Finding Freedom

Hey, guys! I want to give you an update on my exciting projects. As most of you know, I have been working as a playwright and enjoying every moment of it! It’s been such an answer to prayer as I am able to still do this when I am not feeling well.

A year ago, I was approached by the LEAH group in Pennsylvania and New York. They asked if I could write a play based around the founding of our nation and with the theme of freedom – both in life and in God. As an avid history buff, I was more than excited to jump in.

I was able to write the play and be part of an amazing experience. In November, I went to New York to help with the casting. It was so much fun to see these kids just jump in and become part of a world I had created in my head! So surreal.

Opening night was April 27, 2018 and I was not sure if I was going to make it. As you know, I haven’t been well and I was mostly confined to bed rest over the last 6 months. As always, God is good and I was able to get some answers and make it up there!

I decided to set the story in Boston as the tensions were rising. It centers around a group of friends as they make big life decisions. Which side is the right side and what are the reasons for choosing? What does God want? It was a tough time and I can’t even imagine going through it! It gave everyone a lot to think about – for sure!

I wanted to share some pics with you from my time up there! Hope you enjoy!!

Run-through and practice:


Opening Night:


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There are hundreds of pictures and I can’t possibly choose my favorites! I am just so proud of what they did. God used it in such an awesome way and I’m really thankful I was able to be a part of it.

I’m currently workin on their next project and can’t wait to share more with you! For now, here is a scene from Finding Freedom and I hope you enjoy it!

(Set: outside in a field as the boys are walking home from hunting together)

(All laughing)

Malachi: (laughing…) And did you see Titus tryin’ to chase that coon and fall flat on his ear?

Titus: Now hold on there a minute! ‘Twasn’t my fault there was a tree stump in the way! I reckon I gave that coon more than he bargained for though when I came flyin’ face first right at ‘im and even managed to get a shot off…

Adam: Truly? “Get a shot off’?” I am fairly certain you misfired and could have killed any one of us out there just because you fell on your face and lost all control! I sure wish Emeline could have seen you then!

(Laughter continues as they all speak over each other)

Malachi: (Malachi stops and puts his hands on his knees to catch his breath and they all stop) Look at us. (Pauses to look up with a crooked grin) I’m gonna miss this! Tomorrow, everything changes for us.

(The boys nod in agreement – still catching their breath. Malachi straightens back up.)

Malachi: Sure will be different…

Adam: Yeah, well you went and got yourself that fancy internship with none other than Mr. John Adams! You didn’t think that would be all coon hunts and dodging Titus’ bullets, did ya? (Said with a smirk)

Malachi: Blood and ‘ounds! I thought I might lose an eye today! ‘Tis best I be moving on to the law! (He tries not to grin and looks innocently up at Titus)

Titus: (Punches Malachi on the arm and starts for Adam as they are all laughing) I’ll have you know that I wouldn’t waste a bullet on either of you clods! I’m savin’ those for the redcoats.

Malachi: (gets serious) Alas, Titus, do tell us about this meeting you are attending tonight. I hear that Mr. Samuel Adams may be in attendance! Some say that he can be a dangerous fellow – always stirring up trouble.

Titus: (becomes more and more angry as he says) Dangerous? Do come on, Malachi. We live in dangerous times. Our own homes and shops are subject to the king’s royal army at their whim. What rights do we now have? ‘Tis as if we are the King George’s unwanted stepchildren and he hopes to punish us for the crimes of others.

Malachi: But we are only paying taxes to cover the war not long ago fought on our own soil. The king protected us from the French and the Indians and ‘twas a costly war.

Titus: (barely containing his anger) They invaded Boston, Malachi! ‘Tis not past wars I dwell on, but what is on our soil at this very moment! British soldiers are here, taking up residence and extending curfews as if we were their children! They tell us when we can eat and sleep and what we can buy! (He spits to the side)

Malachi: (Looks at Adam and asks) And are these your feelings as well? (Titus also looks up to see Adam’s response.)

Adam: (Adam is very uncomfortable and fidgeting) I thought I might tag along with him, Mal. It can’t hurt to see what they are saying. They call themselves the Sons of Liberty and believe that we should not be governed by a foreign power and that we should rule ourselves. (He kicks at the dirt seemingly lost in thought.)

Malachi: And where is this meeting?

Adam: Under the Liberty Tree.

Malachi: The Liberty Tree!

Titus: Nay, Adam. ‘Tis been moved to The Green Dragon Tavern as a storm looks to be a-brewin’.

