A Viscount’s Proposal

by Melanie Dickerson


Oh, Melanie! How you love us to write a Regency series!

In the second book to her Regency Spies of London series, we continue on with the Langdon family. This time it’s the story of Leorah, Nicholas’ sister, and Viscount Edward Withinghall. These two do not appreciate each others’ differences, to be sure! Their bickering and irritability are very entertaining and keep you laughing throughout.

Melanie is a YA author, but her books are enjoyable by all. The characters are very deep and hilarious. There are a lot of fun Regency “celebrity” references and many scenes reminiscent of Jane Austen’s novels (P&P especially!).

Make sure to pick up a copy! Loads of fun and you will fall in love with Edward! (Links in the pics). Be sure to pick up some of her other fun novels as well!

Thanks for this fun read in exchange for my thoughts. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!


Interview and “Regency Dictionary” with Maria Grace!!

author 7_2014_rbf copyI am excited to welcome Maria back to my blog! Her new release, Mistaking Her Character, just hit stores last month! She is an Austenesque writer and this is an alternate universe, so to speak, where the Bennets are employed by Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lizzy’s father is a physician hired to take care of Anne de Bourgh. It is here that Elizabeth and Darcy meet and fall in love.

If you remember, I had Theo Darcy on my blog a few months back. That was a lot of fun and it was one of the characters from her last book, The Darcy Brothers. I also Faced-Off with Maria and totally lost…

Check them out! Great reads 🙂

A little bio on Maria, just in case you aren’t familiar: “Though Maria Grace has been writing fiction since she was ten years old, those early efforts happily reside in a file drawer and are unlikely to see the light of day again, for which many are grateful. After penning five file-drawer novels in high school, she took a break from writing to pursue college and earn her doctorate in Educational Psychology. After 16 years of university teaching, she returned to her first love, fiction writing.

She has one husband, two graduate degrees and two black belts, three sons, four undergraduate majors, five nieces, six more novels in draft form, waiting for editing, seven published novels, sewn eight Regency era costumes, shared her life with nine cats through the years and tries to run at least ten miles a week.”

Now, if you don’t mind, let’s have a chat with Maria, shall we?

Charity – What drew you to the Regency Era?

Maria – I have to blame Jane Austen for that. The more I read of her books, the more I had to learn about the era in which she lived and wrote.

Charity – Do you know why it was called that?

Maria – King George III was no longer fit to rule and his son, the Prince of Wales was set up as his proxy.

Charity – Nice! For my readers, in English History, every era was named after the king or queen that ruled. Thus, the Victorian, Edwardian, etc… The king was not fit to rule do to a mental illness, so his son ruled in his place from 1812-1820. He was called the Prince Regent. Thus, the Regency Era.

Ok, who is your favorite Regency author?

Maria – Jane Austen! Though I’m starting to read Georgette Heyer who wrote about the Regency as well.

Charity – Oh! She’s great. I love her books. I also love Jude Morgan!

What Regency character do you relate to the most?

Maria – Jane Austen’s Anne Elliot is my alter ego.

Charity – She is so sweet! I can totally see that. I am a mix of Marianne and Emma.

How many books have you written? Are they all from that time period?

Maria – I have published six novels and one nonfiction of my own, one group project novel, and I have features in two published anthologies. I have a book of short stories set to release in September,  plus two move novel manuscripts to be edited for publication. So how many do you want to count that as? LOL. They are all from the Regency period. I have collected so many thousands of pages of period references, I kinda hate to leave it!

Charity – WOW! That’s impressive. I don’t blame you at all!!

Ok, I read The Darcy Brothers and was wondering who would you have liked more? Fitzwilliam or Theo Darcy?

Maria – Theo, from the Darcy Brothers would be fun to hang out with, but Fitzwilliam Darcy is the spit and image of the man I married. So I guess I’d have to say Fitzwilliam.

Charity – Aw! Every girl’s dream!!

