It’s giveaway time with Julie Klassen!!!


Julie Klassen is having a huge giveaway! Here’s a glance of some of the prizes! A copy of all her AMAZING books, a Jane Austen doll and a copy of Northanger Abbey (which is the the Jane Austen story that inspired the hero in her newest book, The Secret of Pembrooke Park).
Here are the official rules from Julie’s page:

“My latest book and I are embarking on a tour of Austen-related and other fabulous blogs from February 16th – March 2nd. I hope you will join me for the fun:  interviews, excerpts from the new novel, reviews, and more.

There will also be a drawing for 4 great prizes! To enter, simply visit and leave a comment on the blog(s) of your choice. Increase your chances of winning by visiting multiple stops on the tour.

Contest closes at 11:59 pm PT, March 9, 2015. Winners will be drawn at random from all of the comments on the blogs, and announced on this page on March 16th. The giveaway contest is open to residents of the US, UK, and Canada.”

Don’t miss this one! It’s so worth it. Great author that looks at all the different areas of life in the Regency Era. What did it look like as a governess? How about a maid? Or, maybe a dancing master? Check out her books and book trailers by clicking here!!

The Silent Governess  The Tutor's Daughter  The Maid of Fairbourne Hall  Lady of Milkweed Manor  Lady Maybe  The Dancing Master  The Apothecary's Daughter  The Girl in the Gatehouse  The Secret of Pembrooke Park

Jane Austen Blog Tour


Join author Julie Klassen as she hosts a Jane Austen Blog Tour. TONS of giveaways to be had!!

The tour will start February 16th and go through March 2nd.

To get all the details, just head over to her page. (Link is in the pic)

Take a Wild Guess!!!

julie klassen

I had so much fun doing a Face-Off with author, Brandy Vallance, that I thought it might be fun to play “Take a Wild Guess” with author, Julie Klassen. Before we start, let me say that my love of the Regency Era is hugely contributed to her. Of course, Jane Austen set the wheels in motion, but Julie’s books have kept me waiting on the edge of my seat for her next book to come out. THANKFULLY, she will be publishing TWO BOOKS this year!

Winner of many awards, her books have covered, not just the elite and high society, but many aspects of England at the time. Here are the books she has released so far. I had to put the pictures on here because they are such beautiful covers!!!

Ok, so here it goes. The way this works is:

— I asked Julie some questions.

— I guess what her answers will be.

— I see if I am right!

— Who shall win? We shall see!

Let the games begin!!!!

1. Why Regency? (I am, personally, a part of The Regency Society of Virginia, so no complaints here!!)

Charity – My guess is because of all the amazing Jane Austen adaptations there are.  You fell in love with the movies and was curious about the different aspects of the time period.

Julie – It’s all Colin Firth’s fault. Like many women, I was smitten by him as Mr. Darcy in the 1995 BBC/A&E adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. Seeing it led me to re-read Jane Austen’s novels and in turn, to set my novels in the Regency period.

—- Ahhh. I do believe that counts as a point for me!

Charity 1 / Julie 0

2. Favorite Jane Austen character?

Charity – Tough one.. I am going to go with Fanny Price from Mansfield Park. Of course, it is probably Mr. Darcy, as he is everyone’s favorite, but I choose to go with someone less popular and with great character.

Julie – Probably Anne Elliot of Persuasion

— Man!

Charity 1/ Julie 1

3. How has God been brought glory through your writing career?

Charity – Perhaps it is because you can share the gospel within a non-threatening environment. People love Jane Austen and it is a way to reach others who wouldn’t normally listen.

Julie – My goal is to write novels that delight readers and glorify God, but I would feel presumptuous answering this one! I do hear from readers who appreciate the faith-affirming content in my books, so I hope I have given Him glory.

— I don’t think there is a clear winner. As long as God is brought the glory!! Scores stay the same.

Charity 1 / Julie 1

4. Dream vacation?

Charity – Perhaps to Bath during the Jane Austen Festival!!

Julie – Dream vacation=two weeks in the English countryside. Of course!

— Countryside! Bummer. Not exactly Bath…

Charity 1 / Julie 2

5. Have you ever been to the Jane Austen Festivals?

Charity – Not the legit, English one.

Julie – I have attended the Jane Austen Society of North America’s annual conference, but not the festivals in KY or Bath, England–yet!

— Wha Wha!? Nice Call!!

Charity 2 / Julie 2

So, there you have it. My first “tie”!

Thanks, SO MUCH, Julie for taking time out to answer my questions (: Sorry you didn’t win! (Not really).

Check out her new release:


You can pick up The Secret of Pembrooke Park. You won’t regret it!!!! Full of mystery, romance and intrigue. Check out the book trailer right here:

The Secret of Pembrooke Park

by Julie Klassen


Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors. Her books are so fun and each one comes from a completely different perspective. She covers everything from being a maid, a governess, dance instructor, and apothecary. Both, rich and poor.

In The Secret of Pembrooke Park, Abigail’s family is offered a deal that they can’t refuse. They are to let Pembrooke Park for a very reasonable sum. Is it too good to be true? With talk of hidden rooms and treasures, this book is full of mystery and intrigue…with a bit of romance, of course (;

I felt like the last chapter was used to tie up a bunch of loose ends. Up until then, it flowed very smoothly. Suddenly, it seemed as if she needed to get this out to the publisher in time, so quickly put it together. Still, I would give it 4 stars. I really enjoyed reading it and could connect with the characters.

If you would like to check out her other books, click here!!


Thank you, netgalley and Bethany House, for giving me this book in return for feedback. Here’s to many more!!

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