Malachi: Aye! A storm is brewing, indeed! Did you not hear what the “Sons of Liberty” did to Mr. Andrew Oliver at that said “Liberty Tree”? They hung a man that was just doing his duty to King and country! They then proceeded to walk upon his dead carcass and burn him as if his body had been not defiled enough! (He pauses.) Are we, ourselves, not British citizens? (Malachi remains calm as if curious of his friends’ feelings on the subject, yet concerned for their welfare. Titus is visibly growing agitated and angry. Adam feels very uncomfortable.)

Adam: ’Tis just a meeting, Malachi. As Titus said, ‘tis not at the Liberty Tree, so you need have no fear on that account. I only wish to know what is being done in my own city. We have lost so many of our freedoms these weeks past. Julia says that soldiers come into Emeline’s family store and take what they please without regard to coin. How is it that she is to be paid when her employers are not compensated for their wares? ‘Tis a trying time, Malachi, and I, for one, shan’t turn a blind eye. I must at least have knowledge of what is taking place all around us.

Titus: (looked up when Adam mentioned Emeline and looks angrily at Malachi as if it is somehow his fault.)

Malachi: Can we not find a peaceful way to deal with the situation at hand? (He looks back and forth) Truly?

Titus: (Spits to the side) I’ll not stand idly by and let this happen in my own city. Sam says that all might be free if they valued freedom and defended it, as they ought. Shall I not defend my right to freedom?

Malachi: (eyes wide) Sam? I presume you are speaking of Mr. Adams? (Gives Titus a chastening look)

Titus: (rolling his eyes) If only I could be half as fastidious as you are, Malachi, I may not assume the world and these trying times shall trouble me either. However, I cannot. I shall not. I shall do my part.

Malachi: I did not intend to…

Titus: (waves him off) Say no more of it. I only pray that you shall not think less of me for doing what I must. We must each do as we believe is right in such a time.
Adam: He speaks the truth, Mal. We must look to ourselves to govern our actions.

Malachi: I believe not what I am hearing! (Voice raised) Can you truly say that you must look to your own selves for truth? If mankind is to look to self for truth, pray tell, what happens when we, each man, finds his own truth and such truth does not resemble the truth his neighbor has found? (Looking dumbfounded) We can only look to God for truth! Who’s to say that my truth is above your truth? Nay! I will not agree! For this very reason is why we have war and suffering!

(Titus begins to walk away while shaking his head.)

Malachi: Titus! (Runs to catch up) Do not walk away, brother. Indeed, you and Adam are my brothers in every way that can be – barring blood.

(They stop and pause in quiet. Malachi looks up at the sky and closes his eyes for a moment.)

Malachi: Today is the last of our childhood as we have come to know. No more coon hunts, late night fishing or even brawlin’ over who gets the biggest biscuit. I desire not to spoil such a day. So much of me wishes we could roam these woods with all of the innocence it has provided thus – to never face the injustices of this world and come face-to-face with the men we truly are. I, for one, fear to see my true reflection staring back at me. I know not what I shall find when I’ve the courage to look upon it. I do not think any less of you, Titus, or you, Adam, for being brave enough to gaze upon it and face the truth within.

(Titus visibly relaxes.)

Adam: You two are startin’ to act like a couple of women. I daresay ‘tis time for me to away! (He grins and punches his friends as they continue to pummel each other and walk off set)

* The issue of Andrew Oliver is cleared up later in the play. It was an effigy, not the real Andrew Oliver 😉

If you would like more info on Finding Freedom, please contact me at:

Some changes…

Hey, guys! I am writing this with a really heavy heart. We’ve had some personal things come up and I will not be able to attend the big Readers’ Retreat in Nashville. I was looking forward to meeting so many of you and enjoying all the festivities! It’s a good thing I know that God gives us what will make us that happiest when we are seeking His will and His wisdom. I never want to be anywhere else 🙂

Please be praying for us as we are working through some big things. (My marriage is FABULOUS! It’s not that!!! In fact, I am the luckiest woman in the WORLD to be married to my Jared <3) Anyway, pray for us to have wisdom and peace in all things. That would mean so much to me 🙂

I look forward to the next time we can all get together! If it’s not here, it will be a grand banquet and celebration in Heaven! woot woot! THAT I can’t wait for! For REALZ!

Updates and Such

FullSizeRenderHey, all! I just wanted to give you a brief update of some things going on in my world right now. First of all, I am SO EXCITED that I will be seeing some of you in 3 WEEKS!!!! What in the world? I’m dying right now. I can’t wait. I so need the vacation  ❤

I know I have been MIA for the most part, but a dear friend gave me some great advice (***clears throat and nudges Dina Sleiman***). She said to me, “Charity, deal with the things you need to. Your blog will always be here waiting for you.” What wise words from an amazing chica.

