Face-Off with Pepper Basham (take #2)


Ok, so if you know me at all, you know that this gal is one of my favs! What an amazing writer and a sweetheart to boot!! Her books really wrestle with the tough things in life while keeping you turning pages with a gripping story. If you haven’t checked out our last face-off, please do so!! It is sure to keep you entertained.


Ok, so this newly nominated Carol Award finalist is here today to have a bit o’ fun. (Yeah, I had to slip that in there! woot woot!! I am so excited for her!) I am dying to hear what fun she is bringing with her this time. We ended with a tie last time, so she’s going to have to really bring it to beat me now!

Let’s do this!



Wow. That really didn’t turn out so well…

The rules are simple:

I ask Pepper some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Favorite 80’s movie?

Pepper – I can’t choose between these three: Indiana Jones, The Princess Bride, and Star Wars…so…you’ll just have to pick one to battle 😉

Charity – I really can’t fault you for those choices. One glaring oversight would have to be The Neverending Story. Obviously, The Princess Bride still wins.


— Tie

Charity 1 / Pepper 1

2. Biggest pet peeve?

Pepper – My children leaving their shoes in the middle of the floor

Charity – Hmm. Mine is being asked the same questions twice in a row by an overly eager child that doesn’t give you more than 1 second to answer before asking again. and again.

— Another tie

Charity 2 / Pepper 2

3. Have you ever had a major traffic blunder (ran a red light, drove the wrong way down a street with a car approaching you, etc…)

Pepper – HAHA!! Well, how much trouble will I get into if I answer this? Yes, I’ve gone through a red light and even had a fender bender once. I’m a pretty careful driver though. I grew up with a cop for a dad 🙂

Charity – Whew. Not tooooo bad. One time I was rocking out to music and I realized that a cop was behind me with his lights a-going. So, I pulled over and he come up to the car. He said that he had been behind me, with his lights on, for a few minutes (literally) and I hadn’t noticed him. He then said that my headlights weren’t on (and it was pretty late at night). I apologized and he said that it was ok, but I needed to pay more attention. I start to pull away and he is running after me waving his hands. I stop and he catches up…”Ma’am. Your lights still aren’t on…” hahahahaha. Nicest guy ever because he didn’t ticket me! 😯

— Taking that one!

Charity 3 / Pepper 2

4. What’s your favorite type of soda?

Pepper – Duh. Dr. Pepper 😉 (but I’m a big fan of Mt. Dew too)

Charity – Oh, man. Dumb question…Mine too, but…I can’t compete.

— (Dr) Pepper gets it!

Charity 3 / Pepper 3

5. Last movie you saw in the theater? *BTW, readers…this question was answered in April!

Pepper – Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Charity – Oh! That was a great one! I remember that I got three naps in during that movie. Pretty sweet… haha. Last one I saw was Bourne!!!!!! Holla!

— Tie

Charity 4 / Pepper 4

6. What is your love language?


Pepper – Time and affection. I LOVE hugs!!

Charity – Aww! I will remember that when I see you IN NASHVILLE SOOOOOOON!

Mine are gifts and quality time…definitely NOT touch! hahahaha

— These questions are too hard to pit against each other!

Charity 5 / Pepper 5

7. Have you ever walked more than 1 dog at a time?

Pepper – LOL – nope. My dog is quite big enough to equal more than one dog at a time, but no…only one.

Charity – Well, we grew up in a household of a million pets. At one point we had 5 dogs. I am pretty sure I walked more than one at a time, but I can’t be positive…

— I will have to forfeit this point. I am so not an animal person.

Charity 5 / Pepper 6

8. What’s your favorite way to worship?

Pepper – Way? As opposed to what? 🙂 I love worshiping through song and music. Of course, true worship always includes the Word of God – but when that’s paired with music…sigh…I just love how close and alive that makes God’s spirit feel.

Charity – I agree. I used to be 100% Word + music. Lately, however, I have been trying something new and it’s got me so excited! I have been highlighting all the passages in my Bible that describe God and His character. It’s been AMAZING! I have also been taking the time to write some of them down. This is what I got about God from JUST Psalm 103


— God Wins!

Charity 5 /Pepper 6

9. Place in America that you would LOVE to visit?

Pepper – New York – just for the experience. I’d also love to go to the Grand Canyon some day. (but above all I like out-of-America dreaming)

Charity – Girl! I know all about your out-of-America dreaming! You JUST got back from my favorite place….ENGLAND! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I really just want to visit all of America. I mean, all of it.

