Face-Off with Becky Wade!!

I am SUPER excited to be facing-off with Becky today!! She is universally loved and adored, FOR SURE! She is a contemporary, fiction author and her books are flying off the shelves.

Her book, Undeniably Yours was named the winner in the romance category of the 2014 Carol Award, given by American Christian Fiction Writers in recognition of outstanding Christian fiction. It was also named the winner of the long contemporary romance category of the 2014 Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award.

Guess what?! IT’S FREE TODAY!!! (Link is in the pic)

So, hurry on over to pick up your copy!!!

But now, we play!!


The rules are simple. I ask Becky some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What is your natural hair color? Do you dye it often, or is it natural? 

Becky – Natural hair color?  What’s that?

I’ve no idea what my natural hair color would be at this point.  Mouse brown?  I started out as a blonde, so when my hair began to darken in my twenties, I went to the salon and had highlights put in it so that I could remain a blonde. I’ve been coloring it every three or four months ever since.

Charity – Girl, I am right there with ya! My hair color changes so often…I was a natural blond too, but after my first pregnancy, those dreams were SMASHED! I think I am Mouse Brown too. ugh.

— At least you keep up the blond. I am too cheap to pay for that. I just box it whatever color looks cool…

Charity 0 / Becky 1

2. On your website, you say, “My goal? To bring you the very best stories I possibly can. But even more than that, to bring God glory. Before I sit down to write I always pray, ‘May You become greater and may I become less.’ John 3:30. I hope, in reading my books, that you’ll find God to be very great, indeed.”

I love that!! Love Love Love that!. I usually ask how authors feel they are bringing God the most glory, but you have answered that with the best answer yet! So, instead, I will ask you, What is your favorite Bible Verse? (besides the one I already copied!!!)

Becky –I adore this promise from Acts 1:8, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses.”

It’s such a relief be reminded that I’m not expected to leverage my own power in order to be His witness. There’s no doubt that I’d fail at that.  I often pray Acts 1:8, asking God to equip me through His power to accomplish the work He’s called me to do.

Charity – Love, Love, Love!


Charity 0 / Becky 1

3. Favorite shoes? 

Becky – My old pair of brown boots.  They’re flat and knee-high and scuffed and I might be deceiving myself into thinking that they’re still cute looking.  They’re comfortably worn-in like an old pair of slippers.

Charity – If I was going to be REALLY honest, I would say my plain, Old Navy flip flops. Not too glamorous, but they are super comfy. I love boots in the winter, but I am totally a flip-flop/sandals girl!

— Tie

Charity 0 / Becky 1

4. Do you find yourself using a Boppy frequently for purposes it was not intended to be used for? Like, putting your laptop on while you are on the couch. Or, eating lunch and wanting something to set it on? 

Becky – I wish I still had a Boppy around the house!  That would probably mean that I was still a young mom with a young child.  Instead, I fear that I now fall into the category of ‘old mom’.  Boo!  No Boppys.

Charity – haha! I never had a boppy with my kids. Funny thing is…I have one now?! What in the world??? My husband thinks it’s gross that I have one that I got for FREE from a clothes swap. ha! He won’t touch it. I love it because I can use it for many a purpose.

It is kinda gross.

— I win!

Charity 1 / Becky 1

5. Favorite movie or tv show? 

Becky – Downton Abbey.  When I watch it, I feel as though I’m a part of the Crawley family.

Charity – Gosh. I don’t know what my problem is. I had the hardest time getting into that show. I love Blacklist, Survivor and Turn for TV. So good!!!

— tie

Charity 1 / Becky 1

6. Funniest thing one of your kiddos has done?

Becky – My five year old daughter makes me laugh every day. IMG_1206 She’s very creative and theatrical and is constantly bursting into song and dance.  Sometimes we sing back and forth to each other instead of talking.  Imagine her singing, “What’s for dinner?”  And me singing (poorly) in response, “Chicken and rice.”  Living with her is sometimes a bit like living inside a Disney musical.

Charity – That’s amazing!! My seven year old is crazy too! He loves to sing along with Taylor Swift. We blast it in the car and he sings the really high notes. Kids are the best! So funny!!!

— How can one win?

Charity 1 / Becky 1

7. Do you play video games? If so, which ones?

Becky – I play zero video games.

1) I lack interest in them.

2) I know I’d be terrible.