As you all (mostly) know, we have been in the process of adopting and we are reaching the home stretch now. This last year has been full of love, hugs, tears, trials and everything else you can imagine. It’s been beautiful to see our new 16 year old graft into our family. My heart has been stolen! I can’t say much more than that right now, but just keep praying for us all here and I will fill you in and show pics as soon as I am able!

That being said, I’m totally exhausted! IMG_0688My oldest son graduated from high school this year and it’s been madness getting everything prepared for his future. I’m also homeschooling the other two, so life is full! This would be a much more accurate picture of what I’m looking (feeling) like these days. (My youngest son is always ready to make a fun face. He’s a total goob **as in goober**).

On top of that, I also had my brother in town visiting for two months. It was a great time and the FIRST time in about 20 years that all four of us siblings had gotten together (just the four of us!!) for brunch. IMG_0920CRAZY!!! Here we are! (Please don’t kill me, sissy — Jody). Aren’t we a great looking crew. My mom had it so easy….*hahahahahahahahahahahaha*

So, that’s a bit of a recap of the last few months in my house…of course, there’s a lot more, but I won’t bore you with the details of my day-to-day drama. ha!

Now what?

Well, first of all, I will be at the AMAZING Christian Readers’ Retreat. I am beyond excited about this. There are no words! (No, NO! Not JUST because I want to break from from my kids…) I’ll tell you why. BECAUSE I’M THE BIG, FAT WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh. Somehow I didn’t see this for 4 whole days. It took my awesome and sweet pal, Sydney, to congratulate me! HOLLA!!!!

Ok, so that’s not the only reason I am really excited. I just can’t wait to meet all these amazing friends that I have been getting to know over the last few years. PLEASE try to find me there! I wasn’t sure how that was going to work, so I thought I might try to wear something like this:


Now, something you should know about me…I never know what I’m going to wear until the very moment I have to dress. You see, nothing ever looks like you think it will in your mind. So, it’s going to be a grand surprise whether or not I actually DO wear this shirt. hahaha. Yes, I know.

High. Maintenance.

Either way, since I am the BIG, FAT WINNER, you will get to see me WIN THE BOOKS and then you can find me!!!!! I can’t WAIT to meet you ❤ Please be sure to come by and introduce yourself!! Again I may, or may not, have a little something for you 😉

And as far as my blog?image1 I am slowly reading and writing as I am able. See, this is me reading a couple weeks ago! I absolutely love reading and posting face-offs for you guys. I pray that I never have to stop. For the time being, it’s just as I can. Soon enough these knuckleheads will be out of the house and I will have NOTHING holding me back! …(First of all, I know better than to say that to God…whew. And, secondly, GRANDBABIES!! hahahahahahahahaha)

Wow. I’m such a mess.

I love you all! Please keep up the prayers and support. See you in NASHVILLE!!!!!!



Oh my goodness, you guys! You know that I adore the lovely Dawn Crandall! Her books are absolutely amazing. I wanted to show you all her newest book that will be available this fall:

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You can check out all 3 of my face-offs with Dawn PLUS, my review of her first three books.

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A Few Things

Hey, guys! I am super excited to announce that I have someone else helping me out with my blog!! You are going to be excited about this because she will be finding FREE books for you and posting them under “Freebies” on the menu!11198755_1568042970123900_1522393962_n

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Right now there are 3 books I am doing giveaways on. More to come this week!!!

I posted our Big Giveaway winner earlier today! I want to congratulate Sydney Anderson for winning Best Video!!! Now, don’t worry if you weren’t picked! There will be another big giveaway this summer. If making a video is not your thing, well then, YOU ARE IN LUCK! More details to come.

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Son of Hamas

by Mosab Hassan Yousef (with Ron Brackin)

son of hamas

Oh My Goodness. Let me just tell you that this is one of the most amazing books you will ever read. If you follow the news AT ALL, you have heard of the Hamas. They are responsible for many suicide bombings and other attacks that you have seen and heard about in Israel. This is the story of Sheikh Hassan Yousef’s son and heir to the Hamas legacy.

Sheikh was one of the founding fathers of the Hamas, and, by far, the most powerful. His son, Mosab, was expected to follow in his footsteps and lead this radical group. All was in place until he was shown the amazing love and mercy of Christ and begin to work and spy for Israel.

This is 100% true and will keep you wide awake while reading it at 2:00am (since most of us are mommies and that’s the first freakin’ second we have to ourselves).

While this is not a new release (copyright 2010, 2011), a movie, The Green Prince (based on the code name used by the Israelis), is coming to theaters and is a MUST SEE.

You can look at this website to find out when it is coming to a theater near you. If it isn’t, you can request it:

The Green Prince

In honor of the movie coming to theaters, I would love to give away a copy of this AMAZING book.

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