Watchdog: The Real Stories Behind the Headlines from the Congressman Who Exposed Washington’s Biggest Scandals

by Darrell Issa

In this mixed up election year, it’s nice to have a voice from the inside. Congressman, Darrell Issa, served as Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for four years and is ready to share his side of the story.

Now, I am not naïve enough to think that there isn’t a Republican slant to any book written by a Republican; just as I would assume a Democratic slant written by a Democrat. That being said, I do believe that he does a relatively good job of keeping “sides” out of it. I believe that he is sharing what he really saw happen over the last few years.

Topics such as Benghazi, the market crash, and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are all included as these were real issues that he dealt with as chairman. It is very interesting and important to hear all sides of the story. I definitely recommend this!

Thanks again to Hachette Book Group for giving me this book in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

Our Presidents & Their Prayers

by Rand Paul and James Randall Robinson

“…open the eyes of my understanding, and help me thoroughly to examine myself concerning my knowledge, faith and repentance…” — George Washington

As a HUGE history lover, this book spoke right to my heart. All of my heroes and their prayers in one gorgeous, hardcover book. It’s absolutely beautiful!! Each chapter highlights a president and the different prayers that they have publicly, or personally scripted. It also speaks about each one and their relationship with God. Amazingly enough, it has a chapter for every single president!

I loved reading over the prayers and seeing where our country has been and how God has protected us through many things. It is encouraging to have so much faith in the leaders of our great country. I highly recommend!

Thank you, so much, for this wonderful book in exchange for my review! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

Jesus, Jihad and Peace

by Michael Youssef

I will tell you right now. Yes, I do believe I shall. This book opened my eyes and helped me to see. We sit here in America wondering “what in the world would possess these people to be so brutal, to be so intense, to be so focused, so hateful, so….fill in the blanks”??

Michael Youssef manages to get the balance right. He explains in great detail the workings of Islam and how it relates to Judaism and Christianity. He shows you how there is no hope of salvation, only hope that they did enough to please Allah. There were so many things that I didn’t understand that make perfect sense now. For instance, they cannot fathom how we could allow people to say His name in vain. They are floored that we would allow that kind of disrespect to the God of the universe. The God we say we love. They see how flippant we are in our belief and it disgusts them. I get that. It disgusts me too.

I also found it interesting that they can’t stand Christians because they believe we are polytheist. The trinity of God looks like we worship three Gods and they know that is wrong to worship more than one. It’s very interesting to see how many little things upset them and how some of it is true (we don’t stand up for God when people use His name in vain! That is wrong. I am guilty of standing by silently. Shame on me!!). Other parts are not true, just not translated correctly. They don’t understand that we see Him as One. That, coupled with their fear of doing enough to please an almost impossible “god” to please, lead them to become more and more frantic and dangerous.

There are so many things that you will find in this book. It truly helped me to understand and have more compassion for the people that hate us so much. Some of the book is pointing to the end times and what the world looks like now. I was more interested in learning the culture of Islam and understanding the hearts of the people.

So, pick up a copy of Jesus, Jihad and Peace: What Bible Prophecy Says About World Events Today and take a look for yourself. This is the best book at breaking down their religion, thoughts, fears and goals that I have ever read.

Thanks, so much, Worthy Publishing (First Look), for giving me a copy of this book. As always, this is my honest review. Here’s to many more!

Wicked Women: Notorious, Mischievous, and Wayward Ladies from the Old West

by Chris Enss


Oh my goodness! Can I just say how much fun this book is? It’s full of stories about the wild women from the Old West! You always hear about Wild Bill, Pistol Pete, Doc Holliday and others…It’s not so often that we get to see how tough the cowgirls could be!!!!

Chris Enss does a FABULOUS job of telling these stories and keeping it tasteful. A lot of them were madams, but it is a clean read. It’s so fascinating how these girls would make their livings so dangerously and live to tell about it!

Please pick up a copy! Link is in the picture and HERE. Thanks so much, netgalley, for giving me this great read! Here’s to many more!!