— Tie

Charity 6 / Pepper 7

10. How are your gardening skills?

Pepper – Only the strong survive.

Charity – lol…well, at least that’s something! NOTHING survives this black thumb. Nothing!


— Bad way to end…


Charity 6 / Pepper 8


ahhhhhh! Not cool! I need to ask better questions….

Thank you so much, Pepper! Please be sure to check out her awesome Blog Hop and Giveaway all this week!



Guess what!!????? $2.99! That’s what!

Exciting news!!! Pepper Basham’s novel, The Thorn Bearer, has been released early (Only the e-book)!!!

This is one of the most important and well written books I’ve read! You can check out my  review HERE! It’s an incredible story of healing (openly dealing with tragedy, sexual abuse and much more). It’s also full of rich history and complex characters.

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Again, 5 SOLID STARS! Please pick up a copy!! Link is in the pic.

Face-Off with Pepper Basham

It’s that time again!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!!! charitychallenge

I am so excited! This here is my girl, PEPPER! You are going to love her. Living states apart couldn’t keep us separated! We were bound to find one another because we are kindred spirits! (: TheThornbearer 500x750 (1) Her debut novel will be released on May 7th! Set during WWI, The Thorn Bearer is Ashleigh’s story of forgiveness and finding her way to God when she’s lost everything and doesn’t know where else to turn.

Now, onto the FUN STUFF!!!!


The rules are simple:

I ask Pepper some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Favorite movie quote?

Pepper – That’s such a tough one. I like so many movies!! But…I’ll go with a classic. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die.”

Charity – Ah, yes. That is a good one. Definitely a classic. Maybe a little tooooo overused. What about, Kip, “Your mom goes to college!”? Also, way overquoted.

— We aren’t original and don’t deserve a point for that. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

2. Have you ever gone to a drive in movie?

Pepper – Oh yes! My first drive-in movie was when I was a child…and we went to see Superman.

Charity – Oh my gosh. Not fair! I’ve always wanted to do that!!!!!! ahhh. Lucky Duck.

— Ok, so you got me on that one.

Charity 0 / Pepper 1

3. If writing wouldn’t have panned out, would you have considered being a vietmanese pig breeder?

Pepper – Hmm…. I do like bacon. However, I think I’d be more gifted in being a macaw translator.

Charity – You made me laugh. Like, out loud. Ok, I would be horrific because I am so not an animal person. blech.

— not cool. You pulled the ol’ “macaw translator”.

Charity 0 / Pepper 2

4. Which one of Henry VIII ‘s wives would you rather have been?

Pepper – Katherine, the one that survived….no wait, she got him when he was all gross and grumpy. Catherine, Mary’s mom. Strong woman. Faithful. And she kept her head 😉

Charity – Yes, but she had to live with a broken heart and died a beggar’s death, basically. She did remain faithful to God, so that works in her favor. I think he had a thing for Catherine’s.

— ? Score stays the same.

5. Favorite place in Virginia (I see that you moved away! booooo!!)

Pepper – Oh my goodness! I love the Charlottesville area. Oh…the Shenandoah Valley calls me! But I love where I grew up in the New River Valley, so that’s probably my fav.

002Pepper’s daughter overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA

Charity – Well, as I grew up in the “historical triangle”, I might have to go with that. Although, them there mountains are right nice. I’ll give ya that. We have everything here. VA Beach, already referenced Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, amusement parks, the mountains. Literally everything. Love it.

— blah

Charity 0 / Pepper 2

6. If you could go back in time, what historical time period and what would your roll be in it? Pepper – (regency maid, revolutionary war nurse, etc) Rich Inventor (with a penchant for writing)….Victorian era 😉

Charity – *clears throat* Did you just say, “Regency Maid”????? I am confused. One word. Chamberpots. I have another question. Did you say “Revolutionary War Nurse”???? I am confused. Gross. *shudder*

I would probably choose to be a rich Regency lady like Emma. That way I could marry for love, not have to deal with the chamberpots and live comfortably in beautiful clothes.

— Girl, your answers scared me.

Charity 1 / Pepper 2

7. Are you a mini-van mom or a SUV mom?

Pepper – I’m a mini-van mom….because I can afford the gasoline.

Charity – Afford this. Hybrid mom. BOO-YA!

