After a Fashion

by Jen Turano

Oh my goodness! It’s been a while since I wanted to cry when a book ended!!! What a great read! This is the first book that I have read by Jen Turano. I absolutely recommend this book.

Harriet (I am sorry, but that is the most dreadful name!) finds herself in quite the pickle when she, as a hat lady, delivers some to a spoiled family. After multiple series of unforeseen events, she finds herself engaged to the richest man in New York. Of course, it is just an arrangement and not a real engagement. You can probably guess the rest of the story from there (;

I found Jen’s insertion of funny characters (people and animals) to be amusing and a fun part of the story. It was definitely ridiculous, but in a great way!!!! You find yourself lost in the story and the characters are absolutely lovely. Often times when reading, I find that I am only attached to one or two, at most. Each character was interesting and had their own storyline that I cared to learn more about.

I want to add that there is not a strong Christian storyline. God is mentioned and prayed to, but that isn’t a huge part of the story. That would be my only recommendation for future books.

When I told Jen that I had not read any of her books before, she replied, “Before you check out any of my other books, if you have an e-reader, there is a free prequel novella out there – Gentleman of Her Dreams – it’s short, but a complete story and introduces you to characters from the first series – The Ladies of Distinction.”

Link is in the pic (AND IT’S FREE!!!!)

Ok, so, if you haven’t seen it yet, this morning I posted a Face-Off with Jen. It was so fun learning a little more about her (even if I did lose…)

Now, here’s the AWESOME news!! Jen Turano has offered to give a SIGNED COPY of After a Fashion to one lucky reader!!!! Just follow this link and you can enter multiple times!!! This is one hot item! So, MAKE HASTE!!

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Here are a look at her other books! I have a feeling they are just as good as this one. AND AREN’T THESE COVERS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!?????


Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry and Into the Arms of the Savior

by Annie Lobert

This book stuck with me. This book stuck with me for days and days. How quickly, how easily women can be sucked into this lifestyle. Can be treated as if they are worthless and love is a beating, slavery and selling yourself.

Annie has shared her heart, her testimony and her bared her soul in this book. God is using this beautiful woman to bring Him much glory. I ask you to please take a look at this book. Please read this and share it with others. It is so frightening to see how quickly a young girl can be “broken” and become hopeless. This needs to be in the hands of every friend you know.

As the title indicates, Annie was in the sex industry for many years. As life became more and more hopeless, God showed His love to her. She is now free from the bondage. Free from the guilt. Free from all of it because there is freedom in Christ!!!!

Instead of turning her back and running away, she looked into the eyes of the girls she knew and realized what she must do with her life. She began a ministry called Hookers for Jesus. Yes, I realize that is a bit awkward to say, but it is based off of this simple verse:

Jesus called out to them: “Come follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!”  Matthew 4:19
“Hookers For Jesus is a non-profit organization which addresses the harmful effects of prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry.

The primary mission of Hookers For Jesus is to Hook (Outreach) Give Hope (Jesus) Heal (emotional & spiritual restoration) and Help (Transitional Assistance) for those who have been negatively affected by sex trafficking and the adult entertainment industry.”

I asked Annie a few questions and she was gracious enough to answer. I asked her if she was fearful of staying and living in the same town where she was threatened and beaten so often.

She is not.

I asked her about bringing God glory, and she wants to use her past to help as many people as she can.

As for her favorite verse? Jeremiah 29:11

A few fun questions, she DOES NOT go Black Friday shopping! She has eaten a Sea Urchin!!!! She does NOT hang out with Chumlee and Crew (Pawn Shop). Her dream is to travel the world non-stop (but I know that comes second to her amazing ministry). Oh, and she’s a mac (as in apple) girl! I love her even more!

So, how can those of us outside the city help? How can we contribute to this amazing ministry?

“The best ways to be involved from outside of the Las Vegas area is to pray, contribute financially, and spread Hookers for Jesus information via social media.”

So, here is a beautiful picture. You know what’s even more beautiful about it? It contains a link to contribute to Annie’s mission. To help those that are stuck in the sex industry to have a hope and a future.



by Dina Sleiman


Ahh. What to say?! Where to start? Coming off of my Divergent high, the name of this book obviously intrigued me. It’s a YA book with some major girl kicking butt power!!

Lady Merry has lost her family under the cruel reign of King John (Yup! Like Robin Hood’s arch-nemesis). She and some other children had escaped and lived in the forest for 2 years. They lived off what they could find, or steal, and learned how to defend and take care of themselves.

