truth about George Wickham. Will Wickham manage to divide the brothers again? And more importantly, which Mr. Darcy will Elizabeth choose?”

To find out more, visit them!


Indeed! I shall henceforth present to you a letter penned to one Mr. Wickham by the hand of Theo Darcy himself!

24th March to George Wickham

Wickham_Rosings Park

24th March 1812


Is this some sort of jest? No, I will not lend you money, nor will I recommend you for a position. As you say, I can forgive a great deal, but not when it involves deliberately hurting the people I love most. Just because I did not give you the cut direct when I passed you on the street does not mean I have forgiven you, merely that I prefer civilized manners.

Waxing sentimental over the old days will not help. I now know how easy it is for you to twist a person’s emotions and use them against him. If you think to amuse me with your barbs about my brother, you have failed utterly. Nor will I pay any regard to your veiled threats, because here is an unveiled one for you: Colonel Fitzwilliam is still longing for an excuse to run you through, and should there be any whisper of gossip about my sister, I would not wager a farthing on your continued existence.

T. Darcy

Day 2 of the Big Regency Giveaway with Julie Klassen!!


Julie Klassen is having a huge giveaway! Here’s a glance of some of the prizes! A copy of all her AMAZING books, a Jane Austen doll and a copy of Northanger Abbey (which is the the Jane Austen story that inspired the hero in her newest book, The Secret of Pembrooke Park).
Here are the official rules from Julie’s page:

“My latest book and I are embarking on a tour of Austen-related and other fabulous blogs from February 16th – March 2nd. I hope you will join me for the fun:  interviews, excerpts from the new novel, reviews, and more.

There will also be a drawing for 4 great prizes! To enter, simply visit and leave a comment on the blog(s) of your choice. Increase your chances of winning by visiting multiple stops on the tour.

Contest closes at 11:59 pm PT, March 9, 2015. Winners will be drawn at random from all of the comments on the blogs, and announced on this page on March 16th. The giveaway contest is open to residents of the US, UK, and Canada.”

Don’t miss this one! It’s so worth it. Great author that looks at all the different areas of life in the Regency Era. What did it look like as a governess? How about a maid? Or, maybe a dancing master? Check out her books and book trailers by clicking here!!

The Silent Governess  The Tutor's Daughter  The Maid of Fairbourne Hall  Lady of Milkweed Manor  Lady Maybe  The Dancing Master  The Apothecary's Daughter  The Girl in the Gatehouse  The Secret of Pembrooke Park

Jane Austen Blog Tour


Join author Julie Klassen as she hosts a Jane Austen Blog Tour. TONS of giveaways to be had!!

The tour will start February 16th and go through March 2nd.

To get all the details, just head over to her page. (Link is in the pic)

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