Does your husband read your books?

Maria – Yes he does! He is truly the most supportive person in the world. He’s read everything I’ve written and is always encouraging me in my next project.

Charity – I love that! So awesome. Kind husbands ROCK!!

Alright. Enough of these questions! Let’s play a fun game!! Are you up for a Regency Dictionary Challenge? I will give you some obscure words or phrases that were used in the Regency Time Period and you have to try to use them in a sentence correctly. For example:

Twiddle Poop–An effeminate looking fellow.

You would need to use Twiddle Poop in a sentence.

Maria – I am such a language nerd! I’ve done a lot of research on Regency slang so it sounds like a total blast! I love the idea!

Charity – Awesome! Let’s try it…

Maria – Ohhhh fun time!

Charity – A Crush

Maria – A Crush: We were caught up in such a crush at the Pump Rooms! La, I have never seen so many finely dressed people all together at once!

Charity – haha! Nicely done!!! The answer:

A Crush–A very successful party where there is no room to circulate.

Ok, next phrase: To Sham Abram

Maria – Mama wants me to assist he with the marketing today, but I intend to sham Abram and stay home. She always has sympathy for my poor weak stomach.

Charity – Did she get it? Let’s see:

To Sham Abram–To pretend sickness.

Two in a row!! Bravo!

Next: Agog

Maria – All the young ladies in the neighborhood are agog for news of our new neighbor. Is he really rich, handsome and unmarried?

Charity – Oh man! You are on fire!!

Agog, All-a-gog–Anxious, eager, impatient: from the Italian Agogare, to desire eagerly.

Next: Bacon-Brained

Maria – What a bacon-brained thing to do. One simply did not mislay an invitation to a ball!

Charity – haha!!

Bacon-Brained–Foolish, stupid.

Girl! This is ridiculous!!

Ok: Bang Up

Maria – He just bought a bang up hunter, a real prime article. Don’t know how he’s going to afford it though.

Charity – Man!!!

Bang Up–(Whip.) Quite the thing, hellish fine–Well done–Compleat–Dashing–In a handsome stile–A bang up cove; a dashing fellow who spends his money freely–To bang up prime: to bring your horses up in a dashing or fine style: as the swell’s rattler and prads are bang up prime; the gentleman sports an elegant carriage and fine horses.

I’ll get you yet 😉

Try: Catch Fart

Maria – Catch Fart: The butler got his nephew a position as a fart catcher for the mistress. It was easy enough work for a young man with no real aspirations. Just follow the old lady around and carry her packages when she shopped.

Charity – AHH!! That’s fabulous!

Catch Fart–A footboy; so called from such servants commonly following close behind their master or mistress.

How about: Taradiddle

Maria – La! So I told mama a wee taradiddle when I shammed Abram. She will be none the wiser!

Charity – That sentence was AMAZING! ahhhh!! haha. I am rolling here!!!

Taradiddle–A fib, or falsity, falsehood or lie.

Wow. I don’t think I am going to stump you!! Try: Hobbledygee

Maria – See that you do not run, it is most unladylike. A good hobbledygee is as fast as you should go.

Charity – Oh man. I wish we still used these words!

Hobbledygee–A pace between a walk and a run, a dog-trot.

How in the world do you know all of these words?!?! Muzzle

Maria – Did you see the muzzle he is sporting? I expect he is too poor these days to afford to pay the barber for a proper shave.

Charity – I thought FOR SURE that had to mean something about a gun.

Muzzle–A beard.

Ok: Nob

Maria – My dear, you are quite dicked in the nob if you believe he will choose you over the girl with a fortune of ten thousand pounds.

Charity – AHAHA! That’s the best! Dicked in the nob.

Nob–The head.

Dicked In The Nob–Crazy.

Try: Perriwinkle

Maria – What an old fashioned periwinkle he wore! He just might be quite bald beneath it.