This is such a fun book. I know it is a YA novel, but I think it will be passing through quite a few Mommas’ hands before making its way to their kiddos. It’s an adventurous story, the characters are deep and you really care about them. I enjoyed watching the way God was working in multiple lives throughout the book. Usually that is not the case. Dina found a way to show different characters struggling to make sense of God and what He was doing in their lives without it being too much of a side story, or too preachy.

Love it! Make sure you read my face-off post to get to know Dina a bit more and then head on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy of Dauntless (Valiant Hearts Book #1)!! Make haste! It’s a great price and won’t stay for long (:

Thanks, netgalley, for this great book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

An Uncertain Choice

by Jody Hedlund

An Uncertain Choice

An Uncertain Choice

What a fun read! This young adult book should actually be a CERTAIN CHOICE for your reading library! Judy has written quite a few books, but this is the first I have read. I really enjoyed it. Super easy read, great characters that you fall in love with and an interesting plot line full of intrigue.

Lady Rosemarie has been promised, by her long passed on parents, to become a nun when she turns 18. One month before her birthday, a clause is found stating that she has a chance to avoid it if she can find true love and marry before her 18th birthday. Of course, we then have a season of “The Bachelor” throughout the book (: She must decide what it is God really wants her to do and what is the wisest decision for her people.

Like I said, it was a wonderful book. It did get a bit confusing because it was written in the 1st person, but then it would switch characters (that were also written in 1st person). It wasn’t too hard to figure out, but it came with no warning and took a good paragraph to un-confuse* myself. ha ha

*I am a natural blond.

Judy wrote a prequel, The Vow, (and it’s only $1.99!!) that I have not gotten to yet, The Vow: A novella but knowing about it makes more sense about the characters that kept getting mentioned in the book. I didn’t know who they were! So, pick up a copy of both books, grab a nice cup of coffee, sit back, relax and read this great little book(s).

You can check out Jody’s website, or her Amazon Page if you want to see what else she has out there! Be on the lookout for my Jody Hedlund Face-Off! Will I ever win? Stay tuned…

Thanks, netgalley, for this great read. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

Beacons of Hope Series

The Hearts of Faith Series

Michigan Brides Collection

Dirty Faith

by David Z. Nowell

I am not one to give a long review or spend a lot of time going over the book. I usually like to give the reader a small taste and let them know what effect it had on me. However, there is so much in this book that needs to be brought out, you may just find yourself in my longest review yet! (There will also be quite a number of quotes!)

Dirty Faith

What is “dirty faith”? How do we relate to “the least of these”? God calls us to, but how? And what does that mean? The least of these. The person sitting alone on the street asking for money? The thousands of children in foster care and state homes? The homeless? The cashier at Wal-Mart? Your waiter at dinner last night?


It has become a habit of mine to listen to God as I am at a store checking out. I ask Him if this is a person I need to be praying for. If I get a “yes”, I will ask the cashier if there is anything going on in her life I could be praying for. Maybe 2% say “no”. An overwhelming amount will tell you yes and sometimes share some really big things that they are dealing with. Sometimes it’s just a simple “my family” with tears welling in their eyes.

dirty faith 3

So often, when we go on mission trips and even ask people how they are doing, we have this  “power and position, and you do not” attitude. “I have Jesus; you don’t. Unfortunately, I think it is precisely the perspective we often bring to our interaction with the poor, not just in spiritual matters, but in all things. The giver operates from a position of power and privilege. The recipient, by definition, is the inferior.”

David continues, “Relationship with others is integral to our relationship with God. Jesus’ indictment is that, if we are not capable of having a relationship with His brothers and sisters,  then we do not have a relationship with Him. Not a gray judgement here. It’s black and white. No relationship with my brothers and sisters in these circumstances, no relationship with me (Jesus). Determinate, not just indicator.” Dirty Faith

He also says, “I cannot begin to tell you how many times someone has said to me something along the lines of ‘It is such a wonderful work you are doing, but God just has not called me to that.’ Well, actually, yes, He has. Perhaps not to adopt, or even to foster, but He has called you to care for the orphan.”

I could continue to quote this book all day.

