Ever After

by Anya Wylde

Only .99¢ HERE!!

Anya Wylde has written some wonderful books. Usually they are centered around the Regency time period. They are full of the most delightful characters that make you laugh out loud.

In this novella, she has written a fantasy, fairy tale like story. It is of a beautiful princess that falls in love with a common man. She must decide what will make her happy and how to make that happen. It takes the most surprising twists and turns.

If you have a daughter, she will LOVE being read this story (or reading it for herself, of course!)!! It’s full of mystical creatures, romance, royalty and satire.

Thanks so much for sending me a copy, Anya! As always, it’s a pleasure (:

If you would like to purchase any of her other books set in the Regency Era, just click HERE.


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