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Face-Off with Amy Clipston!!

Now, this is awesome!!! I am facing-off with AMY FLIPPIN’-CLIPSTON!!! (I am pretty sure her name is hyphenated). This girl has authored over 20 bestselling books. Insane!!! Although she is known for being a fiction writer, Amy, also, wrote a memoir about her kidney… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Amy Clipston!!”

Face-Off with Julie Lessman!!

Now, this is an EXCITING day!! Julie is tops!! If you haven’t read any of her books, please check them out. The two series that follow the O’Connor family are wonderful!! Julie Lessman, award ­winning author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change,… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Julie Lessman!!”

The Curiosity Keeper

by Sarah E. Ladd Sarah has, AGAIN, hit a home run! In her latest book, there is mystery, intrigue, suspense and LOVE! Camille is working in her father’s shop when she is attacked. The thief is in search of something that she knows nothing… Continue Reading “The Curiosity Keeper”

Love Arrives in Pieces

by Betsy St. Amant When Stella agrees to take on the job of interior designer for the remodeling of the old theater in town, she never expects to see her ex boyfriend as contractor and foreman. She hasn’t seen Chase in over 4 years.… Continue Reading “Love Arrives in Pieces”

Picture Perfect Love: A June Wedding Story

by Melissa McClone This is such a cool series! There are twelve novellas and each one correlates with a month of the year. Picture Perfect Love is the June story. Each of them are centered around wedding planners, photographers, etc… Here we have Jenna’s… Continue Reading “Picture Perfect Love: A June Wedding Story”

Untangled – Let God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity in Your Life

by Carey Scott Carey is such an engaging author. Her honesty, transparency, and love of God just shine through this book. Growing up feeling inadequate and unloved, it took years to realize that she was loved just as she is. She takes us through… Continue Reading “Untangled – Let God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity in Your Life”

Letters from My Father’s Murderer – A Journey of Forgiveness

by Laurie A. Coombs This book is a BEAUTIFUL message of forgiveness. As the title suggests, Laurie’s father was murdered. As she began to know Jesus and grow closer to Him, she started to realize that He was asking her to forgive her father’s… Continue Reading “Letters from My Father’s Murderer – A Journey of Forgiveness”

Love’s Rescue

by Christine Johnson This book may look pretty on the outside, but hold onto your seat! You won’t have a minute to breath from the first page to the last!! Elizabeth is heading back home to Key West and is ready to face life… Continue Reading “Love’s Rescue”

Who’s the New Kid? — How an ordinary mom helped her daughter overcome childhood obesity – and you can too!

by Heidi Bond with Jenna Glatzer What a beautiful story! Heidi, had never learned anything about nutrition and exercise so, they just ate whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Her daughter, Breanna, was in 3rd grade and already hitting 180+lbs. Heidi tried everything she… Continue Reading “Who’s the New Kid? — How an ordinary mom helped her daughter overcome childhood obesity – and you can too!”

As Waters Gone By

by Cynthia Ruchti A story of pain, sorrow, healing, love and cleansing. Emmalyn moves to a small town so she can pick up the pieces of her life. Well, so she can pick up the pieces of what’s left of her life. Her husband… Continue Reading “As Waters Gone By”