David Z. Nowell is the President of Hope Unlimited for Children. This is a refuge for children that are living on the streets, prostituting themselves out so they can survive (at VERY early ages), and doing whatever it takes to make it. This is a place where they can feel loved, learn about Jesus, and feel safe. Unfortunately, many children are more fearful of the unknown, so they are more comfortable living on the streets. David’s goal is to show Jesus to them. Not just for a week or two on a short term trip. He once asked a girl what she enjoyed about her mission trip and the young lady answered with the typical answer of showing them Jesus. His response was, “You were the face of God for them, and you left. You came back to your comfortable life, and those girls are still on the streets every night selling their bodies to strangers What did you really tell them about God?” dirty faith 5

He, in no way, is against short term missions, but the point of this book is that we love to write a check and not get our hands dirty. Jesus came here as an example of how to do EVERYTHING. We are to relate to others just as He did. He became a servant. Physically, not with money and well wishes. He got his hands dirty.

I hope you will take a look at Hope Unlimited. There are a few different things he is involved in that one is bound to speak to you. Check out this resource page and see where and how God is calling you.

dirty faith 4It is always scary to step out in faith, but look at everyone in the Bible that God called faithful. It was always the weak, the “least of these” and the ones that stumbled through life. The difference is, they got back up and asked God “what’s next?”.

Please pick up a copy of this book and then another one for a friend. It’s completely reasonable at $8.99.

Dirty Faith: Bringing the Love of Christ to the Least of These

 Thank you, so much, netgalley! I appreciate the book and, as always, this is my honest review. Here’s to many more!

Last Words of Jesus

by Stu Epperson, Jr.

I have never really thought too deeply into the last few phrases that Jesus spoke before his death on the cross. In this book, Stu details the words and their meanings. He shows us why they were so significant. Jesus never did anything that was of no significance. So, what are they? What did they mean?

Each chapter focuses on one of the seven phrases. It also includes discussion questions and some scriptural reflections with each chapter. I would imagine it is probably a great book to do with a small group. Reading on my own, I felt a little detached. I am not sure why. I felt like the information was a little scattered and I didn’t quite get all of the significant implications that he was trying to point out. Within a group setting, I believe it would be different.

I do think it is an important read because we don’t often think about His final words. So often, we gloss over the crucifixion with rhetoric we have heard our whole lives and we become disconnected with the power and raw affliction he bore to free us. To bestow His love on us and give us the promise of HIM for all of eternity.

I challenge you to spend some time reflecting on the last words of Christ as He took every ounce of persecution and discipline that we would have had if it were not for Him and His great love.

The Last Words of Jesus: First Steps To A Richer Life will be available on Feb. 24th. Please pick up a copy. You can find it by clicking the link here in the name, or on the pic of the book above.

Thank you, so much, Worthy Publishing, for sending me this book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

The Accidental Empress

by Allison Pataki

When I first picked up The Accidental Empress, I didn’t know anything about Sisi. As I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It was very well written. The story is based on Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria and Hungary. While sticking very closely to the actual historical account, there are, obviously, small bits of fiction.

Sisi lived a very difficult life. She stole the heart of Emperor Franz Joseph I after her sister was betrothed to him. History shows that he passionately loved his wife and never wavered in his affection towards her. Sisi, however, struggled immensely. Having her children taken away from her and raised by her Aunt (the emperor’s mother), knowing her husband had other affairs (as was the right of a king or emperor) and being cut off from her family all led to her demise. She was a tortured soul.

My only reason for giving this book 4 out of 5 stars is because there were some MILDLY graphic portions. Nothing major, but a few insinuating acts and remarks. I definitely do, however, recommend this book. It is a very interesting read and historically spot on.

Thanks so much, netgalley, for giving me this book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

— The reason for two covers is because, I am not sure which is the final choice for tomorrow’s release date! I personally prefer the first!!!

A few Regency books to get you started. There are plenty more to be had!

69185EB: Brentwood"s Ward - eBook Brentwood’s Ward – eBook

By Michelle Griep / Shiloh Run Press

Place an unpolished lawman named Nicholas Brentwood as guardian over a spoiled, pompous beauty named Emily Payne and what do you get? More trouble than Brentwood bargains for. She is determined to find a husband this season. He just wants the large fee her father will pay him to help his ailing sister. After a series of dire mishaps, both their desires are thwarted, but each discovers that no matter what, God is in charge.

29423EB: The Forgiven Duke - eBook The Forgiven Duke – eBook

By Jamie Carie / B&H Books

Tethered by her impulsive promise to marry Lord John Lemon – the path of least resistance – Alexandria Featherstone sets off toward Iceland in search of her parents with a leaden heart. A glimpse of her guardian, the Duke of St. Easton – the path less traveled by – on Dublin’s shore still haunts her.Will he come after her? Will he drag her back to London, quelling her mission to rescue her treasure-seeking parents, or might he decide to throw caution to the wind and choose Foy Pour Devoir: “Faith for Duty,” the St. Easton motto. The Featherstone motto Valens et Volens: “Willing and Able,” beats in her heart and thrums through her veins. She will find her parents and find their love, no matter the cost.

