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  • How to Catch a Prince — by Rachel Hauck

    How to Catch a Prince — by Rachel Hauck

    In the third book of The Royal Wedding series, Corina Del Ray faces some hard decisions. She has been secretly married to the prince of Brighton, but even SHE didn’t know that their marriage certificate is still legitimate. They married in secret, but was later told that it was done illegally. Five years after her…

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  • Face-Off with Rachel Hauck

    Face-Off with Rachel Hauck

    Who doesn’t love an awesome fairy tale? Isn’t it every girls’ dream to marry a prince?? This is the third book in Rachel’s Royal Wedding Series. (and the first one I’ve read!!!) Review to follow later today. For now, we play!! The rules are simple: I ask Rachel some random questions. She replies and then I…

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