Tag: Parenting 101

  • Train up a child

    We’ve all read the verse. Easy-peasy, right? Then I became a mom. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, (or 36 hours of labor…I mean, whichever you want to go with…) every bit of know-how seemed to vanish. Why is he crying all the time? Why is he giving me attitude, crossing his arms and…

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  • 52 Things Sons Need from Their Moms

    52 Things Sons Need from Their Moms

    by Angela Thomas Parenting book ALL MOMS SHOULD READ! I absolutely love this. It is how I strive to raise my boys and I love reading this confirmation with new ideas. Raising our kids is not about making sure the stay in the lines or else we crack the whip. It’s understanding why they would…

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