24046EB: The Guardian Duke: A Forgotten Castles Novel - eBook The Guardian Duke: A Forgotten Castles Novel – eBook

By Jamie Carie / B&H Books

Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton, is ordered by the King to take guardianship over Lady Alexandria Featherstone whose parents are presumed dead after failing to return from a high profile treasure hunt. But Alexandria ignores this royal reassignment, believing her parents are still alive and duly following clues that may lead to their whereabouts. Gabriel, pressured by what are actually the King’s ulterior motives, pursues her across windswept England and the rolling green hills of Ireland but is always one step behind. When they do meet, the search for earthly treasure will pale in comparison to what God has planned for both of them.

927536: Ransome"s Honor, Ransome Trilogy Series #1 Ransome’s Honor, Ransome Trilogy Series #1

By Kaye Dacus / Harvest House Publishers

The Regency-era romance of Jane Austen meets the sea-faring adventure of Horatio Hornblower! Captain William Ransome never allows women aboard his ship. Julia Witherington must marry immediately to receive a large dowry. The only man she won’t wed is Ransome—but he’s the only choice her father will approve! Do these two have anything in common? 350 pages, softcover from Harvest.

4407EB: Before the Season Ends - eBook Before the Season Ends – eBook

By Linore Rose Burkard / Harvest House Publishers

In her debut novel of what she calls “spirited romance for the Jane Austen soul,” author Linore Rose Burkard tells the intriguing story of Miss Ariana Forsythe, a young woman caught between her love for a man who doesn’t share her faith and her resolution to marry only a fellow believer in Christ.

Trouble at home sends the young woman to her aunt’s townhome in the fashionable Mayfair district of London. There she finds worse troubles than those that prompted her flight from home. Ariana is soon neck–deep in high society and at odds with Mr. Phillip Mornay, London’s current darling rogue. Then a scandal changes Ariana forever. Her heart, her faith, and her future are all at stake in an unexpected adventure that gains even the Prince Regent’s attention.

Will Ariana’s faith survive this test? And what about her heart? For it’s Ariana’s heart that most threatens to betray the truths she has always believed in. When she finds herself backed against a wall, betrothed to the wrong young man, how can it ever turn out right?

Jane Austen readers and fans of Regency romances everywhere will love Before the Season Ends.

16594EB: Country House Courtship - eBook Country House Courtship – eBook

By Linore Rose Burkard / Harvest House Publishers

The year is 1818 and Miss Beatrice Forsythe is determined to marry well. After all, her sister, Ariana, married The Paragon, Mr. Phillip Mornay, five years earlier–which all but guarantees that she, Beatrice, can also make a famous match to a wealthy man.But her sister and husband have disappeared from high society as they raise a family at their country estate. Can Beatrice persuade them to chaperone her in London? And what about Beatrice’s business with the curate, Mr. O’Brien, whom she rashly promised to marry years earlier. At seventeen now, she has no wish to marry a mere clergyman-despite his agreeable countenance and gentle, understanding ways.

When Mr. Tristan Barton becomes the tenant of the Manor House, Beatrice’s hopes seem to have found their object. But when Ariana falls gravely ill, secrets come to light, motives are revealed, and the pretenses that are easy to keep up in the darkness begin to crumble. Hearts are bared, truths uncovered, and when all is said and done, a country house courtship like no other has occurred!

4423EB: The House in Grosvenor Square - eBook The House in Grosvenor Square – eBook

By Linore Rose Burkard / Harvest House Publishers

As Ariana Forsythe plans her wedding to Philip Mornay, she must adjust to the realization that she is soon to become the wife of an extremely wealthy man. She wonders if it’s wrong to rejoice that her future husband is rich. But she promises herself to use her new position to do what she can to aid the numerous street waifs she sees all too often in London.During a tour of her future home-the house in Grosvenor Square-Ariana makes plans to redecorate according to her tastes. But when Philip arrives home later, he is informed that an expensive silver candlestick and a miniature portrait of George III have gone missing. Moreover, each time Ariana visits the house, accompanied by a friend or relation, another item disappears.

Shortly thereafter Ariana is abducted as she leaves a performance at Covent Garden Theatre, leaving Philip to unravel the pieces of the mystery. Where has his future bride been taken, and by whom? For what reason? How does Ariana’s faith play a role?