Charity – I am sure you are right. Let me check…

Perriwinkle–A wig.

Of course. Ok, only a couple more. This is so entertaining: Cad

Maria – Ok, I think this is a trick question, I’ll offer a three part answer just to cover all the bases.

In 1730 I’d say: Call a cad to do that for you. That is, after all, why our hired those youths.

In 1835 I’d say: Ignore those cads! They are jealous they do not wear scholar’s robs as we do.

And in 1838 I’d say: He was so cold to me, pretending that we had never met. I declare him quite a cad.

Charity – Nicely done! And, it totally wasn’t. I had no idea it could be used three ways. I’ve only heard it referring to a scoundrel of a guy.

Last one: To Shove the Tumbler

Maria – To Shove the Tumbler: The young fart catchers was sentenced to shove the tumbler for stealing his mistress’s muff and tippet. His uncle could not bear to watch, though. Floggings always turned his stomach sour.

So, Charity, how’d I do?

Charity – :-O

To Shove the Tumbler–To be whipped at the cart’s tail.

I am BEYOND IMPRESSED! You got every single one right!!!! I have no idea how you could do that. Insane. INSANE!

If you guys would like to look up some fun words, check out this site.

Thank you, Maria!Custom-Balloon-design-tool This was such a blast!!!!!!!!

This awesome lady has agreed to give away an Ebook of her new release. THAT MEANS IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!!!! So exciting!!!

Just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!! Good luck!

*Open to rez EVERYWHERE!

RxYclXouCCrNarijfAk9aFeYVII3bvivYdQXYyPS53hpVAZn8xyGUMDv_csLqZJb4SQJIxnAY0cfXjDhSBpN0WL5BsFHwlV5Rut0ldhlfuIc2aL68feZhizU1MIAgd-0v1-zVcovilam4_TI0elq3s2Vn_BA3DElUeWFYDRhowry5ediqSIQO8l-81mYYw-V2YzLmn0RERi-_BFc4hJ2MUheNs3asbyl- MhC tour banner

Lady Catherine de Bourgh is prepared to be very generous when it comes to medical care for her sickly daughter, Anne – generous enough to lure noted physician Dr. Thomas Bennet to give up his London practice and move his family to Rosings Park. But his good income comes with a price: complete dependence on his demanding patroness’s every whim.  

Now the Bennet family is trapped, reliant on Lady Catherine for their survival. Their patroness controls every aspect of the Bennet household, from the shelves in the closet to the selection of suitors for the five Bennet daughters. Now she has chosen a husband for headstrong Elizabeth Bennet– Mr. George Wickham. 

But Lady Catherine’s nephew, Fitzwilliam Darcy, is not so sure about his aunt’s choice. He is fascinated by the compassionate Elizabeth who seems to effortlessly understand everyone around her, including him. Lady Catherine has other plans for Darcy, though, and she forbids Elizabeth to even speak to him.

As Anne’s health takes a turn for the worse, Darcy and Elizabeth are thrown together as Dr. Bennet struggles to save Anne’s life. Darcy can no longer deny the truth – he is in love with Elizabeth Bennet. But Lady Catherine will do anything to stop Darcy from marrying her – even if it means Elizabeth will lose everything she loves.

Couple of things! — (+ New Giveaways)

Hey!! Life sure has been crazy around here. I am just back from a trip up north to see my parents through a couple of big appointments. I’ve had a lot of my posts on timers, so I am sorry if you got a bunch at once, or if you had any problems.

Today is the last day you can enter to win The Darcy Brothers ebook! You don’t want to miss out!!! Just go to my page and look at the giveaways section. There are some new giveaways there too. Enter while you can!!

