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A very personal story

I barely know where to begin. The last few years have been a whirlwind of events. Four years ago, God called us to bring a teenager into our home and pursue adoption. After disappointment after disappointment, we found our precious son. The was almost… Continue Reading “A very personal story”

Some changes…

Hey, guys! I am writing this with a really heavy heart. We’ve had some personal things come up and I will not be able to attend the big Readers’ Retreat in Nashville. I was looking forward to meeting so many of you and enjoying… Continue Reading “Some changes…”

Who’s the New Kid? — How an ordinary mom helped her daughter overcome childhood obesity – and you can too!

by Heidi Bond with Jenna Glatzer What a beautiful story! Heidi, had never learned anything about nutrition and exercise so, they just ate whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Her daughter, Breanna, was in 3rd grade and already hitting 180+lbs. Heidi tried everything she… Continue Reading “Who’s the New Kid? — How an ordinary mom helped her daughter overcome childhood obesity – and you can too!”

Please Remember!!

I would be SO HONORED if you would allow me to pray for you! You can email me at: aTransParentMom@gmail.com It can be anonymous, ugly, heartbreaking and crushing. I would love to pray with you and for you. Please don’t hesitate to use that… Continue Reading “Please Remember!!”

Q & A’s with David Nowell

A few weeks back, I did a review of the book Dirty Faith. I hope that EVERYONE took my recommendation and picked up a copy for yourself and one for a friend. I asked the author, David Z. Nowell, a few questions about his… Continue Reading “Q & A’s with David Nowell”

Prayer Requests?

Let me know. I would love to be praying for you (: aTransParentMom@gmail.com Anonymous is fine too! Make yo’self a new email that I don’t recognize, if you want to remain anonymous. I’ll still pray and God knows who it’s for!

You know, health and stuff…

I’ve had a rough go of it lately. I just want you to know that I am so thankful for those of you that have been praying for me and sending me notes of encouragement. I have greatly needed your support. If you aren’t… Continue Reading “You know, health and stuff…”

Urgent Prayer Need

Please Copy and Paste this Email and PRAY!! 10.23.14 Urgent Prayer Need It is with tears in my eyes that I type this email. I received word this morning from missionary friends that ISIS has moved into new towns. They are going house to… Continue Reading “Urgent Prayer Need”