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Face-Off with Pepper Basham (take #2)

Ok, so if you know me at all, you know that this gal is one of my favs! What an amazing writer and a sweetheart to boot!! Her books really wrestle with the tough things in life while keeping you turning pages with a… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Pepper Basham (take #2)”

Guess what!!????? $2.99! That’s what!

Exciting news!!! Pepper Basham’s novel, The Thorn Bearer, has been released early (Only the e-book)!!! This is one of the most important and well written books I’ve read! You can check out my  review HERE! It’s an incredible story of healing (openly dealing with… Continue Reading “Guess what!!????? $2.99! That’s what!”

Face-Off with Pepper Basham

It’s that time again!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!!! I am so excited! This here is my girl, PEPPER! You are going to love her. Living states apart couldn’t keep us separated! We were bound to find one another because we are kindred spirits! (: Her debut… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Pepper Basham”