Charity – Girl. I am right there with you.

— tie — Why do I feel like we aren’t getting anywhere?!

Charity 1 / Becky 1

8. What is your go to seasoning?

Becky – A shaker of generic “Italian Seasoning”.  I measure it out by the tablespoon into my homemade crock pot spaghetti sauce.  Take that, Giada De Laurentiis!

Charity – haha. You need to STOP ANSWERING WITH MY ANSWERS! I love Italian Seasoning too. *kicks you in the shins*


Charity 1 / Becky 1

9. Cake, Cookies, or Pie?

Becky – Cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip with nuts, right out of the oven while still gooey.

Charity – Ahhhh. Finally! Pie all the way! I love FRUIT. I am a total fruit nut. I’ll eat fruit any way I can get it! Probably why I am a “big boned girl”.

— ??

Charity 1 / Becky 1

10. Sunny and warm or Cold and Snow?

Becky – Sunny and warm.

Charity – Sunny and warm.

— Of course.

Charity 1 / Becky 1

11. I see you are from Texas. Do you know how to lasso?

Becky – I’ve seen accomplished people perform lasso tricks at rodeos.  I don’t know how to lasso, however.  I live in Dallas, so I’m the city dwelling Texas type.  We have more Starbucks locations than steers in this neighborhood.

Charity – haha. Well, I don’t either. I am a city girl all the way. The only thing I love about the country is the lack of speed limits!Grassy_Hill-speed_limit

— I’ll give it to you since you live in Texas…


Charity 1 / Becky 2

nanowrimo-winner-2010 by the hair of your chinny chin chin!

Thanks so much, Becky!! This was a lot of fun 🙂 Balloons-for-Birthday-Party

Guesssss what?!?! Yep!! Becky is giving away a SIGNED COPY of her NEW RELEASE!!

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*U.S. Rez only (we do love the rest of you too!)

*All entries checked. Any falsified will get disqualified!

Good Luck!

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Face-Off with Christine Hoover!!

Popular blogger, Christine Hoover, is a pastor’s wife/mom/suburban girl. Author of Five Books, her ministry is everyday women that struggle with everyday things. It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing!! Check out her blog for some encouragement! 🙂

Her book, Partners in Ministry, is on sale for $2.99 right now! Check it out!! Link is in the pic — >

Here is the link to all of her books: Christine Hoover’s Books

lEFDPjvdyUTGSxlnEUuByx_ykKsG52ybX7ZBpyfrOoiFWKDWie3OP6hODW_qiyunwaq_VyxbYvXE_prxEfJNRSSCq46buRNHQUZjSc-P1mWKKDnqfmuM5FoBKmaAtKmyogME2ERmoLQ_dq6AHke4qlol2osh9zjYl7pkqmIeS232nalwf-qoVFTgvM1CU3P6_QMeSg4Qy_9zgZp4loD-6GCExcatXyVGyThe rules are simple. I ask Christine some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What’s the most fun part of having all boys? (I do too! I have a 16 year old and a 7 year old)

Christine – They’re straightforward and simple. As long as they have food, they’re happy.

Charity – OMGoodness. I would never change it! They are so awesome. You can walk by and knock them over and they think it’s funny. They eat like a horse, but they are rough and tumble. It’s the best!!!!

— Tie! Boys are so fun!

Charity 0 / Christine 0

2. If you had to pick one store to live in for a year, and could use everything in it, what store would you choose? (food not a concern)

Christine – I love stores with kitchen gadgets and dishes and platters and all the things you don’t need but can use for entertaining. I’d stay there for a year, as long as I didn’t have to cook but could just entertain.

Charity – Nice! I would have to choose… Target. (Ikea was a close second…but there are no books or movies there!!)

— ?? Dumb question for a face-off! Who’s supposed to win?!

Charity 0 / Christine 0

3. Do you have any recurring dream/nightmare? Not like, night terrors, just something that is the one thing you go back to?

Christine – I used to have a recurring nightmare that I was in a dark ice skating rink by myself. Scary music would start playing and I was aware that someone was in the rink with me, trying to get to me. Yikes! Scary.

Charity – 😮 That is really scary!!!

I always have ones about snakes or just not being able to get to something I need to. It’s awful.

— Scary, dark skating rink…that one gets a point!