Thanks to those of you who have been praying for us and all the insanity going on with my family and everyone’s health. It’s been a pretty CRAZY week. As I was driving home today, I was listening to some TAY TAY. I noticed myself starting to worship. At first, I felt totally weird (once I realized what I was doing), but she was singing about this total gentleman that gave her chance after chance and was always there for her. I started laughing because, one, it was a little (lot) weird, but mostly because I thought it was pretty cool that my mind went straight to God when I heard the lyrics. He will be made to worship in all things, I suppose. He was that gentleman to me that changed my life.

So, there you have my most embarrassing secret of the week. Care to share your’s?

The Darcy Brothers

by Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks and Abigail Reynolds

Wow! Yes, you read that right. There were FIVE authors that collaborated to write this book. I will say, from the beginning, if you are a Jane Austen aficionado and can’t bare to see her books altered, this is NOT the story for you. However, if you enjoy a little imagination and fun, you may find this to be a delightful little tale!

What we have here is a story of Darcy and Darcy. Yep! Fitzwilliam (the one we all know and love – especially in Colin Firth form) and Theophilus , his younger brother. While the basic storyline of Pride and Prejudice remains intact, overall it is quite changed. Of course, adding a character would do that to any story!

It’s always fun to revisit Pride and Prejudice and you’ll be delighted with the spin on each of these characters. At times, I felt it to be a little…choppy in its writing. I know that is because it is not one writer, but five. So, that is to be expected. It does not take away from the story at all. And, of course, I am of the opinion that you can never have enough Darcys!

You can visit these ladies, and all their fun stories, at: http://AustenVariations.com

If you would like to see my fun “face-off” with Maria Grace, just check it out HERE. Find out about guilty pleasures, color wheel fashion choices, and much, much more!

Thanks to you all for this book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Looking forward to many more!

Well, these generous ladies have offered to do a second giveaway of The Darcy Brothers (ebook). You can click on the link here for multiple entries.

Before you start aiming that mouse at the rafflecopter link, BEWARE!! This book was written by 5 authors, as I have already pointed out. There are MANY, MANY options for entries. Only THREE are mandatory. The rest are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! So, don’t worry or get overwhelmed. Just do the ones that you want (: If you do them all, you will have a bazillion entries.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Face-Off with Maria Grace

9SaVvbFFkdrmb3FlrXUYAyOHMZhVt2n3JXbRqHkfvadHzx6mDeW4c_wGpL5tGhKv6_2ar1wfC9A_geJESWiFCa3MIiuWp3sp8cVoKaxyYlIyYkVBOukID075YixtdSipaeEWzsxHPH4bzwCLVTErGRvb9f7cCAVLwsPqLoPyPSG9NgNJj13ADJLdIU3K66EM2hJG7rAFOXx2X2IRDAtR3rbPxM8BYZGPOWell, well! Look at those lovely Regency ladies!!! Who knew they could be so savage and face-off?! I am certain that wouldn’t be proper AT ALL!!

The rules are simple: I ask Maria Grace some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

  1. Have you ever been to the Legit Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England? (Of course, costumed)

Maria Grace – Not yet, but we have reservations for the one this year in England—does that count? I have two Regency gowns and just bought new patterns and fabric for some new ones. I also have patterns and fabric for a period suit for my husband who will be coming with me to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Charity – OMGoodness! Heck, yes that counts!! So cool!!! I have not been to ANY Jane Austen festivals. So sad.

— easy

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 1

  1. What’s your favorite holiday (any) tradition?

Maria Grace – I love big family meals. We host the extended family for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas for big sit down meals. For birthdays we try to have everyone over for a less formal meal. I love to do all the cooking and feeding everyone. Thankfully, my guys are usually up for doing the dishes after I’ve done all the food.

Charity – Wow! That is so much work!! My favorite tradition is probably our Black Friday shopping. My husband and I look at the sales sheets for weeks before and plan our attack! So fun!!

— Traditions are fun! It’s a tie.

  1. What decade of style do you connect with the most? 70’s? 80’s? 90’s? ha ha. Do you still do the overalls with the straps hanging down?