34792EB: The Heiress of Winterwood - eBook The Heiress of Winterwood – eBook

By Sarah E. Ladd / Thomas Nelson

Amelia Barrett gave her word. Keeping it could cost her everything.Darbury, England, 1814: Amelia Barrett, heiress to an estate nestled in the English moors, defies family expectations and promises to raise her dying friend’s baby. She’ll risk everything to keep her word-even to the point of proposing to the child’s father-a sea captain she’s never met.

64676EB: A Lady at Willowgrove Hall - eBook A Lady at Willowgrove Hall – eBook

By Sarah E. Ladd / Thomas Nelson

As the steward of Willowgrove Hall, Nathaniel Stanton is dedicated to serving those around him. Nothing escapes his notice-including the beautiful new lady’s companion. He is certain the lovely Miss Faire is hiding something, and he determines to uncover it. But Nathaniel has a secret of his own: he is the illegitimate son of Willowgrove’s former master. Falling in love was not part of his plans . . . until he meets Cecily Faire.When Willowgrove’s mistress dies, everything changes. Fear of exposure forces Cecily to leave under the cover of darkness, embarking on a journey to finally find her long-lost sister. When the will is read, Nathaniel’s inheritance makes him question his future plans. Cecily and Nathaniel are forced to make decisions that will change the course of their lives. Is their love strong enough to survive?

42233EB: The Headmistress of Rosemere - eBook The Headmistress of Rosemere – eBook

By Sarah Ladd / Thomas Nelson

Bright, sensible Patience knows what is expected of her. At twenty-five, her opportunity for a family of her own has passed, so she finds contentment teaching at her father’s school for girls. When her father dies suddenly and her brother moves away to London, she is determined to keep her father’s dream alive.Confirmed bachelor William Sterling also knows what is expected of him, but mistake after mistake has left him teetering on ruin’s edge. As master of Eastmore Hall he owns a great deal of land but possesses little money to manage the upkeep. He is desperate to find a new source of income, including the sacrifice of land connected to Rosemere.

65455EB: The Secret of Pembrooke Park - eBook The Secret of Pembrooke Park – eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

Abigail Foster fears she will end up a spinster, especially as she has little dowry to improve her charms and the one man she thought might marry her–a longtime friend–has fallen for her younger, prettier sister.

When financial problems force her family to sell their London home, a strange solicitor arrives with an astounding offer: the use of a distant manor house abandoned for eighteen years. The Fosters journey to imposing Pembrooke Park and are startled to find it entombed as it was abruptly left: tea cups encrusted with dry tea, moth-eaten clothes in wardrobes, a doll’s house left mid-play . . .

42611EB: The Dancing Master -eBook The Dancing Master -eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

Finding himself the man of the family, London dancing master Alec Valcourt moves his mother and sister to remote Devonshire, hoping to start over. But he is stunned to learn the village matriarch has prohibited all dancing, for reasons buried deep in her past.

Alec finds an unlikely ally in the matriarch’s daughter. Though he’s initially wary of Julia Midwinter’s reckless flirtation, he comes to realize her bold exterior disguises a vulnerable soul–and hidden sorrows of her own.

Julia is quickly attracted to the handsome dancing master–a man her mother would never approve of–but she cannot imagine why Mr. Valcourt would leave London, or why he evades questions about his past. With Alec’s help, can Julia uncover old secrets and restore life to her somber village…and to her mother’s tattered heart?

Filled with mystery and romance, The Dancing Master brings to life the intriguing profession of those who taught essential social graces for ladies and gentlemen hoping to make a “good match” in Regency England.

35073EB: Tutor"s Daughter, The - eBook Tutor’s Daughter, The – eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

When her widowed father agrees to tutor a baronet’s four sons, Emma finds herself living in a grand Cornwall manor—and confronting an eerie mystery. Who’s sneaking into her room at night? Who tears a page from her journal, only to return it with a chilling illustration? Can she identify the culprit before it’s too late? 416 pages, softcover from Bethany. eBook.

23069EB: Maid of Fairbourne Hall, The - eBook Maid of Fairbourne Hall, The – eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

Pampered Margaret Macy flees London in disguise to escape pressure to marry a dishonorable man. With no money and nowhere else to go, she takes a position as a housemaid in the home of Nathaniel Upchurch, a suitor she once rejected in hopes of winning his dashing brother. Praying no one will recognize her, Margaret fumbles through the first real work of her life. If she can last until her next birthday, she will gain an inheritance from a spinster aunt–and sweet independence. But can she remain hidden as a servant even when prying eyes visit Fairbourne Hall?

