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  • Stories Behind the Songs & Hymns about Heaven

    Stories Behind the Songs & Hymns about Heaven

    by Ace Collins I have to admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for this song. Piano sounds pouring through our home as my mother played this song anytime she needed to sit and be alone for a few moments. With our busy household, those moments were few and far between. When I…

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  • A Giving Heart: A Coloring Book Celebrating Motherhood

    by Stephanie Corfee You know I love my coloring books! Well, Hachette got it right again with this new one from Stephanie Corfee. It’s visually stunning and has such beautiful passages in it. Be sure to pick up a copy of this beautiful book (and check out some of her others too!) for a momma…

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  • Mommy Valet at Chick-fil-A!

    Thanks to my AWESOME, WONDERFUL, LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL friend, Chandra, I found out about this little thing that any mom would find useful. Mommy Valet at the world’s best fast food restaurant. Chandra, I ❤ you!

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  • Amazon Mom for FREE!!

    I am super excited to tell you something! Here it is… If you have a child (still running around in diapers, pre-school age), you are eligible for Amazon Mom. It’s basically Amazon Prime with some discounted baby products. The cool part is, whenever you set up a “subscription”, you get 20% off the product. So,…

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  • Things I heard this week…

    Having two boys can be fun and exciting. You never really know what’s coming next. There’s something special about a mom’s relationship with her boys. I would never trade it! That being said, here are a few things that I actually heard this week: 1. Little Toot to his older brother. “You don’t have to…

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