Tag: mystery

The Loyal Heart

by Shelley Shepard Gray Shelley Shepard Gray is a fabulous writer. While I am not a big reader of Amish fiction, her books have always won me over. This book, The Loyal Heart, is NOT Amish (which she is known for), but Civil War… Continue Reading “The Loyal Heart”

The Curiosity Keeper

by Sarah E. Ladd Sarah has, AGAIN, hit a home run! In her latest book, there is mystery, intrigue, suspense and LOVE! Camille is working in her father’s shop when she is attacked. The thief is in search of something that she knows nothing… Continue Reading “The Curiosity Keeper”

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge

by Colleen Coble A gripping, page turning, suspenseful and dramatic read!! Yes, it is all of those things!! From the first page of this book, you will be hooked! Claire Dellamare shows up at the Hotel Tourmaline to help her father close a business… Continue Reading “The Inn at Ocean’s Edge”

Mist of Midnight

by Sandra Byrd Mist of Midnight: A Novel (The Daughters of Hampshire) Sandra Byrd has knocked it out of the park with this book! Rebecca Ravenshaw has recently left India after her parents were slaughtered in an uprising. She heads home to England in… Continue Reading “Mist of Midnight”

Take a Wild Guess!!!

I had so much fun doing a Face-Off with author, Brandy Vallance, that I thought it might be fun to play “Take a Wild Guess” with author, Julie Klassen. Before we start, let me say that my love of the Regency Era is hugely… Continue Reading “Take a Wild Guess!!!”