Maria Grace – Style? Who me? I am so style-blind it’s a little embarrassing.  I’m utterly clueless about what went with what decade. I love color though and rarely wear black anymore. I’ll share a secret, I keep an artist’s color wheel in my closet to help me put color combinations together. I often have people tell me they love a color combination I’m wearing, but they’d never have thought of it themselves.

Charity – Ah! That’s awesome!! I love it! What a great idea!!!! I don’t really connect with any. I try to somewhat stay up to date. At least wear things that don’t change too much…jeans, shirt, cardigan…

— Artist’s Color Wheel? win.

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 2

  1. What Jane Austen character do you find you are most like?

Maria Grace – Hands down, I’m Anne Elliot.

Charity – Aw! So, you must be the sweetest thing ever! I am definitely Marianne. Absolutely. I have a bit of Emma in me too.


  1. Camping, Historical Sites, Hotels and a Broadway Show, or the Beach?

Maria Grace – I don’t camp…too many winter camping trips as a Girl Scout…brrrr.  I think it would be a toss-up between historical sites and the beach. We love hiking and caves,  snorkeling is another favorite. Just make sure I have a real bed and shower at the end!

Charity – I hear ya, girl! whew. I am not one for “roughing it”. I like dinner and a movie and a pretty hotel.

— You are adventurous! I love it. Wish I was healthy enough to do all those things.

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 3

— This is not good!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Are you an organizer, or do you prefer organized chaos?

Maria Grace – Ummm…I’m the gal who thinks in alphabetized lists, so I think I’d have to go with organized.  I have 10 colors of highlighters and 12 colors of ball point pen on my best because those alphabetized lists I think in are also color coded in my head. My family just humors me…

Charity – ha. I hear ya! I completely understand!!! It’s hard when there are 3 boys living in this house with me and none of them are organizers. ahhhhhhhh

— tie

  1. Yoga? Zumba? Martial Arts? Running? Spinning? Favorite type of exercise?

Maria Grace – I’m one of those sick types who actually like to exercise. I did martial arts with my kids and earned black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Ta Chi. Now that they’re out of martial arts, I find myself running more.  I love to just strap on my shoes and take off.  So many plots have taken shape while I’m out on the trails. I can really get into my head and get into my characters there. I used to lift weight, but after my mother had a major health crisis a couple years ago I got away from it.  I really want to get back to it. It’s a great way to spend time with my sons.

Charity – Uh……

— uh….

Charity 0 / Maria Grace 4

  1. What’s your secret (not anymore) guilty pleasure?

Maria Grace – Chocolate. Dark chocolate. Ghiradelli 72% Cocao dark chocolate. For breakfast.

Charity – ha ha ha. Nice. I love chips and sour skittles. Not a huge chocolate lover.

— I NEED a point, so I am taking it. I don’t care if you eat chocolate for every meal, I’m still taking it!!

Charity 1 / Maria Grace 4

  1. Which Regency Era movie’s hero has your heart a’fluttering? (specifically the actor…)

Maria Grace – That’s an easy one! Colin Firth (Darcy, 1995) and Cirian Hinds (Wentworth, 1995) Just don’t make me choose between them!

Charity – I have three…Alan Rickman (OF COURSE)(Sense and Sensibility 1995), Johnny Lee Miller (Emma 2009), and Rupert Penry-Jones (Persuasion 2008)

— I picked three!! I win!!

Charity 2 / Maria Grace 4

  1. Are you super crafty?

Maria Grace – Sort-of-ish. I sew—working on some new Regency costumes now for my husband and I. I crochet, mainly afghans. I’ll never catch up on my scrapbooks, LOL. I decorate cakes, but not nearly as much as when the kids were small and I we did fun birthday parties.

Charity – Sounds like a big fat “yes, I am crafty!” to me! (: I am too. I crochet and sew but DO NOT scrapbook.


  1. Lastly, how hard was it authoring a book with four other people? Honestly now, did you guys get in any cat fights or long deliberation sessions?