14236EB: Girl in the Gatehouse, The - eBook Girl in the Gatehouse, The – eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

Miss Mariah Aubrey, banished after a scandal, hides herself away in a long-abandoned gatehouse on the far edge of a distant relative’s estate. There, she supports herself and her loyal servant the only way she knows how-by writing novels in secret.Captain Matthew Bryant, returning to England successful and wealthy after the Napoleonic wars, leases an impressive estate from a cash-poor nobleman, determined to show the society beauty who once rejected him what a colossal mistake she made. When he discovers an old gatehouse on the property, he is immediately intrigued by its striking young inhabitant and sets out to uncover her identity, and her past. But the more he learns about her, the more he realizes he must distance himself. Falling in love with an outcast would ruin his well-laid plans.

The old gatehouse holds secrets of its own. Can Mariah and Captain Bryant uncover them before the cunning heir to the estate buries them forever?

4298EB: Silent Governess, The - eBook Silent Governess, The – eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

Believing herself guilty of a crime, Olivia Keene flees her home, eventually stumbling upon a grand estate where an elaborate celebration is in progress. But all is not as joyous as it seems.Lord Bradley has just learned a terrible secret, which, if exposed, will change his life forever. When he glimpses a figure on the grounds, he fears a spy or thief has overheard his devastating news. He is stunned to discover the intruder is a scrap of a woman with her throat badly injured. Fearing she will spread his secret, he gives the girl a post and confines her to his estate. As Olivia and Lord Bradley’s secrets catch up with them, will their hidden pasts ruin their hope of finding love?

6464EB: Apothecary"s Daughter, The - eBook Apothecary’s Daughter, The – eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

Lillian Haswell, brilliant daughter of the local apothecary, yearns for more adventure and experience than life in her father’s shop and their small village provides. She also longs to know the truth behind her mother’s disappearance, which villagers whisper about but her father refuses to discuss. Opportunity comes when a distant aunt offers to educate her as a lady in London. Exposed to fashionable society and romance-as well as clues about her mother-Lilly is torn when she is summoned back to her ailing father’s bedside. Women are forbidden to work as apothecaries, so to save the family legacy, Lilly will have to make it appear as if her father is still making all the diagnoses and decisions. But the suspicious eyes of a scholarly physician and a competing apothecary are upon her. As they vie for village prominence, three men also vie for Lilly’s heart.

6430EB: Lady of Milkweed Manor - eBook Lady of Milkweed Manor – eBook

By Julie Klassen / Bethany House

Charlotte Lamb, a fallen vicar’s daughter, hopes to secret herself away in London’s grim Milkweed Manor. But once there,she is mortified to find herself in the care of a former suitor, a physician whom her father long ago rejected as unsuitable, a man who now hides secrets of his own. Both are determined, with God’s help, to protect those they love. But neither could guess the depth of sacrifice that will be required of them.

Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance

by Julianne Donaldson

Marianne Daventry will do anything to escape the boredom of Bath and the amorous attentions of an unwanted suitor. So when an invitation arrives from her twin sister, Cecily, to join her at a sprawling country estate, she jumps at the chance. Thinking she’ll be able to relax and enjoy her beloved English countryside while her sister snags the handsome heir of Edenbrooke, Marianne finds that even the best laid plans can go awry.

From a terrifying run-in with a highwayman to a seemingly harmless flirtation, Marianne finds herself embroiled in an unexpected adventure filled with enough romance and intrigue to keep her mind racing. Will Marianne be able to rein in her traitorous heart, or will a mysterious stranger sweep her off her feet? Fate had something other than a relaxing summer in mind when it sent Marianne to Edenbrooke.————————————————————————————————————-
The Kiss of a Stranger: A Regency Romance
by Sarah M. Eden
When Crispin, Lord Cavratt, thoroughly and scandalously kisses a serving woman in the garden of a country inn, he assumes the encounter will be of no consequence. But he couldn’t be more mistaken— the maid is not only a lady of birth, she’s the niece of a very large, exceptionally angry gentleman, who claims Crispin has compromised his niece beyond redemption. The dismayed young lord has no choice but to marry Miss Catherine Thorndale, who lacks both money and refinement and assumes all men are as vicious as her guardian uncle. Trapped between an unwanted marriage and a hasty annulment, which would leave his reputation tainted and Catherine’s utterly ruined, Crispin begins guiding his wife’s transformation from a socially petrified country girl to a lady of society. Their unfolding relationship reveals encouraging surprises for both of them, and privately, each of them wonders if theirs may become a true marriage of the heart. But their hopes are dashed when forces conspire to split asunder what fate has granted, and as a battle of wits escalates into a life-threatening confrontation, will it be possible for Crispin and Catherine to live happily ever after?            ——————————————————————————————————————-