— That’s right!

Charity 2 / Pepper 2

8. Funniest thing one of your kids ever said?

Pepper – Um…probably not good to repeat for the world to read, so I’ll try to pick a second favorite. When we discipline our young kids we quote “obey your parents in the Lord for this is right….that your days may be long on the earth.” Well, one of my boys had a particular gift for….um….disobeying. So he was in the process of getting disciplined for the, I don’t know, fourth or fifth time that day. When I said the verse, he dropped his head and said, “I’m gonna die so young.”

He’s my sweetheart!! Cuddler! And SOOOOO funny!!

Charity – So cute! I am not sure if I should repeat this either. But I so am. My son, when he was about…4ish? He asked me how mom’s get the baby out of their tummy. I just flat out said that God made a special place for them to get out in a private place. He started laughing so hard. He bent over and said, “You shoot them out of your butt cannon!! ha ha ha ha ha ha” and then continued to bend over and make shooting noises. He did this for days. I couldn’t stop him because I was laughing too hard.

— Kids are too cute. No win here!

9. Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, or Olive Garden?

Pepper – Oh, tough one. I’m a BIG meat eater. LOVE a good steak! But oh my, the Italian…..sigh.  Now, if you’d said “Carrabas”, that would have won hands down. I love their Pollo Rosa Maria!!

Charity – I have no idea what that is.

I love Chili’s. YUM!!!!!! We go there for every date. Literally. We cant help ourselves.

— Again, can’t really win or lose that one.

10. How has God held you through something in your life when you could actually feel Him holding you?

Pepper – Oh wow! What a beautiful question! I think one of the most ‘aware’ moments was after my grandmother died. I grieved her so much because she was such a mentor and friend to me. An amazing lady. Before she’d become sick, we’d talked once or twice a week. When she couldn’t talk any more, I started missing her voice. One night, a few months after her death, I had this dream of seeing her and talking with her. She was healthy, whole, and beautiful….and I ‘heard’ her voice in my dream.That may sound strange to people, but it was God’s way comforting me. Her voice, her Appalachian cadence, were dear to me – and God allowed me a sweet memory in the middle of the grief.

Charity – Oh, that is so incredibly special! When my Grandma passed away, it was so horrible. It really changed my life because it broke my heart so badly.

There are so many times I have felt God hold me. One of the more recent times was over me defending God and the Bible. Someone I know is involved in things that are blatantly wrong. Wanting to tell their story, I was emailed with the intention of support. I waited two weeks. Not really sleeping, just crying. Asking God what I should be saying or doing. I didn’t want to do anything out of my swaying emotions. I wanted to hear God clearly and answer with that. So, the answer was clear, but so was something else. As clear as day, He showed me that I would be persecuted for it. That following that road would lead to persecution from people that I love, family, friends, etc. I wrestled in my spirit over what to do. Just let it go, or defend my God. The Spirit inside of me couldn’t let it go without a response. So, I did what I had felt God clearly told me to do and, sure enough, it erupted into something crazy. I mean, really bad. The thing was, I had not made an emotional decision, so I felt God, so strongly reminding me to just be still. He was going to fight this battle for me. I didn’t get emotional or yell back or anything. I just felt God holding me….almost like he was rubbing my face telling me it will all be ok….like a mom would do for her child. It was so awesome. It was horrible, but I felt at peace and God did fight for me. I didn’t have to do anything. Through the whole thing, I just clung to Him and He took care of it all for me.

— God wins!



Pepper – So….here are a few questions for you!

1. What is one of your favorite types of characters in a book?

Charity – Ok..Shaking it up, I see!! My favorite type of character is the man that quietly and faithfully is there, pursuing, protecting, and is steady in character and faith.

2. If you could be a fictional character, who would you choose to be?

Charity – Pippi Longstocking! duh!!

3. If you could pick your nickname, what would you choose that would best describe you?

Charity – uh…… <–Does that count?

I will go with “light”. Take that however you want…

Thank you, SO MUCH, Pepper! As always, it was a pleasure doing biz with ya! I can’t wait for your book to be released! As soon as it is, I will put up a link for everyone!! (Of course, I already have a copy. ha.)

In the meantime, you can check out her website! She’s got quite a few books coming out. This is the first in a trilogy. She is also releasing another book this year. It’s a modern day re-telling of My Fair Lady. Can’t wait! SQUEEEEEE!!