Maria Grace – It was pretty challenging.  Writing is usually a pretty solitary activity and to have to do it together was equal parts fun and challenging. The brainstorming sessions were great fun, but when we didn’t see eye to eye, it took some real effort to sort it all out.  But we’re all professionals, so we found ways to sort it all out—and we’re still friends at the end of it all, which is the real proof of the pudding!

Charity – I can imagine it being totally crazy!! I am glad it worked out because the book is wonderful!!! I love all the Jane Austen stuff you guys are working. So cool.


Charity 2(ish) / Maria Grace 4+


Thanks, so much, Maria Grace! You have been amazing! I’ve loved having you and Theo on my blog!!! You all need to pick up this wonderful book!!!

Link is in the pic!

I am certain you are going to love Theo Darcy as much as I do!! Watch for my review tomorrow!

Here are some fun pics!! (:



A couple pics of me with my mom and my youngest son is in one too (with his Revolutionary War hat on!).

IMG_5588 IMG_5586

This book was a collaboration between 5 DIFFERENT AUTHORS!!! Can you even imagine? Well, these generous ladies have offered to do a second giveaway of The Darcy Brothers (ebook). You can click on the link here for multiple entries. Review to follow tomorrow!!  *Just a hint…I love it (;

Before you start aiming that mouse at the rafflecopter link, BEWARE!! This book was written by 5 authors, as I have already pointed out. There are MANY, MANY options for entries. Only THREE are mandatory. The rest are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! So, don’t worry or get overwhelmed. Just do the ones that you want (: If you do them all, you will have a bazillion entries.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Day 8 of The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour

Virtual Book Tour Dates

-Monday, 2nd February – official launch at Austenprose

-Thursday, 5th February – Austen Variations

-Monday, 9th February – Leatherbound Reviews

-Thursday, 12th February – My Kids Led Me Back To Pride & Prejudice

-Monday, 16th February – More Agreeably Engaged

-Thursday, 19th February – Laughing with Lizzie

-Monday, 23rd February – My Jane Austen Book Club

-Monday, 2nd March – The Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier

-Tuesday, 3rd March – aTransParentMom

-Thursday, 5th March – Songs & Stories

-Thursday, 19th March – A Transparent Mom

Find out more about The Darcy Brothers here,  and do please join us for the upcoming release on the Facebook Launch Page or visit and like The Darcy Brothers‘ own Facebook Page.

You can also keep up to date with Theo as he goes ‘on tour’ through the following social media links (but shhhh, don’t tell his brother!)

Theo on Twitter

Theo on Facebook

I thought you may enjoy another letter written by Theo Darcy to his brother.

2nd April to Fitzwilliam Darcy

DarcyLondon, 2nd April 1812


Pray be so kind as to inform your solicitor that he need no longer trouble himself with sending me an allowance as of Michaelmas of this year, as I will no longer require it. By this means, you may also spare yourself your quarterly inquisition into my finances and commentary on my life, since one can scarcely call your missives letters.

Pray give my regards to Georgiana, Richard, Anne, and the lovely Miss Bennet, whose injury, I am informed, came from a misfire of Watkins’ rifle rather than a shot at my hat. But there is no need to extend your apologies, as I am so accustomed to your false accusations as to be quite deaf to them, and we both know any expression of regret on your part would be purely a matter of form, and not truly meant.

Yours, etc.

Theophilus Darcy

Meet Theo

I am having so much fun reading The Darcy Brothers!  Oh my goodness. It is hilarious! You guys are going to love this book.

You’ll have a chance to win a copy in a couple of weeks (:

Here is an excerpt of the first part of Chapter 1:

“So tell me again, why am I going to Rosings?” Theophilus Darcy stretched his long legs across the floorboards of the traveling coach until his feet were not quite touching his brother’s impeccably polished boots.

