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  • Hearts Entwined: The Love Knot

    Hearts Entwined: The Love Knot

    by Karen Witemeyer Ok, so this whole book isn’t officially by Karen Witemeyer, but this review is specific to The Love Knot. Just to specify, the other authors that contributed are absolutely recommended by me as well. ❤ Karen is one of the ladies that really got me into reading. I’m a huge fan and…

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  • A Worthy Pursuit

    A Worthy Pursuit

    by Karen Witemeyer I am such a sucker for Karen’s books. I can’t wait for them to release and I snatch them up right away!! In her latest book, A Worthy Pursuit, she has done it once again. Drew me in and kept me interested. When the academy closes down mid-semester, Charlotte is worried about…

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  • Day Two of Karen Witemeyer Sales!

       A Cowboy Unmatched Only $1.99

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  • Epic Face-Off with author Karen Witemeyer

    Alrighty!! In light of Karen’s novella coming out, I thought that I needed to have another Epic Face-Off!! Just in case you are new to the blog, these are the rules. I ask Karen some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get…

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  • Great Deal!

    Karen Witemeyer is one of my favorite authors! You know how I am always saying, “there’s only a handful of authors that I read and pre-order all of their books”? Well, she’s one! Her books are light, fun and always full of interesting characters. So, I am here to say, that this month there are…

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