Don’t forget!! Only one week left to get your video submitted. It doesn’t have to be fancy — just creative and fun. I am so excited for this contest*!! Can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Remember, you can pick from the selected menu at the top right of your screen. It says, “Books I’ve Reviewed”. That is a selection of every genre from books I have reviewed in the past. So, even if you haven’t read one of them, there are some you can still make a video about because it will be a familiar story.

Here is the link with instructions:


Can’t wait to see your fun videos!!!! 

*around $200 in merch (8-10 NEW RELEASE BOOKS)!!!!


Remember the MAJOR BOOK GIVEAWAY Contest I mentioned…?


How would you like to win 8-10 of these NEW RELEASE BOOKS??

Books will be chosen from this awesome stack!!

1. Every Bride Needs a Groom — Janice Thompson

2. A Sparrow in Terezin — Kristy Cambron

3. The Inn at Ocean’s Edge – Colleen Coble

4. The Last Words of Jesus — Stu Epperson

5. The Day I Met Jesus — Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth

6. The Heart of the Amish — Suzanne Woods Fisher

7. Buried Secrets — Irene Hannon

8. The Darcy Brothers — Maria Grace

9. God of the Big Bang — Dr. Leslie Wickman

10. Where Trust Lies — Janette Oke

11. Against the Flow — John C. Lennox

12. The Barefoot Queen — Ildefonso Falcones

13. Sand in My Sandwich — Sarah Perry

14. Beyond Orange County — Lydia McLaughlin

15. No Place to Hide — Lynette Eason

16. The Price of Privilege — Jessica Dotta

17. The Creole Princess — Beth White

18. From Good to Grace — Christine Hoover

Wanna know the catch?

Sometime in the next couple of days it will begin!

I will give you your instructions then!!

So, be ready!! Be very ready!!

There will only be ONE winner!!!

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