by Sarah M. Eden

When her father dies and leaves her completely destitute, Marion can think of only one thing to do–make a new life for herself. Commencing a life of duplicity, Marion transforms herself into Mary Wood–governess. In possession of a forged letter of recommendation and cloaked in the anonymity of her new identity, she enters a life of self-imposed servitude as teacher and caretaker of young Miss Caroline Jonquil of Farland Meadows. Her idyllic daydream vision of life at the Meadows is dashed when she finds a child desperately in need of hope and a cold and sorrowful home haunted by the past. With her characteristic sunny disposition, Marion casts her spell upon the household and slowly brings to life the long-forgotten joy of those within.

Layton Jonquil is a man tormented by the lies surrounding the death of his late wife, but he cannot deny his growing attraction for the beautiful governess whose goodness and optimism have touched his dormant heart. Their connection grows ever stronger, and despite the impropriety of harboring feelings for a servant, Layton’s heart whispers that this is the woman he’s destined to love. But when Layton’s fears about the past become too much to bear and the falsehoods in which they are entangled threaten to shatter his and Marion’s blossoming attachment, will true love conquer all?


Glimmer of Hope

by Sarah M. Eden

Stunning Miranda Harford once had the world at her feet. She was young, carefree, and desperately in love. But when her new husband left for London without her, her world fell apart. Devastated by his abandonment, Miranda fled their home, taking residence at her husband’s rarely visited countryside estate. For three years, she lived alone. But now, as the holidays draw near, an unexpected visitor arrives.

Carter Alexander Harford, Seventh Viscount Devereaux, is a man driven to succeed. His work is his life, and the position of Prime Minister of England is within reach. But in truth, Carter is a man haunted by lost love. Estranged from his beautiful wife, Carter is shocked to find Miranda—the woman he loved and who he believes left him—in residence at his country home. As plans for a holiday party move forward, the uneasy couple realizes that to avoid further scandal, they must keep up appearances in a charade of marital happiness. Thrust together by fate, it quickly becomes clear that they have both been living beneath a conspired cloud of misunderstanding. As family, career, and social pressures threaten to keep them apart, can love have even a glimmer of hope?


Seeking Persephone

by Sarah M. Eden

When Persephone Lancaster receives a marriage proposal from the ill-tempered Duke of Kielder, she refuses—and then reconsiders. The obscene sum of money he’s offering Persephone would save her family from ruin. With her characteristic optimism, she travels to the far reaches of Northumberland to wed a greatly feared stranger. Lodged deep in a thick forest infested with wild dogs, the Duke’s castle is as cold and forbidding as the Duke himself, a man with terrible scars on his body and his soul. But the Duke’s steely determination to protect his heart at all costs is challenged by his growing attachment to his lovely and gentle bride. With caring persistence, Persephone attempts to pierce the Duke’s armor and reach the man beneath. Yet he cannot tolerate such exposure, and his repeated rejections take their toll. But when grave danger arises, the Duke realizes he must face the risk of revealing his true feelings or lose the woman he cannot live without.
A regency romance novel you won’t want to put down.


A Little Folly

by Jude Morgan

A witty and romantic novel of Regency love, family and appalling scandal, from a latter-day Jane Austen

When their strait-laced, domineering father, Sir Clement Carnell, dies, Valentine throws open their Devonshire estate of Pennacombe to their fashionable cousins from London and Louisa feels free at last to reject the man Sir Clement wanted her to marry.

Soon, the temptations of Regency London beckon, including the beautiful, scandalous, and very married Lady Harriet Eversholt, with whom Valentine becomes dangerously involved. Meanwhile, Louisa finds that freedom of choice is as daunting as it is exciting. Will the opportunity to indulge in a little folly lead to fulfillment—or disaster?

A Little Folly is a novel to make Jane Austen proud and Georgette Heyer envious. An acclaimed author of historical fiction, Jude Morgan weaves together the very best of Regency era writing with “refreshingly original characters, an intriguing plot, and an elegantly ironic style.” (RT Book Reviews on Indiscretion).  In this exciting new novel, Morgan delivers a story that, yet again, will bring cheers from critics and readers alike.