Fitzwilliam Darcy grunted and shifted in his seat until his feet were free once more.

Theo grinned. So predictable. Why did he take so much pleasure in this?

Darcy clamped his jaws together and swallowed back his sharp words. Theo would not provoke him to intemperate speech, not today. Not again.

He drew a deep breath, savoring the fragrance of the newly refreshed leather upholstery. He would never admit it to his brother, but he delighted in the scent. Simple, elegant, and made to last, exactly as it should be.

“I asked you a question, Brother dear.” Theo tapped his boot against Darcy’s.

Darcy jumped. “Stop that. There is plenty of room in this coach without you crowding me.”

Theo chuckled and pulled back just enough that Darcy would have to concede he complied, but not an inch further. “So touchy. Always have been, as I remember. You never liked sharing a seat with me, even when we were children.” He tapped Darcy’s boot again.

How was it Theo never acted his age? Now six and twenty, he displayed less decorum than Bingley or even Georgiana. Would he never behave as a responsible gentleman ought? He was finally a barrister in his own standing now. How would he ever gain the confidence of the solicitors who would bring business his way when he continued to play the role of an ill-bred adolescent?

Darcy stared at the side glass. His brother’s reflection stared back at him. Theo was a handsome fellow, with a ready smile and easy manner, much like Wickham’s. Darcy’s stomach churned. No wonder he found it so easy to make friends.

Theo’s reflection grinned as he twitched his eyebrows into the expression he knew most rankled Darcy’s nerves. Blast and botheration! Could a man not even enjoy the scenery on a long journey? This would be a long three days indeed.

“I ask you again, why am I going to Rosings?”

Darcy huffed and the side glass fogged. “Apparently, to punish me by making this trip as unpleasant as possible.”

Theo barked out a full-bellied laugh. “Oh, I have not even begun. If that is my purpose, then I must apply myself more whole-heartedly to the task.” He slid down in the seat and parked his feet on the squabs beside Darcy.”

Day 6 of The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour

Fitzwilliam and Theophilus Darcy on Tour Now!!

TDB front cover final 5x8_alpha by last nameVirtual Book Tour Dates

Monday, 2nd February – official launch at Austenprose

Thursday, 5th February – Austen Variations

Monday, 9th February – Leatherbound Reviews

Thursday, 12th February – My Kids Led Me Back To Pride & Prejudice

Monday, 16th February – More Agreeably Engaged

Thursday, 19th February – Laughing with Lizzie

Monday, 23rd February – My Jane Austen Book Club

Monday, 2nd March – The Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier

Thursday, 5th March – Songs & Stories

March (date to be confirmed) – A Transparent Mom

Description from author:

“Theo Darcy is everything his disapproving elder brother, Fitzwilliam, is not – easy-going, charming, and full of fun. A tragic event as children severed their bond of friendship, but now they are together again. They are still at odds, though, this time over the love of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the truth about George Wickham. Will Wickham manage to divide the brothers again? And more importantly, which Mr. Darcy will Elizabeth choose?”

To find out more, visit them!


Indeed! I shall henceforth present to you a letter penned to one Mr. Wickham by the hand of Theo Darcy himself!

24th March to George Wickham

Wickham_Rosings Park

24th March 1812


Is this some sort of jest? No, I will not lend you money, nor will I recommend you for a position. As you say, I can forgive a great deal, but not when it involves deliberately hurting the people I love most. Just because I did not give you the cut direct when I passed you on the street does not mean I have forgiven you, merely that I prefer civilized manners.

Waxing sentimental over the old days will not help. I now know how easy it is for you to twist a person’s emotions and use them against him. If you think to amuse me with your barbs about my brother, you have failed utterly. Nor will I pay any regard to your veiled threats, because here is an unveiled one for you: Colonel Fitzwilliam is still longing for an excuse to run you through, and should there be any whisper of gossip about my sister, I would not wager a farthing on your continued existence.

T. Darcy

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