Charity 0 / Christine 1

4. Favorite childhood song?

Christine – I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

Charity – Nice!! Haha. Good, old Whitney Houston! Her and Kevin Costner. (who happens to be in everything again out of NOWHERE. Weird…)

This is what my sister and I rocked out to until my mom threw it away because she was so sick of it!!!:

— I am SO taking this one!! #ChristyLaneRocks

Charity 1 / Christine 1

5. Favorite musical?

Christine – Wicked!!

Charity – I didn’t specify stage or movie. I am going to go with… Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland!! It’s so cute! haha

— Not sure! This is too hard…

Charity 1 / Christine 1

6. Best part about living in Virginia? (I do too!!)

Christine – Four seasons, as opposed to Texas (where I grew up) which has mild summer, hot summer, really hot summer, and a few days of what some might call winter.

Charity – I love that, but I am a major history geek. I LOVE all the history here! It’s insane and amazing!!!!

— Girl, we are getting NOWHERE!!

Charity 1 / Christine 1

7. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Christine – I try to use the gifts He’s given me in my local church and in the greater Church through writing.

Charity – Awesome. I agree! You have a wonderful platform! I guess, for me, it is listening to Him and His direction every moment of the day (well, at least I try!). We get to have a great ministry by listening to the small steps one at a time.

— God wins!!!

Charity 1 / Christine 1

8. Have you ever eaten venison hunted by someone you knew?

Christine – Yes, actually I have. One of my friend’s husband hunts for all their meat. He’s given us some of it, but I have to be honest and say that I don’t like it 🙂

Charity – Ruh Roh! Hope he doesn’t read girly blogs that look like a bubble gum shop!!

I think I did when I was a kiddo, but I didn’t like it. I am not sure if I am making that up or not though. *shrug*

— Christine totally gets it for laying it OUT THERE!

Charity 1 / Christine 2

9. Has anyone ever stolen your car’s license plate?

Christine – Nope.

Charity – OMGosh. Someone totally stole my husbands a couple months ago!!! It was ridiculous! He got pulled over too. (the BAD guy) ha ha. My husband drives a scary old car. It’s GINORMOUS and purple. A big Lincoln he got when he Grandpa passed away. Anyway, it’s atrocious and my hubby totally doesn’t care because it was a free car. I make him park it away from our house, on the side behind our big fence, so I don’t see it because I am scared of it and super shallow. So, it was an easy target! hahaha

— I get it!!!

Charity 2 / Christine 2

10. Funniest pulled over, car breakdown, or run out of gas moment?

Christine – In college I went skiing in Colorado with a large group of friends, one of whom was a guy I’d been dating. We’d broken up right before the trip, and I was really sad about it. One night while on the trip, a group of us were in a borrowed van. My ex-boyfriend was driving everyone back to their respective condos, including me. I was the last one to be dropped off, so it was just him and me in the van. It was already awkward, but then the van broke down. The snow was coming down, it was dark, and I was stuck there with my ex-boyfriend in the middle of nowhere. We ended up getting a ride back into town and, four years later, we ended up married.

Charity – NICE!!!! I have been pulled over many times, but the cop always ends up small talking with me for a long time and then letting me go. I put on my perky, I love cops voice and BOOM! Plus, I’m just so stinkin’ adorable!!!

XyRkEGmokyARRYKP8Z85Vndb6Kt0Ln4qTSxXmgvw3j-pXWlzIK2UQ1FRcql4owxT5HgCNt6kKc1vAA-Iszt2oQsYg9sb9YAPEQ16CoK4tu_aLaCuxOK3DyjuvAdkpuIA1E_nWQRdYupalnrJ2H0RCz4icFsfhpJncujfw4Q4k_7duOZeCTXF2R0OGfubo5SvO9dXys-czrfZSyz9dDayrYmIyo1RlhiLR Who could give this cute thing a ticket???? Look at me?!

<— Innocent as a little lamb!


— Still, a sovereign breakdown…Can’t beat it!


Charity 2 / Christine 3


Thanks so much, Christine! It was great getting to know you a bit 🙂

Guess what…??? Balloons-for-Birthday-PartyYep!! You got it!! A GIVEAWAY!!!

Christin is giving away a copy of her new release, From Good to Grace: Letting God of the Goodness Gospel.

Just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!!

*For U.S. Rez only (sorry! We do love the rest of you too!!)

**Remember, all entries will be checked. Any falsified will be disqualified.

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