Mist of Midnight

by Sandra Byrd

Mist of Midnight: A Novel (The Daughters of Hampshire)

Sandra Byrd has knocked it out of the park with this book! Rebecca Ravenshaw has recently left India after her parents were slaughtered in an uprising. She heads home to England in order to reclaim her family home and live a simple life. Once there, she is surprised to find that Rebecca Ravenshaw has already claimed the estate and has recently died. Now it is up to the law to find the truth. Who is the true heiress? To complicate matters, the home has since been passed on to a distant cousin.

This book was wonderful. It had much intrigue, mystery, passion, and lovely characters. It kept me flipping the pages and not wanting to put it down.

If you would like to check out more of Sandra’s books, please head on over here and see what she has to offer. Just a sampling:  French-Twist


If you would like to see all the books she has to offer, just click on the pics above. There are some great young adult books and a girl’s devotional.

Thanks, netgalley, for giving me this book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!

FACE-OFF with author Anya Wylde

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Yep, you guessed it! It’s time for another EPIC FACE-OFF with author Anya Wylde!! Woo Hoo! Let’s get this show on the road!!

The rules are simple: I ask Anya some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

So, here we go!!

1. What foreign countries have you traveled to?

Anya – I have been to Turkey, France, Spain, Czech Republic, India, UK, Hungary, Croatia, Thailand, Singapore, China. I can’t remember any more at the moment.

Charity – Wow!!! Ok, here it goes..I’ve been to America, Israel, Dominican Republic and Scotland (on a layover!! ha ha Didn’t even leave the airport…But I am so counting it!)

— There is no way that I am winning this one. Not even with my fake Scotland.

Charity 0 / Ayna 1

2. What is the worst present you have ever received?

Anya – The worst present I received was a used shoe bag.

Charity – Oh my gosh! ha ha ha. Are you kidding me?! I’m totally scared to answer this because I never know who’s reading it…but, the worst gift I ever got would probably be bags made out of the butt of jeans. I’ve had multiple ones of those… crafty, just not me so much… (If you, a reader, gave me that, I’m just joking!! I had to come up with something…)

— I think a used shoe bag might still beat butt bags. Perhaps a tie, now that I think about it.

Charity 1 / Anya 2

3. Just how fat is your dog? (This questions come from her mini bio “Anya Wylde lives in Ireland along with her husband and a fat French poodle.”)

Anya – My dog was on a diet and now she is no longer fat. I think.

Charity – Well, we gave our dog, a pug, to my parents because he was so hyper and drove me nutso. When we went to visit my my parents in NY, my kids were like, “When did Grandma and Papa get a bulldog!!!???” He. Is. FAT. Loved and spoiled and FAT.

— Seeing that I no longer am a doggie momma, I have no way to win this question. I am getting CRUSHED.

Charity 1 / Anya 3

4. Favorite movie(s)?

Anya – My Fair Lady

Charity – Warrior and any Regency movie/series (although, I do love My Fair Lady!

— I think my choices win this one (; I need to catch a break!

Charity 2 / Anya 3

5. Are you crafty? As in, sewing, cross stitching, knitting, etc…

Anya – I would like to be crafty but I am not. I buy all these ribbons and things and end up making nothing. I can’t even cut a wrapping paper straight. How do people do that? Mine comes out diagonal and jaggedy.

Charity – ha ha. Good question! You need to buy the kind with the lines on the back so you can cut it straight! I am excited because this is one I can FAIRLY AND SQUARELY (that sure sounded weird!) win! For years, I thought I was not at all crafty, but I have recently found that I am, INDEED, very crafty. I made a Regency dress for the Regency Society of Virginia that I am a part of. I’ve also started making adorable wreaths (with yarn and felt), crocheting and sewing up a storm. That’s what happens when you have a bad break in your foot and can’t get off the couch for 2 months.


Charity 3 / Anya 3

6. Favorite lipstick color?

Anya – Scarlet

Charity – Oh…very saucy!! I like nude (which, the word, in and of itself, is quite saucy!).

— Since I hide my lips and Anya rocks the red, I do believe she gets this point! If only all of us could rock the red…

Charity 3 / Anya 4

Ahh! One of these days, I am going to win one of these Face-Offs!!! But for now, I will keep calm and let it go… (;

Thank you, SO MUCH, Anya, for this fun Face-Off. I always enjoy getting to know the writers of these books I love.

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You wouldn’t believe the actual laugh out loud moments I had with Penelope.